Two hands open with a butterfly between them flying towards the sky and the light of the sun. This is meant to symbolize the Mystic John's Monthly Insights podcast that comes out monthly. This first episode is on embracing change.

The Role of Spiritual Mentors in Modern Life

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, finding balance, peace, and a deeper connection to our true selves can be challenging. This is where the guidance of a spiritual mentor can make a significant impact. Let’s explore the crucial role spiritual mentors play in modern life and how they can help you navigate your spiritual journey.

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Feature image shows in a bold indigo color the heading "Intuition in Spiritual Mentoring" and features a woman covered with a blanket enjoying a hot beverage while writing in her journal.

The Role of Intuition in Spiritual Mentoring – Ask Mystic John

Hello, dear readers! Welcome to another edition of Ask Mystic John, where I answer your questions about spirituality, personal growth, and navigating life’s many challenges. I’m thrilled to have this platform to connect with you and share my insights. Remember, I’m here to help, so don’t hesitate to send in your questions to [email protected]. Now, […]

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This photo of a person in nature is intended to reflect one of the 6 spiritual practices that will help to enhance your intuition. It is also our feature image.

Enhance Your Intuition with These 6 Spiritual Practices

Many spiritual seekers aspire to enhance their intuition and psychic abilities. This article explores six powerful spiritual practices designed to help you achieve this goal. While there are various approaches, the practices discussed here can effectively strengthen your intuitive and psychic capabilities, enabling you to deepen your connection to your inner wisdom and the unseen […]

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