What is a Tarotscope?

What is a tarotscope? You mean you don’t know? Well, let me take some time to answer that question for you.

You probably understand what a horoscope is and have read your own from time to time. A horoscope is when an astrologer makes predictions for a sun sign based on where the planets are or where they will be in the future. Horoscopes are very popular in magazines and newspapers, and most people get some fun and enjoyment out of reading them.

A Tarotscope, on the other hand, is when a reader uses both astrology and tarot combined. This combination provides information and insight considered valid for an entire group that falls under a sun sign.

For example, in my monthly tarotscopes, I drew one card for each sign and interpreted that card. If the Tower card were picked for Aries, that would imply that most Aries would experience something unexpectedly falling apart for them during the month. What would fall apart would depend on the individual Aries.

Tarotscopes, like horoscopes, are a fun way to get insights into what is coming in the future. Some argue that they are more accurate than astrology because they combine two metaphysical skills.

I will focus on four life areas for the Yearly Tarotscopes I am doing for this website for the upcoming year. Those four areas are love (relationships), career (finances), friends and family, and general advice worth following or paying attention to.

For each sign, I will draw a solar chart for the sign placing the outer planets (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter) where they belong in the chart. In other words, I will look at which solar house each of these planets falls in for a particular sign. The important ones for this yearly tarotscope are going to be the 7th house (love), 10th house (career), 11th house (friends), and any other houses those outer planets fall in. This all will help add some juicy details about what is happening for the year. I will also draw a single tarot card for each life area and interpret the card for those areas of life.

In some cases, a card will fall for an area of life that also has outer planets. In these cases, the card will be interpreted as usual but in combination with what the outer planets are also telling us.

Remember that some signs may get the same card or even cards because I shuffle the four used cards back into the deck before drawing them for the next one.

Starting here in 2023, I am moving away from doing monthly Tarotscopes in the newsletter. Instead, I will focus on a yearly one that is more fleshed out and detailed. This new version will be front and center on the website so visitors can access it throughout the year. I hope you find your yearly tarot reading (tarotscope) entertaining and insightful.

~Mystic John

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