This old tarot card of the Fool is a good symbol for the tarot keyword list for the major arcana cards.

Tarot Keyword List of the Major Arcana

When you’re just starting to learn tarot, one popular method is to use the tarot keyword list. Although it’s not the best approach, it can help you get started. The keyword method involves memorizing specific words associated with each card and then using those meanings in your readings. In this post, we’ll cover the most […]

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A scrip that says Karma from Wikipedia Media

Karma – The Law of Return

If you believe in the science of cause and effect, then you believe in karma. People have a lot of interesting and confusing ideas about what karma is. From a strictly metaphysical perspective, we know that Karma deals purely with cause and effect. Karma is not, for example, divine punishment or divine reward. If you […]

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Spiritual Lesson – Divine Love

Divine Love – A Spiritual Lesson

You are encouraged to read the affirmation in this sermon out loud three times and to write it down and repeat it constantly – eventually making it a part of your consciousness. The sermon looks at the affirmation, dissects it, and explains it and the spiritual ideas and principles behind the concept of divine love. […]

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A woman pondering the question: Why don't psychic predictions always come true?

Psychic Predictions – The Accuracy of

It’s a common question that many people, including myself, have grappled with over the years. As a professional psychic with over two decades of experience, I’ve come to understand that psychic predictions are not an exact science. While we strive to provide accurate and helpful insights, there are many factors that can influence the outcome […]

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An Overview of the Four Archangels image shows three of the four Archangels, including Michael and his sword.

The Four Archangels: A Spiritual Perspective

In the realm of spirituality, many individuals believe in and connect with several angelic beings. Today, we’ll explore four of these beings – Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel – all from the choir of the archangels. These four archangels are often associated with the four cardinal directions, and each one bears unique qualities and energies.

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