Signs You Met Your Soulmate

Signs which indicate you met your soulmate

Is he the one? Is she the one? How many times have we asked ourselves this question? And yet how many times have we felt unsure about the answer? Well, it’s never been an easy question to answer. It has intrigued some of the most intellectual minds, from poets, playwrights and philosophers and enriched our culture and literature like no other.

You can rent and watch some of the classic romantic movies ever made, or go to a bookstore, buy a dozen romantic novels and read them. Or you could simply listen to your heart. Finding your soulmate is not much different from finding your purpose in life. Most often, the indications are within you. Here are 5 signs which indicate you have met your soulmate.

  1. There is a connection.

Though it is similar to, it isn’t the same as ‘love at first sight.’ Sometimes, you may have to meet your soulmate many times before you realize it. It could even be someone whom you have known for a long time or are very familiar with. It’s like a gift or a hidden talent that you have never noticed or been aware of and then suddenly, it dawns on you how fortunate you are to be with this person. When you meet your soulmate, you will experience a sense of connection that is not easy to describe or define. It is like a gentle tug at your heart strings or the feeling that you are hearing some kind of music playing only in your mind when you meet this person.

  1. It marks a turning point.

When you meet your soulmate, you will find yourself transformed forever. It will be a change which you cannot ignore. It could be something as simple as you wanting to be a better person or it could be as profound as experiencing a new found sense of happiness or feeling more energetic. Sometimes, you may recognize the change only when you look back. Sometimes, you may have a premonition that a turning point is just around the corner.

  1. You share a similar outlook.

This is the easiest sign to overlook because it is the most obvious. When two people share the same world view or interests or beliefs, it is more likely that they are soulmates. Imagine you are reading a Jane Austen book on a train and the person sitting opposite you is reading a book by the same author. Now, is that a coincidence or is that a sign? Or it could be something as mundane as discovering another person who likes cats, or dogs, or watching the sun rise. It is up to you to seize the opportunity to meet your soulmate.

  1. When continuity occurs.

You meet someone for the first time and then you immediately share a rapport. You start talking to or interacting with a person you just met as if you are picking up from where you left off earlier. Whether you believe in previous lives or not, you will appreciate the feeling of familiarity which comes with knowing someone who understands you or whom you understand. You finish each other’s sentences, you can read each other’s minds, only the way two people who have known each other for a long time can. When you sense you may have a past history, even when you know for sure it isn’t from this life, you can expect to have a future together.

  1. You communicate.

Communication is not just talking but listening and also discovering meaning in a relationship. No conversation is uncomfortable with a soulmate. Even silences are comfortable. In fact, when you feel comfortable with someone by just being with them, not having to say a word or fill a meaningful silence with empty words, then you can be sure you have found the one. No topic is off limits between soulmates. When you meet someone with whom you can discuss anything, then there is no need to look any further.


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