A feature image for the blog post Tarot Cards and Flirtation. Image shows the lovers tarot card on the left with three girls on the right laughing and giggling flirting with two boys.

Tarot Cards and Flirtation – Ask Mystic John

Hello, dear readers! Welcome to another edition of Ask Mystic John, where I answer your questions about spirituality, personal growth, and navigating life’s many challenges. I’m thrilled to have this platform to connect with you and share my insights. Let’s dive into this week’s question on tarot cards and flirtation! Dear Mystic John, I’ve recently […]

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A romantic image of a couple under an enchanted moonlight with a fairy watching. This represents the flirty fun mood.

Flirty Fun Under the Midsummer Moon

Summer is here, and with it comes the magic of Midsummer nights – a perfect time to embrace your inner flirt and connect with new people. But who says flirting has to be serious? Sometimes, the best connections are made when you’re just having fun and letting your spiritual light shine. Ready to cast a […]

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June 2024 Spiritual Insights Newsletter

As we step into the enchanting month of June 2024, I invite you to embrace the transformative energies that surround us. This month holds a special significance for many spiritual eclectics and pagans, as we celebrate the Summer Solstice – a time of abundance, growth, and spiritual awakening. To support you on your journey, I […]

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