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Sandy Anastasi North Port, Florida

John’s readings are insightful, spiritually oriented, positive in their direction, and very accurate!

Charles Filius Long Beach, California

I know from personal experience that John is an amazing reader. I am very particular about who reads for me — anyone who knows me knows that —, and John is in the upper percentile of that list. He is insightful, caring, and amazingly accurate.

Traci & Jeff Wright Tampa, Florida

I was blown away by my first sitting with you. Not only were you very accurate on all accounts, but the healing you provided helped me close a chapter in my life and open another. Having the opportunity to be in your presence for sessions, be it over the phone or in person, is always a powerful experience.

Samantha Fisher St. Louis, Missouri

I wanted some insight into the life I was living, and I was questioning my purpose. I felt as if I was not fulfilling my soul’s existence. With each session, I was becoming more and more connected to the Universe, and I was learning more about my role in it. John was offering what I had been craving, and he delivered the insightful information I was seeking.

Mystic John Culbertson

Greetings! I’m John Culbertson, sometimes called Mystic John. Founder and CEO of Culbertson Ministries.

Let’s guide you to inner peace and greater clarity!

I’m a metaphysical minister and spiritual advisor who, for over 20 years, has worked with seekers like yourself, helping to expand consciousness and transform lives. I am not a jack of all trades. My specialty is the law of attraction coaching, one-on-one spiritual guidance, and spiritual discernment through the tools of tarot and astrology. I believe these three pathways make it possible to learn and grow while also improving life.

Simply put, I’ll pass along spiritual wisdom and insights that you can ponder and apply to your own life so you can make it even better.


Three Benefits Every Person Gets By Working With Me

Empathic Listening

We all need to feel heard. We all need someone we can vent to and not be afraid of how that person will respond. I excel at listening and helping people feel heard.

Spiritual Wisdom

I can offer spiritual and life insights to help you become a better person and have a better life. My background is in metaphysical pastoral psychology and counseling, as well as the spiritual wisdom of the world's faith traditions.

Uncondtional Love

We all want to be loved. The deepest fear of all humans is the worry that we are unlovable or will not be accepted for who we are. Love is the magic that heals, and I have plenty to give.

More Testimonials

Karen G. Sea Grove, North Carolina

I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone. He has been so precise and correct in what he has read for me, that he could have well been living my life. He has usually given detailed descriptions of coming events, and when they have occurred, I have been empowered with the knowledge in which to deal with such. His predictions have been very accurate.

Maggie B. Chicago, Illinois,

I have grown to know and love John like a brother. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for over ten years. He is exceptional! I became intrigued with astrology and tarot at a very young age, and for some strange reason, I was able to find John. He has helped me transform with his loving, kind and “brother-like” qualities. On our last reading, he was able to tell me what would happen right before the passing of my grandmother, and it helped me make the time I had with her very special. I thank John, from the bottom of my heart, for everything he has done for me. He is amazing. I would highly recommend him to everyone.

Saskia S. Australia

I contacted John through his website and told him that I had been in hospital five times in ten days. That day I received a response within 24 hours by email from John indicating that he would perform long-distance healing. That night I went to bed still with a lot of pain but felt reassured that John would be able to get to whatever was making me ill. At three o'clock in the morning, I awoke from my sleep with a sudden jolt. I felt what I could only describe as a pulling sensation of up and down side to side in my chest and abdomen. It was moments after I felt a tug. Then for the first time, I felt the pain release from my body, replaced with feelings of pain-free calm and peace, no longer the internal shake that I previously felt inside of me. Rolling over in bed, I said to my husband, "it's gone!!!" I took a long deep breath, now freed from the painful, short, shallow breathing I had previously endured. It was at that moment I knew straight away that John had successfully healed meI do not doubt that John successfully healed me when doctors could not understand how I had become instantly well again. I am now sleeping longer and deeper than ever before and, feeling more energized. I am waking up earlier in the day and no longer suffering signs of chronic fatigue. I highly recommend John Culbertson. He has given me a quality of life for which my family and I are eternally grateful. 


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