What Are Oralce Readings?

What are Oracle Readings?

There are so many different types of oracle systems in the world. All oracle readings have one goal. That goal is to hopefully provide you with insights that will help lead you to a better life.

Some oracle systems use cards, but not all of them. Some oracle card systems, like the angel cards, claim they tap into a specific type of energy. The belief is that it’s that energy choosing the card or giving the answer. For example, angel cards claim that the angels help pick your card or cards, which is their way of communicating with you.

While some of these systems can be used for open-ended readings, where no question is posed, most systems work best when a specific question is asked about a particular area of the recipient’s life.

Of course, knowing the right question and how to ask that question become very important. While yes/no questions can be asked, a person getting an oracle card reading should never expect a straightforward answer. Instead, the card or cards drawn will provide information to be used as an insight to ponder and think about. As you do this, you are typically led to the best answer to your question.

However, the best questions to ask are not yes/no oriented. The best questions tend to be open-ended and focus on you – not someone else. So, for example, it’s best not to ask an oracle system, “how can I get my ex back?” It’s far better to ask, “What do I need to know that will help me better deal with my separation from my ex.?”

The person reading the oracle cards will consider your question and then determine a type of “spread” to use. A “spread” is a fancy word describing how many cards will be drawn, what each card represents, and in what order they will be read.

Most oracle card readings involve one of three spreads:

  • One Card Spread: A single card is drawn and interpreted for fast guidance. Since only one card is being used, that card almost always represents the “guidance” suggested.
  • Three-Card Spread: The traditional three-card spread of any oracle system is the past, present, and future spread. One card is drawn for the past, one for the present, and one for the future. Each card provides insights or guidance associated with that period of life. So, for example, if a person were to ask, “What do I need to know about my relationship?” A past, present, and future spread will offer insights and guidance on all three relationship periods.
  • Six Card Spread: Any spread involving six or more cards is typically only used by advanced readers. Each card represents something different. Examples may include guidance for the current obstacle, advice for the next week, recommendations for the next three months, direction for the next six months, guidance for the next year, guidance related to your subconscious thoughts, etc.

Not every person that reads oracle cards is psychic. Those who are, however, use the cards as a jumping-off or starting point for getting information. However, once they provide the initial interpretation, they often go deeper and deliver insights the card doesn’t represent. Sometimes, this information may come from spiritual beings, including angels and spirit guides.

How Do Oracle Cards Help You?

The cards themselves are symbols. These symbols are linked to various types of guidance. The guidance often recommends ways of coping with life difficulties or overcoming life’s challenges.

Additionally, many who seek out oracle readings discover peace of mind and leave with a feeling of serenity. They feel as though the spirit world in some manner has communicated with them and given them some things to think about.

Some of the areas of life that oracle cards can be used to look at include and get information or guidance on include:

  • Career Decisions
  • Work Issues and Conflicts
  • Relationship Concerns
  • Financial Guidance
  • Spiritual Insights for Life in General

What Are Some Oracle Systems?

Here is a list and description of some of the more common oracle systems.

  • Animal Cards: There are many variations of this deck, but all of them contain cards of animals. Each animal is linked to specific guidance customarily associated with that animal.
  • Angel Cards: There are also different types of angel card decks. Each one contains angels and archangels typically, though some also include flowers and others, ascendant masters. Each card represents information associated with that particular angel, flower, or ascendant master.
  • Astrology: Uses the stars along with your location, date, and time of birth to create a “map” of you. This map provides specific information on your personality. Such maps are called natal charts. It’s important to note, however, that there are many types of astrology readings. Some look at relationship compatibility, some answer questions, and some predict the future.
  • I-Ching: Typically uses three coins, but sticks can also be used. These coins are tossed after a question is asked and how they fall provides guidance.
  • Inner Child Cards: These cards often rely on childhood fairy tales to provide insights.
  • Numerology: Uses numbers as the symbol system.
  • Osho Zen Cards: Each card is linked to an image that is associated with Zen Buddhism. These images provide insights and guidance.
  • Tarot: Not to be confused with other oracle card systems, the tarot stands on its own. It has 78 cards and is divided into major and minor cards. The minor cards are associated with four suits (wands, pentacles, cups, swords). Those four suits have aces through the number 10 along with the court cards of that suit. The court cards commonly are identified as kings, queens, knights, and pages. The major cards number 22 and depict the journey of the soul. We usually do not call Tarot Cards oracle cards – even though they are an oracle system. The term oracle cards are traditionally reserved for symbolic decks that number less than 78 cards.

What Should I Do Now?

While you could hire a professional reader, it’s perfectly acceptable to learn about and practice an oracle system independently. For most of you, an oracle card deck will be the best route to go. If you are really new to all of this, choose a deck with as few cards as possible so as not to overwhelm yourself. Most decks will come with a book or pamphlet that will tell you what each card means.

No matter what you decide, remember that an oracle system is only meant to provide insights for you to ponder. It’s never meant to dictate or control your life. Also, every time you get any type of reading, you should leave feeling either empowered or happier than before the session started.




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