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I do not believe in coincidences

If you are on this page you were lead to me and to this site and it was for a particular reason

Look, I know that there are thousands of “spiritual gurus” out there in this day and age.  Many of these “gurus” offer a “Get Enlightened” quick plan or try to persuade you on why you should join their membership club or their “exclusive” class/lecture.

I am not one of them. My only purpose is to love you for who you are and help you become the best person you can become by reminding you how to connect with the Highest Power and your inner source of power.

I do that in a variety of ways. Below are several ways you can work with me.


“John is great! He can look into you, into your aura and energy, help you with guidance to cleanse your energy, and teach you how to succeed in life with a better attitude. John has given me a lot of information and has taught me how to have good energy around me. What threw me off was that he could see how, through the practices on the phone call, my energy was changing. Thank you, John! Your information will help me a lot!”

Plantation, Florida, United State

“Thank you, John. I needed some perspective on an issue, and you gave it to me in spades and in a very unusual way. You explained what it meant and how I had already started using the information even though I had felt affronted by it initially. How quickly we can gain a unique view of things when stuck in a particular mindset. You confirmed many things for me in a kind, considerate, and very helpful way, and it is so deeply appreciated. THANKS!”

B. B.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“I found John to be helpful. I connected with him at once. He immediately connected with me. He was of great help to me. He is also charming to talk with. He gets right into it. He does not waste time. Immediately he was able to assess my situation. His extensive knowledge, and not in the least self-centered about it, is something that makes a session with him unique. John has assisted me greatly with a situation I am too close to, to be able to handle by myself. I am ever so grateful that he is straightforward. He displays respect for the client at all times. John knew my problem and helped me so much. John is honest, which is something I appreciate. I think his gifts are astounding.”

East Meadow, New York, United States




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