Day in the Life: Mystic John Culbertson

I thought it might be interesting for some of you to see what a day in my life looks like. After all, it can be fun to get a glimpse into other people’s lives and live in the world from their perspective for a while. So here is a behind-the-scenes look at my personal and professional life like you’ve never seen it before.

MORNING – 10AM to Noon

I want to start by saying that this day in my life only covers my weekdays. Weekends are an entirely different story, and perhaps I’ll share more of what those look like with you. For now, however, let’s peek into a normal day in my normal work week.

My day starts at 10 AM. When my alarm goes off, I quickly turn it off. I say a thank you prayer and prosperity affirmation while doing my morning bathroom, grooming, and dressing rituals.

I proceed to my office. Here I take some time to get organized for the day. Part of this organization is doing my morning protection rituals and affirmations. I don’t do the same affirmation or protection rituals every day. That would bore even me. So I rotate through them.

This may mean some mornings I’m doing the ceremonial magick middle pillar ritual and lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, and other mornings I’m saying the Catholic Rosary.  It could also mean I’m doing Tai Chi or Yoga or focusing on a simple meditation or chakra visualization. I might even do an affirmative prayer or a shamanic journey. It depends on the time of year, my mood, and other factors.

Regardless, I ALWAYS smudge my room, light incense, and play serene new-age music after finishing.

At this point, it’s nearly 11 AM. If I have an 11 AM client, I’ll sit down and prepare for that. Otherwise, I sit at my computer and work on some creative writing or marketing that needs to be done for the business side of what I do.

At Noon I head downstairs to ensure the blinds are open and the water fountains are on. I cook breakfast/lunch at this time and sit down and eat it. While eating, I watch YouTube Videos on business, psychology, motivational, or spiritual topics.


My afternoons are divided by days.

Monday is my marketing day, and from 1-5, I focus exclusively on marketing materials. These marketing materials include blog posts, social media posts, print ads, digital ads, media pitches, etc.

Tuesday and Thursday are client-focused days – the days I tend to have the most client interactions and appointments. This includes writing and responding to emails that need to be attended to.

Wednesday is marketing or developmental time. While I also take clients on Wednesday, most of the time, my free time is focused on self-development, education, and more creating.

Friday is my day to tie up financial stuff. Taxes, bookkeeping, money allocation, billing reminders, etc., are all done on Friday with an occasional client to work with too.

Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t also do marketing on Tuesday or Thursday or that I might not occasionally have a client on Monday. It doesn’t mean critical financial matters won’t be attended to before Friday. This is just one of my systems for staying more organized.


Rose, my wife, gets home usually around 5 pm. We tend to have dinner. Most nights we go out, but sometimes we enjoy the pleasure of a home cooked meal.

By 8PM we are usually finished with dinner and have had time to connect with each other in some meaningful manner.

Some nights I have clients in the late evening. I am typically finished with clients by 11 pm.

Now, it’s my downtime. So from 11 pm to 2 am, this is play time. I play video games, watch my favorite TV shows, catch a new movie I’ve wanted to see, read a fictional book for fun, write for enjoyment, etc. This is my time to be “normal” and to indulge in more “physical world” pursuits.


Around 2 AM, I start to get ready for bed. This involves a few different things.

First, I do any healing or energy work that needs to be done or that I’ve promised clients or family and friends that I would do.

Next, sometimes I will journal about my day to get specific thoughts and feelings out of my mind. I recommend all my students keep a journal and write in that journal daily while they are working with me. It allows a person to see where they are at and helps to focus attention on where one wants to go in the future.

After this, I typically bathe or shower and brush my teeth.

Finally, I crawl into bed and kiss my wife one more time. As I fall asleep, I will say a prayer of gratitude and follow it up with some affirmations that I feel are important to resonate in my mind as I sleep.


There you have it, a brief look into what a “normal” day during my work week looks like. I hope you have enjoyed this little sneak preview and that it has helped to humanize me a bit more. Perhaps something in it caught your attention and made you more curious now about me or my work. If that’s the case, I invite you to sign up for my newsletter, where you will have the opportunity to learn more about me.



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