Casting a Spell for Increased Love

Ritual to Attract Love into Your Life

Casting a Spell for Increased Love

There are many spells to bring love into the caster’s life. Some tend to focus on a specific person, which ultimately ends up not being a good thing. Anything which impacts a person’s free will can be said to be harmful and incorrect in usage. The proper wording in a love spell becomes very important for the long term success of the magick.

What follows is a simple but highly effective magick ritual you can do to attract and bring more love into your life.

Note, the focus of the spell is not for a specific type of love. We are focused on love, plain and simple. Be it romantic, platonic, family, or random acts of kindness – we are interested in bringing love into our lives and feeling a greater sense of self-love. In doing the spell for love in general, we are not impacting another’s free will. We are speeding up the love that would naturally come into our life anyway. Additionally, we are making critical inner changes to naturally allow love to build in our lives.


You will need the following for this ritual:

  • A pink candle
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen – preferably blue ink
  • A black thread
  • A dish of sea or Kosher salt
  • A bowl of water
  • A white candle
  • Some Rose incense (you can substitute other scents if you must)
  • A pinch of Basil
  • A small object (penny, quarter, crystal, etc.)

Step by Step Ritual for Increased Love in Life

  1. Ground and Center Yourself
  2. Write the following on the piece of paper with the pen
    I (enter your name), ask in the name of the Universe for aid in bringing more love into my life. I intend to love myself, love others, and accept love in return. I intend for this to happen for everyone’s highest good with harm to none. I ask to be open to the loving energies available and to share those same energies with others. So mote it be.
  3. Light the white candle and incense.
  4. Close your eyes and imagine that you are in a protected circle. Spend some time with this, and don’t rush through it.
  5. Say the following: I ask for the advice and protection of the Universe. I ask for the guidance and protection of Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Uriel
  6. Imagine the angels around you and the loving energy of the Universe filling the room. Again, take your time with this and don’t rush it.
  7. Pick up the pink candle and hold it. Think about love.
    * Ask yourself, what is love?
    * Ask yourself, how do I share love?
    * Ask, how will I know love is being given to me?
  8. When you are finished, light the pink candle.
  9. Read the piece of paper out loud. Read confidently three times.
  10. Roll the piece of paper up and tie the black thread around it.
  11. Taking the now sealed piece of paper, move it through the incense smoke, saying:
    In the name of Air, I charge you for love.
  12. Now wave the sealed piece of paper over the pink candle flame, then the white candle flame. Say:
    In the name of Fire, I charge you for love.
  13. Now sprinkle a little water on the sealed piece of paper and say:
    In the name of Water, I charge you for love.
  14. Dip the sealed piece of paper into the salt and say:
    In the name of Earth, I charge you for love.
  15. Hold the sealed piece of paper in your hand, and visualize a white light coming from above, through your head, and down and out your hand into the paper. Hold this visualization for a few moments. Then say:
    In the name of Spirit, I charge you for love.
  16. Blow lightly onto the sealed piece of paper.
  17. Take your sealed piece of paper and touch it to your small object. Then sprinkle a pinch of basil over both the sealed piece of paper and small object. Say the following:
    In the name of the Universe, archangels too,
    In the name of the elements with sweet basil’s tune,
    A spell of love right now I cast,
    To fill my soul with love that lasts,
    I charge you now with good intent,
    to bring to me loving bliss.
  18. Now hold the small object and sealed piece of paper together in the same hand. Once again, visualize light energy coming down through the head, out your hand into the object and piece of paper.
  19. Mentally say thank you to the angels and Universe for helping you.

After the Ritual

  • Before you do anything else, put the sealed piece of paper somewhere safe, where nobody will find it.
  • Then, take the small object and put it on your nightstand. You are going to carry this small object with you as you go about your day. It can be in your pocket, purse, etc. You want to keep the energy of the spell near you at all times.
  • Snuff out both candles. Avoid blowing them out.
  • Take the bowl of kosher salt and combine it with the water. Any incense ashes need to be added to that mixture as well.
  • Take the salt, water, ash mixture outside and give it back to earth,
  • Put the pink candle somewhere that you’ll see it every day.
  • Enjoy the results of the spell.
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