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Tips on How to Love a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Relationships are hard work! Developing a healthy relationship takes time, effort, and commitment. Learning how to love another person can be harder than what a person in a relationship might have expected. Here is some dating advice for creating a healthy relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

To Develop a Healthy Relationship a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Needs Constant Praise

Susan S. Davis, in her online article“The Power of Praise in Relationships,” tells people in relationships that praise can have an impact on any relationship. She further explains how negative criticism can contribute to a boyfriend or a girlfriend feeling unworthy. When people in healthy relationships show and communicate how highly they value their relationship partner, feelings of love and trust develop very profoundly.

Ms. Davis further explains that “While you may not be able to change the attitudes of everyone, you can encourage all of the people you deal with, on some level.” This ultimately makes it easier to see how encouragement can affect relationships.

The Little Things Matter Most in Healthy Relationships

Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz, in their 2008 article “What Makes Love and Marriage Last,” tell people that “The important point is that successful love and relationships are an accumulation of the little things. The little things matter! It isn’t enough to just think about the little things or just talk about the little things. You have to just DO the little things every day. That’s what makes love and marriage last!”

Some of those little things within the relationship that a girlfriend or boyfriend will enjoy are:
• Remembering special events
• Demonstrating good manners
• Helping with the cleanup
• Being on Time or calling the relationship partner if late
• Whenever possible, offer to be of assistance to the relationship partner.
• Leave boyfriends or girlfriends little gifts, notes, and emails that simply say, “I love you.”

A Boyfriend or Girlfriend Needs Loving Touch Often

Gail Prince, M.Ed, indicates in her book “Love Signals” [Globe Digests, 2000] that “Physical touch is a powerful vehicle for communicating love and can make or break a relationship.” People in relationships can develop a healthy relationship through physical signs of affection by:

• Kissing everyday
• Holding hands
• Sexual intercourse
• Sexual Foreplay
• Embracing often
• Stroking their boyfriend or girlfriend’s hair
• Softly caressing the arms or back of their girlfriend or boyfriend

Making time for a Relationship Partner will Help Build a Healthy Relationship

In relationships, there is no substitute for spending quality time together. The lack of quality time together is one of those things that can destroy an otherwise excellent and healthy relationship. Likewise, relationships blossom more fully when couples take the time to share with each other.


For the Healthiest Relationship Never go to Bed Angry at a Relationship Partner

In her Love Coach Blog at, Love Coach Rinatta indicates that this relationship myth seems based around fact. After reading a psychological study that shows that sleep preserves emotionally charged events, she concludes that by not resolving battles before sleep, people in relationships end up storing those hurt feelings in their permanent memory. Thus they don’t heal, and they are twice as likely the following day to fight once again over the same subject.

When it comes to healthy relationships, people involved in relationships will do well to concentrate on attempting to create loving memories with their relationship partner, especially before bed. At the very least, couples should try to resolve the emotional hurt caused by their relationship partner. This makes waking up the next morning far more pleasant, and it also helps both partners to get a better night’s sleep.

It’s Never too Late to Have a Healthy Relationship

When it comes to relationships, being involved in a healthy relationship will go a long way toward improving the quality of life both for marriage partners and boyfriends and girlfriends. The best part is that anyone involved in a relationship can start applying these principals right now. While this dating advice may or may not save a problematic relationship or marriage, it certainly can go along way in helping to improve both present and future relationships.

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