“If you would know a mystic, do not confine your search to monasteries and temples, but look also on the highways and byways, in towns, hamlets, and in the hustle and bustle of the great cosmopolitan centers of the world. When you find someone who is industrious, studious, compassionate, loved by friends, and neighbors, tolerant in religious views, and who can point out to you the magnificence and efficacy of God in the simplest of things, you have found a mystic. With these qualities, whether one is attired in a sacerdotal robe or in the overalls of a mechanic, one is none the less a mystic.”Ralph M. Lewis


Mystic John Culbertson

John Culbertson teaches New Thought philosophy, western occultism, psychic development, divination skills, solitary Wicca, and interfaith theology.

He has also been doing tarot, numerology, and astrology readings for over 20 years!

In his own private spiritual practice, he combines elements of Ceremonial Magick, Metaphysical Philosophy, Shamanism, Wicca, Reiki, Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology.

He has had articles that appear throughout the internet and in various magazines. He has also appeared in multiple newspaper articles and radio talk shows.

He is an ordained metaphysical minister currently living in the state of Kansas.



“The results I have gotten via my sessions with John Culbertson are more valuable now than I would have known the first time I made an appointment. Most notably, it has taught me to be more intuitive. With each session, I was learning more and more about myself and my inner thought process and how it relates to my life experiences. I’ve learned to pay more intuitive attention to the things that are happening, and as a result, I can have a different emotion on the matter. Meaning, I struggle less with my negative thoughts, and I feel more positive, even when a situation appears bleak. My sessions with John have produced within me, a more balanced human being who feels more connected with purpose and passion.

The transformation has been life-changing. My very first session with John several years ago instantly opened my mind, my soul, my energy, and my willingness to learn about the process. I was already spirit-filled, but I had many questions about life! I wanted some insight into the life I was living, and I was questioning my purpose. I felt as if I was not fulfilling my soul’s existence. With each session, I was becoming more and more connected to the Universe, and I was learning more about my role in it. John was offering what I had been craving, and he delivered with the insightful information I was seeking. I transformed into a more profound seeker of the truth. I knew that my inner thoughts and experiences were in correlation with the information John has given to me, and that was life-changing.

With each session, I have had positive results and, most importantly, a deeper understanding of my spiritual path. I am so blessed to have had the openness and willingness to look into the opportunity of a personal session. It’s changed my life for the better. I am living a life of more peace and calmness; I have a deeper understanding and high respect for this world in which we live. I know we all have a purpose and, in part, that is to love, forgive, and to reach a sense of personal happiness and joy within. I think that John Culbertson has helped me achieve those desires and abilities. His sessions have guided me into a better human being with more compassion, openness, forgiveness, honesty, and love.”

Samantha Fisher