A Spiritual Parable - The Story of a Dog

A Spiritual Parable

A Story About a Dog

I have a story I want to tell you. It was a story that was passed down to me by one of my own spiritual teachers many years ago. It’s a story that I share often with my psychic development students.

Now over time, as is the case with most parables, it has changed. Sometimes it’s about a man and other times it’s about  a woman. Sometimes the dog is big and at other times it is small. There are times when the story takes place in the United States and other times when it’s another country. The lesson and moral of the story, however, are always the same. Please sit back and enjoy this tale. I’ll be back at the end of the story to tell you exactly what the moral and lesson of the parable are about.

The Story

Once there was a young woman named Elizabeth.  Elizabeth was in her late twenties.  She was a beautiful woman. The type of person that could walk into any room, and it would seem to light up. Despite her beauty and natural charm, she was still single. Having grown up in a very wealthy family in the south, Elizabeth was spoiled. As such, most men wanted nothing to do with her.


One day as Elizabeth was going about her daily routine, she got a call from her parent’s lawyer.

“We’re sorry, Elizabeth, but your parents were in a horrible car accident.”

“Are they okay?” Elizabeth asked, deeply concerned. In her heart, she knew the answer before the lawyer even responded.

“I’m afraid not. They both passed away on the way to the hospital. I know this is a bad time, and I’m very sorry to have to do this with you, but I need to meet with you to go over their estate and trust.”

“Of course.” Elizabeth sadly responded, stunned and saddened by the news of her parent’s death.


The lawyer and Elizabeth sat down at his office the day after the funeral.

“Elizabeth, you were the only child of your parents. As such, you have inherited everything that they owned. This includes their mansion estate in the country as well as the millions of dollars worth of paintings that line the halls of the mansion.”

Elizabeth couldn’t believe it.  She now owned everything.

“The only stipulation is that you must move into the mansion in the country and live there alone. If you decide to go away or get married, you must sell the mansion and give the money to charity. These were your parent’s last wishes.”

“But it will be so lonely there by myself.  Can’t I invite just one person to live with me?” she begged the lawyer.

“No, I’m afraid not. Your parent’s will was particular.”

“Can I at least have a dog?” She asked, dreading the idea of staying in such a large mansion all alone.

“Your parent’s will said nothing about animals. I suppose it would be okay to keep a dog in the mansion.”

“Thank you! I shall go out and get one immediately and be moved in first thing on Monday.” Elizabeth exclaimed, shaking the hand of the lawyer.


It didn’t take Elizabeth long to find the perfect companion. On her first visit to the pound, she fell in love with a puppy. A Pekingese.  Together they played, and she knew he was just right for her. She took the puppy, got its shots, and together they returned to the mansion which she had grown up in.

The mansion was large. Four stories tall and about 25 rooms. The paintings the lawyer had spoken about lined the hallways. They had since she was a little girl. Her father had told her once that.

“These paintings are the reason we are so wealthy. If we ever lose the paintings, so too will we lose the bulk of our wealth.”

She named the dog BB. She told BB that he could go anywhere in the mansion, but he wasn’t allowed in her room.


That night when Elizabeth laid down to sleep, she was exhausted. The funeral, the meeting with the lawyer, the new puppy, and now the whole mansion to herself… she was ready for some much-needed beauty sleep.

Just as she was falling asleep, she heard BB bark. BB barked, and barked. It was very annoying for Elizabeth, who finally covered her head with her pillow and fell asleep that way. It wasn’t a restful sleep. The dog continued to bark off and on throughout the night.


The next day Elizabeth sat down with BB and explained to BB that she needed her rest. He could bark as much as he wanted during the day, but at night he had to be quiet. Little BB waged his tail, and together the two played throughout most of the day.

That night, once again was Elizabeth was starting to fall asleep, BB began to bark.

“ROOF, ROOF, ROOF,” he barked loudly. Once again, Elizabeth couldn’t sleep. This time she took some cotton and stuffed it in her ears, trying her best to block out the dog’s loud annoying bark.

Once again, she finally fell asleep, but at last, it too was not good sleep; for BB, the dog continued to bark off and on throughout the night.


Both Wednesday night and Thursday night were the same as the previous nights. Elizabeth tried everything she could to block out and ignore the barking dog, but nothing seemed to work.

She found herself repeatedly being woke up the barking of the dog.

On Friday, she was beyond exhausted and at wit’s end.  She told the dog. “BB, If you bark again tonight, I’m going to spank you!”

That night, as she was starting to fall asleep, the dog once again began barking.

“ROOF, ROOF, ROOF,” and growling “GRRRR.”

Elizabeth had enough. For almost a week, she had been trying to sleep, and every night the dog would sit outside her door and bark. It had to stop or else she would never get any rest.

Jumping out of bed, she opened the door, grabbed the barking dog, and spanked him.

“NOW BE QUIET,” she scolded, before slamming her door shut. To her surprise, the dog actually stopped barking.

“Finally, I can get some sleep.” She said. That night she slept well. Not once did she awaken.


The next morning when she got out of bed, she felt refreshed. Stretching, she changed her clothes and exited from her room.

She started down the hall toward the kitchen, where she usually met BB every morning.

As she made her way down the hall, she stopped in horror. They were missing. Every one of her parent’s beloved paintings was missing. Frantically she ran around the Mansion, only to discover that they had all been taken. She was left with nothing.

Crying, she ran to the kitchen were BB lay, head down on the floor between his paws.

“Why didn’t you warn me, you stupid dog! Why?!”

Raising his head BB the dog looked at her and responded…. “I’ve been trying to warn you for a week, but all you did was ignore me. You even struck me. I figured you didn’t want to know after that.”

The Moral

So what’s the moral of the story? Well, your psychic abilities and spiritual teachers and guides are like the dog, and you are Elizabeth. You have a rich inner world that you should be eager to share with others, even if you feel like you can’t at times.  When you ignore your subconscious mind and psychic abilities/spiritual insights/spiritual guides, or even worse, strike them with negativity, they are going to stop working for you. You will feel as though you’ve lost everything.

The more you praise and acknowledge your psychic abilities, subconscious mind, spiritual insights, and spiritual teachers, the more often they will want to work for you and cooperate with you. Always remember this as you move through your spiritual journey. To do so means you have learned one of the most fundamental rules of psychic and spiritual development — acknowledgment and gratitude leads to an increase in abundance and awareness.

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