Celebrating Midsummer

For my June blog post, I want to talk about Litha (lee-tha), also known as Midsummer. This pagan holiday occurs during the Summer Solstice, usually between June 20th and June 22nd. Many people choose to celebrate on June 21st, for convenience, rather than looking for the exact astronomical date. Let’s talk more about Celebrating Midsummer!

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This photo of a person in nature is intended to reflect one of the 6 spiritual practices that will help to enhance your intuition. It is also our feature image.

Enhance Your Intuition with These 6 Spiritual Practices

Many spiritual seekers aspire to enhance their intuition and psychic abilities. This article explores six powerful spiritual practices designed to help you achieve this goal. While there are various approaches, the practices discussed here can effectively strengthen your intuitive and psychic capabilities, enabling you to deepen your connection to your inner wisdom and the unseen […]

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