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I do not believe in coincidences

If you are on this page you were lead to me and to this site and it was for a particular reason

Look, I know that there are thousands of “spiritual gurus” out there in this day and age.  Many of these “gurus” offer a “Get Enlightened” quick plan or try to persuade you on why you should join their membership club or their “exclusive” class/lecture.

I am not one of them. My only purpose is to love you for who you are and help you become the best person you can become by reminding you how to connect with the Highest Power and your inner source of power.

I do that in a variety of ways. Below are several ways you can work with me.


“John gave me the best reading I have ever had. He was very accurate from the start, and he and his guides were so helpful in everything I asked. This reading was just what I needed to feel calm and get on with what I needed to do, looking to a positive outcome. I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you, John.”

J. V.
Rogue River, Oregon, United States

“I just read with John, and he was fantastic. He asked little of me and started just filling in the blanks for me. He also seemed very honest with me, and willing to tell me what he saw, positive or negative. Thank you for using your gifts to help me. I will be calling again. God Bless.”

Pearland, Texas, United States

“The testimonies I read about John don’t capture how special this guy is or the uniqueness of his abilities. He has all the right stuff: AHA!-Clarity, pinpoint accuracy, deep understandings of spiritual matters, remarkable insights, open-mindedness, and vitality. His non-judgmental, easy-going, direct approach; He just has a refreshing, can-do vibe. It is clear he loves what he does and brings all his gifts to bear to help.”

Bangladesh, India




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