What Questions should I ask a psychic, astrologer, or tarot reader?

What Questions Should I Ask a Tarot Reader?

Learning to ask the right questions is crucial for any divination session. In this post we answer the question, “What questions should I ask a tarot reader?”


Whether that session is by phone, in person, or through email doesn’t matter. Knowing what and how to ask good questions greatly affects how much you can get from your tarot reading.


Let’s examine the four types of questions that provide the best information in a tarot session. I will follow up with some final words about including timing elements in your questions.

Yes or No Questions

The most straightforward questions for readers to answer tends to be yes/no questions. These are questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no answer. Examples include:

  • Should I date Cindy?
  • Is my home going to sell?
  • Will I move?
  • Will I make more money at my new job?
  • Will my child behave when we visit my parents?
  • Is my boyfriend cheating on me?

The best readers will provide the answer and give insights into why they answered the way they did.

This or That Questions

A close cousin of the yes/no question is this/that question. These questions are great when a person needs to compare two options to see which option looks better. Examples include:

  • Should I move to Miami or New York?
  • Is it better to date Steve or Paul?
  •  Should I work as a banker or a police officer?
  • Is it better to get a divorce or keep trying at my marriage?
  • Should I choose Stanford or Harvard?
  • Compare what my life will be like if I live with my parents or live in the dorms.

Once again, the better readers will answer the question and provide insights and the reasoning behind why they are giving that particular answer.

What’s the Outcome…..

No outcome is ever guaranteed in a session. No matter how good the reader claims they are or their client’s claim, there are never any guaranteed outcomes. Instead, it’s essential to focus on apparent outcomes. That is, what appears to be the end result of an action you’re planning or thinking about taking.

These questions usually start with “What’s the outcome of…..” Examples include:

  • What will be the outcome of kissing Sarah tomorrow night at the movies?
  • What will be the result of moving to Seattle?
  • What will ultimately happen if I quit my job?
  • What’s the outcome if I lie to my parents?
  • What’s the outcome of dating Michael?
  • What’s the apparent outcome of buying the house on 4th street?

Here, the reader will likely tell you bluntly what they see as the outcome provided nothing changes.

What Insight Can be Offered…..

When it comes to what questions should I ask a tarot reader, this is perhaps one of the more critical types of questions you can learn to ask. It’s important because it leaves the reader open to getting the best current insights possible to pass along to you. The great thing is, there are so many things you can ask for insight into. Examples include:

  • What insights can be offered on my son?
  • Give me insight into my marriage.
  • What additional insight can you give me about my previous relationship?
  • What insights do I need to know as it relates to me and my life?
  • What wisdom do you have about my boss and the reason he’s always angry?

Time Frames Matter in What Questions Should I Ask a Tarot Reader

It’s imperative to put a time frame on the majority of your questions. Time frames help keep questions in perspective. They provide better clarity for what you are asking about. As a general rule, avoid using the word ever and replace it with some sort of time frame that is meaningful or important to you.

For example:

  • Don’t ask, when will my house sell? Ask will my home sell within three months?
  • Don’t ask, will I ever have a boyfriend? Ask will I have a new relationship by this time next year?
  • Don’t ask, will I ever move away from here? Ask will I relocate before the end of the month?
  • Don’t ask, how long will I have to deal with my crazy neighbors? Ask, will my problems with my neighbors be over within two weeks?

Of course, as mentioned, the time frame should be meaningful to you. Some people may want to know if they will move within six months, and you would rather see if you’re going to be living somewhere else within five years.

When it Comes to What Questions Should I Ask a Tarot Reader Remember Every Reader is Different!

Each reader has their own ethics and guidelines they follow, so it’s important to know what you can and can’t inquire about.

Some readers may be okay with peaking into the lives of people you know. Others will strongly oppose trying to get a glimpse into the life of someone you are considering dating. Some readers are okay with dealing with criminal issues and even will do health scans. In contrast, others prefer to avoid these topics altogether.

Examples of things I typically won’t do include:

  • Medical or psychological diagnosis (it’s illegal)
  • Try to find missing people
  • Offer information on crime scenes
  • Provide details on things which are really none of the client’s business
  • Provide legal advice (it’s illegal)
  • Attempt to help someone who is suicidal (there are trained professionals better suited for that)

Occasionally, there are exceptions to some of these, but I just flat out refuse most of the time. That’s just me, though! Again, every reader is different, and it’s good to know what they are or aren’t comfortable with.

Final Words on What Questions Should I ask a Tarot Reader

Hopefully, I have given you some insights into the types of questions best suited for a tarot reading. By playing around with these formats, you’ll soon be figuring out the best questions to ask your tarot reader.

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