These three books were written and published several years ago during an earlier phase of my spiritual journey and development. As we all continue to grow and evolve spiritually, some of my perspectives and viewpoints from when I wrote these books may have since shifted or expanded.

However, these books can still serve as a valuable source of insight and information for spiritual seekers. Oftentimes we encounter the teachings we need to hear exactly when we need to hear them along our path. There is a timelessness to the themes explored in these works.

While my understanding has deepened over time, these books capture my teachings and wisdom at the point when they were written. It is my hope they will support you on your spiritual journey in some way. As we awaken and elevate our consciousness, the destination is the same even as the terrain changes.

Please explore these books knowing they represent an earlier phase of my work while still containing Universal truths that can assist spiritual seekers looking to expand their understanding. Though the outer form of my message has evolved, the essence and heart remains true.

Psychic Self Defense and Protection

Psychic Self-Defense and Protection teaches beginners how to protect themselves from negative energy and psychic attacks. This expanded 3rd edition provides tips and techniques to shield your aura, recognize energy draining situations, and connect to positive vibrations.

Originally published in 2010, this book combines elements of Christianity, Paganism, Shamanism, and New Age Philosophy. It explores the foundations of psychic self-defense including the aura, chakras, meditation, and the right mindset. You’ll learn physical actions, visualizations, prayer, candle magick, smudging, and more to defend against different types of energy assaults.

The book also helps identify psychic vampires and how to safeguard yourself and locations from constant negativity. It answers commonly asked questions about psychic protection in a straightforward way. While some perspectives may have evolved, the core teachings remain relevant for anyone looking to reduce energy draining and accomplish more by linking to positive energy.

If you’re new to metaphysics, magick, or paganism, this foundational guide provides a gateway to psychic self-defense. By following the tips and techniques, you’ll be able to protect against daily negative influences.


  • Blue Cobia

    In this book John Culbertson deals with many subjects and concepts that to me; were only vaguely thought of, or in some instances, totally unheard of, prior to my reading of this book. The main substance of this book deals with Auras (Psychic energy fields) and how energy can be added to or drained from these fields. It discusses good and bad energy and how to fight off or shield against the negative energy and how to build up your positive energy. When you get yelled at work by your boss you are receiving negative energy and when you are loved by your family and friends you receive positive energy. This is true whether you believe in Auras or not. The book tells you how to build yourself up and how to defend yourself and I believe that these are good things to do and some of the techniques can be applied successfully no matter what you believe. The benefits of meditation and various breathing techniques are discussed and instructions for meditation and how to breathe properly are taught. Psychic Self Defense and Protection - An Energy Awareness Guide By John Culbertson should be read with an open mind. If you are not a believer in auras and spirit guides and angelic intervention you can still gain insight into your own psychic self and well being by realizing that many of the concepts still apply but you may just think of them in other terms. If you are a believer you can gain considerable insight into techniques to defend and build up your psychic and emotional defenses.

  • Singer

    Excellent teacher writer! Enjoyed a gem of a book. We all need this protection. The information provided is priceless and will use this book for years to come. Thank you.

  • Judy

    This book is very informative, the author John Culbertson explains Aura's & Charkas in a very down to earth way so anyone can understand it. The candle magick chapter is intriguing, we have all done this before anyway,something as simple as blowing out birthday candles after making a wish. I highly recommend this book to anyone with an open mind that is looking for ways to improve their life and seeking to gain knowlwdge. I am looking forward to reading John's next book. He puts humor in while teaching, keeps your interest up, while making you want to learn more.

  • New Age Reviews

    A very helpful, detailed book mixing New Age beliefs and practices with Christian and Pagan counterparts... For anyone in desperate need of psychic self-defense or protection, this book is a must-read... This book has earned our respect as an important contribution to the field of psychic self defense and protection.

Improve Your Intuition

In his practical guidebook “Improve Your Intuition,” John Culbertson provides simple, hands-on exercises to awaken your intuitive abilities and gain a deeper understanding of spiritual energy. Written for both believers and skeptics, this book explores techniques to enrich your life by connecting with your inner wisdom.

Originally published in 2010, “Improve Your Intuition” draws from John’s extensive experience explaining complex esoteric topics in an accessible way. Through clear instruction and sensible advice, you’ll learn how to energize chakras, perceive auras, practice scrying, and more. The book emphasizes direct experience over mere intellectual knowledge, encouraging readers to actively apply the lessons.

While some perspectives may have evolved since initial publication, the core practices remain useful for anyone seeking to improve their intuition. John’s candid, conversational tone makes spiritual concepts like positive thinking, meditation, relaxation, and realizing your potential understandable and applicable.

If you’re looking to open your mind and expand your awareness of energy, “Improve Your Intuition” provides a gateway through straightforward teachings and hands-on exercises. By following the techniques, you’ll gain tangible skills to enrich your intuitive abilities and inner wisdom.


  • Happy Family from Daytona Beach

    One of the best books out there on this topic! I really love this one! Really helps one to understand intuition and how to handle it. Thank you for this excellent read with so much important information!

Miracle of the Angels

Originally published in 2012, “Miracle of the Angels” is a thought-provoking short story by John Culbertson that illuminates the subtle blessings and miracles that surround us each day. Through vivid dreams, chance encounters, and prevented accidents, the narrative explores how people and actions affect our lives in unseen ways.

The story follows the protagonist through an intense period of premonitions, close calls, and reconciliations that make him re-examine his interpretations of experiences. Free from dogma, the book contains spiritual insights conveyed through conversations between the character and God, sometimes through angels and sometimes through miracles.

While perspectives may have evolved since publication, the story retains a pure, perceptive outlook on finding meaning amid life’s complexities. John brings archangels like Gabriel and Michael to life along with other celestial beings to unlock the wisdom in painful losses, misunderstandings, and more.

“Miracle of the Angels” remains a source of comfort and reflection for anyone struggling to find peace, contentment, and answers during difficult times. By revealing the miracles embedded in the everyday, this short story awakens our ability to see beyond the surface and recognize the grace that surrounds us.


  • Searcher

    Deeply moving. Uplifting and moving account of a spiritual experience. Thank you to the author for sharing the experience. Others might not realize how we are cared for from the other side.

  • Happy family from Daytona Beach

    Beautiful, moving..wonderful! I really enjoyed this book.. very meaningful and moving and flows perfectly. Explains alot! Thank you very much for all of your teachings ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Well written, I've had some similar experiences and truly believe in Angels. Thank you John, we're not crazy!