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December Tarotscopes


As December approaches and the year draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to turn our attention to what lies ahead. The transition from one year to the next is a powerful moment for reflection, intention-setting, and seeking guidance for the journey ahead. What better way to gain insight into the future and connect with your inner wisdom than through the mystical world of tarot?

In this month’s tarotscopes, we’ll explore the energies and opportunities that December brings and how they can serve as a preview of what’s in store for the upcoming year. So, grab your favorite tarot deck, find a cozy spot to sit, and join me on this journey of self-discovery and divination as we look ahead to the new year through the lens of the Tarot.

Aries – Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles often represents a new opportunity or message coming your way, Aries. This month, you may receive news or an invitation regarding work, school, or other practical matters in your material world. The Page brings the potential for you to learn new skills or take on new responsibilities that can help build your resources and stability in life. Though you are an active fire sign, this Page encourages a patient, studious approach – be willing to start small and learn the basics before proceeding. Stay grounded in the details and avoid getting ahead of yourself. If you apply yourself diligently, this new endeavor can yield tangible rewards over time. Allow your inner student, apprentice and researcher to emerge.

Overall, this Page foretells good news coming about education, career, finances or health. Receive the news with an open mind and optimistic attitude. This opportunity can help establish firmer foundations for you, Aries. But be willing to learn new things and wait for rewards with patience. The work you do now can pay off handsomely down the road.

Taurus – Eight of Pentacles Reversed

The reversed Eight of Pentacles often cautions against becoming bored, lazy or apathetic when it comes to work and learning. This month, Taurus, you may feel unmotivated, undisciplined or dissatisfied with routine tasks and your usual skills. The reversed Eight signals a need to find new challenges and approaches to avoid stagnation. Look honestly at where you have become too comfortable in your abilities and knowledge base. Aim to shake things up through learning new skills or techniques. Avoid cutting corners just to complete your work quickly. It may be time to find a new teacher or mentor who can inspire you to reach higher levels of quality, efficiency and dedication in your craft. Overall, this reversed card asks you to rediscover your passion and joy for the small details, not just go through the motions. Reflect on how you can work with more mindfulness and creativity.

Gemini – Six of Swords Reversed

The Six of Swords reversed suggests now is not the right time to move forward just yet, Gemini. You may be feeling impatient to progress with a goal, relationship or other situation in your life. However, the reversed Six cautions against making a transition pre-maturely before working through lingering challenges and emotions. There are still conversations to be had, loose ends to tie up and preparations to make. Don’t gloss over issues just because you are ready to move on. Take time for reflection first so you can release burdens in a healthy way, not carry them with you. Timing is essential now. Let things play out further and wait for a clear signal before launching into new territory. Patience will improve the outcome.

Overall, this reversed card counsels pausing, planning thoroughly and not rushing into the future. Tie up loose ends, process emotions and work through lingering issues. When the fog clears, you will be ready to move ahead freely and successfully. For now, wait and prepare.

Cancer – Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands represents creativity, courage and determination. This month Cancer, you are being called to embrace your inner leader and tap into your passions. The Queen encourages you to stand confidently in your talents and skills and radiate your best, most expressive self out to others. Now is the time to take bold action toward your goals and make your mark. Let your warmth, generosity and optimism shine through to inspire those around you. Be the initiator of new ideas and projects. Your creative energy is amplified.

Overall, the Queen of Wands blesses you with confidence, charisma and conviction. She gives you the fiery spirit needed to connect authentically with others, take risks and pursue your ambitions. Let her bold, entrepreneurial nature come forward this month as you claim your authority. You have the talent and charm to manifest wonderful things, Cancer. Believe in yourself and make it happen!

Leo – Four of Swords Reversed

The Four of Swords reversed indicates that a period of rest or retreat has gone on too long, Leo. It’s time to reengage with life and responsibilities. Recent reflection or recuperation was likely necessary, but continuing to withdraw and isolate yourself now could become detrimental. This inverted Four urges you to leave your cave, get up, get out and actively participate again. Don’t stagnate or avoid taking action out of continued exhaustion. Raise your energy levels with exercise, good nutrition and social connections. Avoid escapism too. There are discussions to be had, decisions to make and plans to implement. Return with a renewed vision.

Overall, this reversed card counsels to balance time for self-care with forward movement. Don’t neglect obligations or remain inactive for too long. Nourish your mind, body and spirit so you can take next steps with clarity and purpose. An energetic reboot will help you reclaim your vitality and passion, Leo.

Virgo – Nine of Cups Reversed

The Nine of Cups reversed suggests you may be experiencing some dissatisfaction or lack of fulfillment around current life circumstances, relationships or endeavors, Virgo. While you have worked hard and come far, not everything may be as rewarding as you expected. The reversed Nine of Cups points to a need to assess where you truly find meaning, passion and alignment in your life right now. Something important feels missing or out of balance. Don’t ignore the signals. Identify the experiences, connections or goals that light you up rather than drain you. Adjust your priorities and expectations accordingly. This will help revive your enthusiasm.

Overall, this card cautions against complacency. Look within and recognize where changes are needed to re-energize your joy and sense of purpose. Reflect on what emotional needs require your attention. When fulfillment is lacking, make the necessary shifts and corrections.

Libra – Ten of Pentacles Reversed

The reversed Ten of Pentacles often points to disruptions around family, property, business or financial matters. This month, Libra, you may encounter tensions or even separations within your family, home or work environment. Established situations regarding career, investments or real estate may need revision as well. While usually secure, something in your material foundation has become unstable and requires assessment and improvement. Have clear conversations to uncover solutions. Avoid cutting ties completely if possible. With patience and wisdom, you can mend rifts and re-solidify structures. Change is happening for an ultimate purpose.

Overall, this card cautions taking it slowly when foundations feel shaky. Prioritize communication and repair over escape. Invest energy into renewing stability and prosperity. With care and consideration of all involved, you can restore harmony and order.

Scorpio – Page of Cups Reversed

The reversed Page of Cups suggests your emotions or imagination may feel blocked or unclear this month, Scorpio. You could be struggling with articulating or understanding your feelings. Fear, confusion or immaturity around relationships or creativity may cause you to withdraw or act out. The reversed Page points to a need for self-reflection to achieve emotional clarity and stability. Don’t ignore or deny what you feel; instead, look within to understand your heart better. This will enable more authentic self-expression. Additionally, don’t dismiss other people’s feelings. Listen with empathy.

Overall, this card counsels expressing yourself from an honest, grounded place, not just reacting emotionally. Avoid making assumptions. There is a need for patience, introspection and communication to comprehend your own feelings and others’ perspectives right now. Once the fog lifts, you can relate to people authentically. For now, take time to clear up any emotional confusion.

Sagittarius – The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man often appears when one is called to shift perspective or let go of old paradigms. This month, Sagittarius, you are being asked to view your circumstances, relationships or belief systems from a new vantage point. What you have known to be true may no longer serve you. Allow yourself time for reflection and introspection. Be willing to suspend old judgments and assumptions temporarily. From this surrendered state, you can gain new insight into your situation that frees you to move forward. Spiritual transformation and awakening is supported now. Let go and embrace this transition.

Overall, the Hanged Man card speaks of the need to change your perspective to reveal liberating truths. Be patient, introspective and open. By releasing limiting mindsets or ideas, you free yourself to experience new possibilities and potential. Trust in your capacity to see things anew.

Capricorn – Seven of Pentacles Reversed

The Seven of Pentacles reversed suggests you are feeling impatient and discouraged about the progress of a project or investment, Capricorn. What once seemed a wise use of your time and resources no longer seems worthwhile. This card, however, cautions against abandoning your efforts prematurely. Reassess, recalibrate and reinvigorate your approach rather than giving up altogether. Look closely at what truly needs improvement. Refocus on the original vision that compelled you. With renewed patience and perspective, you can get back on track toward ultimate success. Stay the course a while longer.

Overall, this reversed card encourages perseverance when lacking motivation. Before changing direction, examine what specifically needs adjustment in your approach, attitudes or expectations. Realign with your initial inspiration to renew momentum. Then tend diligently to see results.

Aquarius – Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles heralds the start of a prosperous new chapter in your material world, Aquarius. This month you are likely to receive exciting opportunities to increase stability, resources and abundance in your life. The Ace brings the potential for improved finances,steady work, a new home, valuable investments, or other tangible blessings to establish greater security. Approach this new beginning with optimism and preparedness. Lay practical foundations to manifest this prosperity by clarifying your priorities, creating budgets, and undertaking step-by-step plans. Your efforts, skills and wise use of resources can yield successful results now.

Overall, this Ace indicates good fortune and the promise of prosperity. Receive this gift gratefully and ground yourself in the details of bringing this potential to fruition. Creating lasting wealth requires vision as well as commitment to diligent effort. Now is a seed moment to foster growth.

Pisces – Four of Wands

The Four of Wands often signifies happy occasions and celebrations. This month, Pisces, you may be participating in a significant ceremony, milestone or joyful event surrounding home, family or community. Weddings, birthdays, reunions, graduations, moving homes – these types of moments can be anticipated. The Four of Wands represents establishing deeper bonds and traditions with those you cherish most. Let yourself feel deeply connected, proud and grateful for those relationships and the stability they provide. If challenges or conflicts arise, be willing to communicate openly to resolve issues. Shared joys strengthen foundations now.

Overall, this card augurs a time of rejoicing achievements, honoring traditions and strengthening stable community. Participate wholeheartedly with loved ones. Making special memories can remind you of the great blessings you already possess, Pisces.


In conclusion, as we approach the end of the year and step into the transformative month of December, the tarot cards offer us valuable insights and guidance to navigate the road ahead.

December is a time for reflection, intention-setting, and growth. It’s an opportunity to learn, evolve, and make the most of the experiences that come your way. The tarot serves as a powerful tool for self-discovery, offering a unique perspective on the energies and influences that shape our lives. Whether the cards reveal challenges or opportunities, they are there to empower you, guide you, and remind you that you have the ability to shape your own destiny.

So, embrace the magic of the tarot this December. Use it as a source of inspiration, a compass for your journey, and a mirror to your soul. May the insights gained through these cards guide you into the new year with wisdom, courage, and an open heart, ready to embrace the adventures and opportunities that await.

John Culbertson is a highly sought-after tarot card reader, spiritual advisor, and spiritual counselor with over 25 years of experience in metaphysical fields. Known for his accuracy, honesty, and deep spirituality, John has conducted thousands of readings that provide trusted guidance and growth for his clients.

John’s specialty is leveraging tarot and intuitive insights to offer clarity, direction, and next steps to those feeling uncertain on life’s path. His compassionate, non-judgemental approach creates a safe space for people to navigate challenging transitions, find inner wisdom, and transform their lives through self-discovery.

Having trained extensively in areas from eastern spirituality to mystical Christian traditions, John synthesizes spiritual principles across faiths. He believes spiritual growth should empower and enhance our human experience.

John offers confidential tarot readings and spiritual mentoring remotely by phone. He is a published author and holds a Doctorate in Ministry with a specialization in pastoral counseling and Certified Metaphysical Practitioner designation. His goal is illuminating the unique gifts within each person through tarot divination and metaphysical healing arts.

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