A supernova in space demonstrating metaphysical laws.

Metaphysical Laws – What Are They?

What are Metaphysical Laws?

While not a law from a traditional scientific perspective, those in the New Age, New Thought, and Metaphysical fields call metaphysical laws any spiritual truth, that when applied to one’s life, can result in a demonstration of success and happiness. Sometimes these are known as spiritual laws.

While there is only one real metaphysical law, we as human beings have always had a need to expand things. Thus, today we are going to look at some various metaphysical laws and provide briefly a description of what they are. While we won’t be covering all of the laws that are believed to be out there, a good portion of them will be glanced at.

The Law of One

This law states that there is One Mind in this universe. That one mind is the creative principle of each individual mind. That one mind always has been, still is, and always will be. That One Mind is all-powerful, all-knowing, and everywhere present –including present within each of us individually. Thus, even in individuality, there is still oneness. When people are able to recognize the One Mind as God, it brings demonstrations of success. Please note, the word God can be exchanged here for the Higher Power, The Universe, Cosmic Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, the great Goddess, etc.

The Law of Universal Plenty

All good and only good is contained within that One Mind. When this One Mind is seen and declared to be the source of supply by an individual it sets into motion psychic energy within the One Mind to provide.

The Law of Cause and Effect

Sometimes called the Law of Attraction, this law states that every thought in the human mind is a “cause” which sets into motion psychic energy within the Universal Mind of God, and results in a physical “effect” in the visibly seen world.

The Law of Karma

This is law builds off of the Law of Cause and Effect. This law states that as you think and/or correspondingly act, such thoughts or actions travel from your personal mind into the Universal Mind. If the thoughts or acts are good or positive, they set up a psychic chain reaction that will eventually return to you as good in your life. If thoughts are negative, the law operates the same way, returning negativity to you. The fruition of karma typically occurs in the same lifetime, but in some cases, flows over into another lifetime.

This idea is attributable to the belief in reincarnation.

The Law of Permanence and Non-Permanence – Two More Metaphysical Laws

There is only one thing in the entire universe that is permanent. That is the Universal Mind of God. All other things, human life included, are temporary. This also means that no matter what the problem is that occurs, it is only temporary. To overcome temporary problems one must raise their consciousness above the level of any negative conditions in mind, thereby outgrowing the problem.

The Law of Love

This is sometimes called the golden rule. The basis of this law is that how you treat another is in truth how you treat yourself. In absolute reality, there is only one mind and one life. If you do good to another, by the Law of Karma, good will return to you.

The Law of Love takes this further and says that what you do to another you also, in reality, are doing to yourself. This also means that if you harm another, in reality, you are only harming yourself.

It’s important to understand that with both the law of Karma and law of Love, what is returned to us may not necessarily come from the original source that negativity was sent to. The golden rule or the law of love does underline a reality, though – a reality that reward and difficulties, as the case may be, always come back in some form.

The Law of Circulation

This important law deals with prosperity. As with the law of love, it states that whatever you give to another person, in truth you are giving to an extension of yourself. Each time you give you are really giving to yourself. This is true be it money, objects, emotional support, etc. The more you give, the more is eventually returned to you – provided you fully consciously and unconsciously feel/believe you deserve to receive. This law also states that you can not save money… unless you are saving for a specific reason. Money must circulate for the energy to stay in motion.

The Law of Averages – One of the Most Important Metaphysical Laws

This is one of the most important laws to grasp and understand. The human ego, though important in a certain sense, can also be the undoing for many. The law of averages deals with what is termed group mind or race mind. This group mind/race mind creates certain conditions in the lives of all people unless people purposefully elevate their consciousness above the group mind. What this really means is that if you don’t choose your thoughts, someone else will end up choosing them for you! This then loops back into the Law of Cause and Effect, Karma, and so forth.

There are many aspects of life that are strongly influenced by the group mind. This includes how long a person will live, how much a person should eat, how much sleep a person needs, how much an individual can drink, how much happiness you’re allowed to have, how much grief you should experience, what job you should do, whom you should love, etc.

All people are subject to the law of averages until they purposefully free themselves from it by learning to focus on and choose their own thoughts. While this law can’t be denied, we can lift our consciousness above it.

The Law of Prayer – One of the Most Forgotten Metaphysical Laws

Ernest Holmes tells us that if God ever answered prayer, God always answers prayers. Since there is no future and no past, only present – and since God exists in the presence within all, then God must always be answering prayers. Just because things don’t happen the way we (read as ego) want them to doesn’t mean they aren’t happening the way they need to.

The Law of Correspondence

Ernest Holmes always points out that the limit of our ability to demonstrate/create/attract depends upon our ability to provide a mental equivalent of our desires. We can’t create/attract/demonstrate something which we can’t vision, feel, or have never experienced. What we demonstrate today, tomorrow, and the next day is not as important as the tendency which our thought is taking. Thus, if everyday things are a little better than the day before, we are moving in the right direction. As we grow and experience, we can continue to create new and better things in life.

The Law of Correspondents

Man reproduces the Divine Nature on the scale of the individual. He also uses the creative power which works through his words. This reality can’t be escaped. Man only has to learn to use this power constructively, and all will be well and get better and better.

The Law of Grace

Put simply, we don’t have to keep paying for our past mistakes over and over again. Once a pattern is fully realized and absorbed into consciousness, we are allowed to remove ourselves from the pattern and thereby free ourselves from the karma of it. I.E., negative karma stops once we realize when and how it was created and we replace/change the negative into a positive.

The Law of Moderation

The final law we will talk about today is the Law of Moderation. In simple terms, too much or too little of anything throws life out of balance. In all things one chooses to engage in they should attempt to do some from a principle of moderation.

Acitvating Your Understanding of Metaphysical Laws

At this point it’s useful to use the following prayer/affirmation:

“My life is God-Ruled, God-Directed, God-Powered, and so I vibrate confidence from the very center of my being into every area of my life.” = Dr. Paul Masters

“There is no personality, opinion, or condition that interferes with my choices. I am a spiritual being, living in a spiritual world, governed by spiritual laws.” – William Warch

Understanding Metaphysical Laws isn’t about memorization of them. It’s about putting them into practice in your own life. Pick one and work on practicing and understanding that one principle and concept before moving on to another. See how life changes based on the understanding and application of a metaphysical/spiritual law.

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