Difference Between Fortunetelling and Divination

What’s the Difference between Fortunetelling and Divination?

Some people like to get tarot readings or do astrology sessions. Others are intrigued by the idea of seeing a palmist and being told what their palm says. Still, other people want to sit with a psychic with visions so they can be told what they “see” for or around them.

However, many people don’t seem to understand that there is a fundamental difference between fortune-telling and divination. Let’s discuss this.

What is Fortunetelling?

Fortunetelling is the idea that a person can use some means to tell you what is going to happen in the future.

The idea, as subscribed to by many people that tell fortunes, is that there are certain things we are predestined to have happened, and we simply can’t change them. As such, we should know what is coming up so we can be better prepared to cope and deal with them.

With fortunetelling, there is no free will. Certain things are going to happen, and we can’t do a darn thing about it.

A person gets a fortunetelling session to know with certainty what to expect so they can plan their life accordingly to these expected events.

What is Divination?

Divination, often confused with fortunetelling, employs the same tools most of the time: tarot cards, astrology charts, numerology charts, runes, tea leaves, etc.

The dictionary doesn’t help for it merely tells people that Divination is “the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or unknown by supernatural means.” In this regard, it is the exact same thing as fortunetelling.

The purpose of Divination, from this occultists’ perspective, however, is not to tell someone with absolute confidence what is going to happen. Merely suggest what appears to be coming up due to where a person’s unconscious is at the time of the session. Of course, some of my colleagues will disagree with me, but I hold firm to this principle and belief.

Divination focuses on the fact that free will is our most valuable asset and ally as we travel through life. In Divination, things can and typically do change based on the free will of the people involved. Additionally, the applied knowledge to the subconscious mind of what is learned through the session helps to create potent inner changes in a person.

A person gets a Divination session primarily to test their intuition – to see if what they think or feel is accurate and to evaluate their next steps or course of action.

Is Fortunetelling or Divination Better?

Are you trying to decide which one is right for you?

The easiest way is to ask yourself if you believe in free will or not. Your answer will tell you which sessions to get and which to avoid.

Besides that, keep in mind that fortunetelling is illegal in many countries. Other locations require a person to have an actual fortunetelling license. The purpose of this license is supposed to be to prove that they are not a fraud and to eliminate the fact that they might just be “making stuff up.”

Sadly, these licenses have done little to discourage the frauds within the New Age subculture.

Still, the more fundamental problem with fortunetelling, from my perspective, is it simply isn’t possible. We cannot know with certainty 100 percent of the time what will happen to another person unless we are energetically impacting that person to create the situations that are predicted for them. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to use divination to give the client the power to make their own changes instead of us attempting to do it for them?

In my opinion, fortunetelling is terrible. It is akin to black magick to tell someone that something is about to happen, and they can’t do anything about it

Divination is better, but still not ideal. At least with Divination, the power is still in the hands of the client and not the reader.

As far as I am concerned, almost any type of counseling is far superior to both. For it gets to the root of the unconscious and provides tools to the client to empower them to make changes. The client can create their own lives. They can stop living life at the whims of the unconscious mind of those around them. They can learn to unite their body, mind, emotions, and spirit in such a way to be in control of themselves and the world around them.

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