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From scheduling or understanding my private one-on-one spiritual counseling sessions to workshops, retreats, book signings, and speaking inquiries, my team and I will do our best to help and answer any questions you might have.

Please email me, and someone from my team will be in touch with you within 48 hours. Do you want to send me a snail mail? That address is below too. Need to make an appointment? You can do that too! Are you more of a social media type of person? Great! I also enjoy it! But please be aware that I typically take forever to respond to social media messages. It’s usually the last thing on my to-do list, and often it simply does not make the final cut of things that get done for the day.

Don’t forget to check out the FAQ below – it may answer one or more of your questions.

Things I usually say yes to and/or respond to:

  • Fan Mail
  • Testimonials
  • Interview requests
  • Podcast requests
  • Radio requests
  • Speaking requests
  • Questions about my services
  • Blog post ideas
  • Requests for in-person sessions

Things I typically won’t do and/or respond to:

  • Guest blogging
  • Performing readings or sessions over the air
  • Free sessions
  • Political Questions
  • Missing People/Law Enforcement Investigations
  • Suicidal Individuals (police or mental health expert will be contacted/referred to)

Ways to Reach Me

Client Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 11 AM to Noon and 1 PM to 10 PM.
Schedule a phone appointment online now!

Office Phone Line

[email protected]

Snail Mail
400 N 4th Street
Apt 1011
St. Louis, MO, 63102

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Sandy Anastasi

“John’s readings are insightful, spiritually oriented, positive in their direction, and very accurate!“

Sandy Anastasi

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you booking new clients?

A: Yes! While I am sometimes booked out for several weeks to months in advance, if you look deep enough into my scheduling calendar you will find a spot.

Q: Who are your services for?

A: Anyone who considers themselves a spiritual seeker or an eclectic spiritual practitioner (someone who follows their own spiritual path instead of religious dogma). My typical client is female, 26-70 years of age, open-minded, and believes in some form of a Higher Power.  Some are Pagan, and some consider themselves spiritual but not religious.

I welcome all respectful individuals regardless of their religious beliefs, social-economic status, gender, sexual orientation, and political beliefs.

My clients do not expect me to talk the entire session. They know that a good session involves open and honest communication, and as such, they freely and fully participate in their session.

Q: Who are your services not for?

A: It goes without saying; most Christian fundamentalists will not appreciate my offerings. After all, the Bible does look down on most divination systems which include astrology, tarot, and numerology.

Likewise, very few atheists are going to enjoy hearing me talk about a Higher Power they don’t believe in. Sooner or later it most likely will come up.

Finally, if you expect me to be 100 percent accurate and engage in fortunetelling, the truth is, it’s likely not going to happen and thus your energy would be better spent elsewhere. That’s not to say I don’t ever make predictions – I do – but it’s always with an understanding that things can and often do change based on free will.

Q: Can I pay in payment installments?

A: Monthly payment plans can be set up for the one-year one-on-one mentoring program. VIP Days, email sessions,  and one-on-one spiritual advising sessions must be paid in full at the time of scheduling.

Q: How often should I get a private session?

A: The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer to how often you should get a session. As long as you find it helpful, it’s worth having. Some clients get a session weekly and others yearly. Still, some get one whenever they feel the need, and others once a quarter. It totally depends on your personal preferences.

Q: Do you do Skype/Facetime sessions?

A: In many ways, I am still old school! I prefer the phone to Skype or Facetime. I do offer Zoom video classes and seminars throughout the year.

Q: Do you do in-person sessions?

A: A limited number of in-person sessions are available throughout the year. These sessions are done out of my home located in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. To book an in-person session, you will need to call 314-925-8353 and leave a message along with the best phone number to contact you. These sessions must be paid in exact cash on the day of your appointment.

Q: What is Culbertson Ministries?

A: Culbertson Ministries is the parent company that I operate from. Your credit card or PayPal statement will reflect this. Sometimes just the name CULBERTSON will show up on your statement.