International Clients Share

  • L. D.Norway

    I loved my reading with John. Did he tell me all I wanted to hear? No, but he told me what I needed to know and confirmed many things I have seen and felt for myself. He also made me see things in a new light and gave me good help and advice. The most amazing thing was that he told me specific things that I have experienced lately and not told anyone, so that was pretty cool.

  • Victoria CarterCanada

    I have found that John’s personality comes across as very personable. His readings are accurate. He applies a personal touch by elaborating on what he sees and guiding the client toward a clearer view of the problem and potential answers. He is informative, helpful, and offers a clear sense of guidance in his sessions.

  • GinaIndia

    The testimonies I read about John don’t capture how special this guy is or the uniqueness of his abilities. He has all the right stuff: AHA!-Clarity, pinpoint accuracy, deep understandings of spiritual matters, remarkable insights, open-mindedness, and vitality. His non-judgmental, easy going, direct approach; He just has a refreshing, can-do vibe. It is clear he loves what he does and brings all his gifts to bear to help.

U.S. Clients Share

  • Karen GKaren GSea Grove, North Carolina

    I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone. He has been so precise and correct in what he has read for me, that he could have well been living my life. He has usually given detailed descriptions of coming events, and when they have occurred, I have been empowered with the knowledge in which to deal with such. His predictions have been very accurate.

  • Traci and Jeff WTraci and Jeff WTampa, Florida,

    It has taken me a bit to send this because I was having great difficulty in coming up with the right words to describe just how gifted you are and how blessed we are to have the opportunity in not only meeting you but Rose as well. The universe sent us in your direction in April of 2009 when we discovered your store in Port Charlotte. I was blown away by my first sitting with you. Not only were you very accurate on all accounts, but the healing you provided that day helped me to close a chapter in my life and open another.

    Throughout the years as Jeff and I traveled to see you we were always still amazed by your gifts and the way you opened yourself to guide us in the direction needed, but without failing to remind us of free will.

    The last time we came for a session in person, you instead were led to offer the most incredible healing and guidance session. Without a doubt, I can say without your divine intervention and abilities Jeff, and I would not be on the same path we are today.

    Having the opportunity to be in your presence for sessions, be it over the phone or in person, is always a powerful experience.

    The class we attended was an excellent learning tool, and the email readings we have ordered through you have been very accurate.

    I have met many people connected with spirit, but you walk the path chosen for you without fear, competition, nor judgment which I have found to be lacking in so many.

    Blessings to you for staying true to your gift and highest self and your lovely wife Rose for keeping you grounded and loving enough to share you with all those that seek your guidance.

    With much love and gratitude.

  • Maggie BMaggie BChicago, Illinois

    I have grown to know and love John like a brother. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for over ten years. He is exceptional! I became intrigued with astrology and tarot at a very young age, and for some strange reason, I was able to find John. He has helped me transform with his loving, kind and “brother-like” qualities. On our last reading, he was able to tell me what would happen right before the passing of my grandmother, and it helped me make the time I had with her very special. I thank John, from the bottom of my heart, for everything he has done for me. He is amazing. I would highly recommend him to everyone.

Meet Psychic John Culbertson

Tarot Readings by John CulbertsonWelcome to the realm of spiritual insight and guidance with John Culbertson. With over 25 years of experience, John blends his deep knowledge of tarot, astrology, numerology, and spiritual guidance to offer profound clarity and empowerment to clients worldwide. Renowned for his warm, compassionate approach, John’s readings are not just about predictions but about understanding and navigating life’s complexities with wisdom and foresight. Whether you seek answers about relationships, career paths, or personal growth, John’s insights are backed by a solid foundation in human behavior and metaphysical sciences. Join countless others who have found solace and direction in John’s transformative readings, where each session is a journey toward enlightenment and self-discovery.