Tarot Readings | $15-$125

Phone Tarot Reading Sessions

15-Minute Private Tarot Reading ($45)

A private 15 minute session is perfect for the client with a single question to explore, or as a follow up to a prior session.

30-Minute Private Tarot Reading ($75)

The 30 minute appointment is usually long enough to discuss a single topic in depth.

60-Minute Private Tarot Reading ($125)

The full hour appointment is usually best if you have several topics to cover and is a good choice for your first session!

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Email Tarot Reading Sessions

This or That Email Tarot Reading ($15)

Gain insight into any two options or directions with a simple 2-card tarot reading comparing and contrasting your choices.

One Question (4 Cards) Email Tarot Reading ($30)

Explore a single question from multiple angles with a 4-card tarot reading providing in-depth context and guided next steps.

Modified Celtic Cross (10 Cards) Email Tarot Reading ($50)

Gain deeper insights into your life with a 10-card tarot reading examining your recent past, present outlook, upcoming challenges and opportunities, environmental influences, potential outcomes, and more.

Tree of Life (10 Cards) Email Tarot Reading ($50)

Get a holistic perspective on any question with the insightful Tree of Life 10-card tarot reading analyzing 10 core aspects of your life from skills to spirituality.

Astrological (12 Cards) Email Tarot Reading ($75)

Gain greater self-knowledge and clarity on your life path through the revealing lens of astrology with a 12-card tarot reading based on the astrological houses.

Year Ahead Email Tarot Reading ($75)

Get the full picture for the important year ahead with a revealing 12-card tarot reading focused on what’s in store over the next 12 months.

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Selected Testimonials

  • Mary EllenEast Meadow, New York

    John is excellent, and everything he said was right on the nail! I’m very impressed with him, and I felt honored to have this opportunity to chat with him tonight. He sounded very honest, sincere, and very easy going.

  • J. V.Rogue River, OR

    John gave me the best reading I have ever had. He was very accurate from the start, and he and his guides were so helpful in everything I asked. This reading was just what I needed to feel calm and get on with what I needed to do looking to a positive outcome. I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you, John.

  • WayneSacramento, California

    John is awesome, just awesome. He is able to zone in on the thoughts of others and give you a very detailed reading. He did not know that the person I was wanting to know about smoked but he was able to smell smoke around him and confirmed the fact. He is very accurate in his readings and predictions. EXCEPTIONAL and caring psychic that will not tell you what you want to hear but rather what you need to hear.

  • JoanneNew York, New York

    I loved the connection between myself and John. He is so full of positive energy, I was overwhelmed by how easily he was receiving information about me. Speaking with John confirmed a lot of things I already knew and I will definitely be calling him again. Thank you so much, John.

  • Anonymous

    I have spoken to many psychics. I have spent thousands of dollars on the same topic. Mr. Culbertson has proven to be the most accurate psychic I have ever read with. Everything he said in his readings has started to unfold just like he said it would. If you want the truth and you appreciate straightforwardness he is the person to go to. His remote vision feels like being there when it all happened.

  • Spangle T.

    Dear John, thank you for today. I almost didn’t call. I’m happy I did. I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders! I feel like I have the strength now to continue and set boundaries. Thanks so much and I’m hoping to move forward in a more positive direction and with more strength than I had before. BTW I briefly spoke with (name has been removed to protect privacy), and I did address a couple of things W/O going too in depth over the phone. I feel like he is willing to make some changes and I’m happy about that. Thank you again and look forward to touching base with you soon in a different and better situation. Thank you for your healing.

  • Ciera FlindersIllinois

    I cannot say enough about Rev. John Culbertson. His compassionate words, ability to listen and actually hear me and his profound insight always leave me feeling confident, hopeful, and connected. Our sessions are deep, intimate, and fun! He inspires me to go within, to ponder the lesson encompassed in all of my circumstances, and reminds me of my own intuition and strength to make the most of this life. I value his companionship, but even more, I appreciate his approach. He doesn’t wish for dependency but rather for us to empower ourselves so that we can find our own answers in times of uncertainty and doubt. He is an absolute blessing and has helped me in more ways than he can begin to imagine. Thank you, John!

  • LeslieEast Meadow, New York

    I found John to be helpful. I connected with him at once. He immediately connected with me. He was of great help to me. He is also very pleasant to talk with. He gets right into it. He does not waste time. Immediately he was able to assess my situation. His extensive knowledge; and not in the least self-centered about it, is something that makes a session with him unique. John has assisted me greatly with a situation I am too close to, to be able to handle by myself. I am ever so grateful that he is straightforward. He displays respect for the client at all times. John knew my problem and helped me so much. John is honest, which is something I appreciate. I think his gifts are astounding.

  • Brandy Malone

    John always leaves me feeling empowered and feeling as though I’m not alone with my struggles in life. His guidance and counsel is thoughtful and considerate. I’m never afraid to leave some things unspoken because I know he can read then anyway. If you’re at war with yourself and choices in life and need a deeper understanding then there is no one I’d recommend more for insight than John Culbertson! If you’re not at war with life’s choices and you want to learn more about yourself and your gifts his classes and teachings will certainly take you to new heights! Thanks John for always being there when I’ve needed you most!

  • B. B.Canada

    Thank you, John. I needed some perspective on an issue, and you gave it to me in spades and in a very unusual way. You explained what it meant and how I had already started using the information even though I had felt affronted by it initially. How quickly we can gain a unique view of things when stuck in a particular mindset. You confirmed many things for me in a kind, considerate and very helpful way, and it is so deeply appreciated. THANKS!

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