What to Expect from Psychic Readings

What to Expect from a Psychic Reading with Mystic John?

Many people are afraid to get a psychic reading for various reasons. These reasons range from religious beliefs to fear of hearing something they don’t like or want to hear. In this article, I take a look at what exactly you can expect when you get a reading with me. This includes how my process works.


Getting a psychic reading is an experience. It’s not just fun and filled with good insights. Many of my clients have indicated to me that a good reading feels like a religious/spiritual experience which leaves them filled with a sense of calm and peace as well as thinking about their life and its situations in a new manner.

That experience starts before the reading even begins. It starts the moment you book a session. The booking of a session is like making a contact with the spirit world, saying, “I’ll be there, please show up.”

On your end, you begin the process of thinking about what kind of questions you’ll ask. You may even write some of them down to not forget about asking them. Some of my clients will spend time leading up to their session in either prayer or meditation, sometimes both. They want to make sure they are ready and in a good place.

They hopefully have picked a time when they will not be bothered or disturbed by others. Additionally, they hopefully settle into a peaceful and quiet room before calling me.

On my end, I will do my protections and meditations on the day of the reading. I will shuffle my cards, make sure I have some scrap paper nearby, and start relaxing and spiritual music. Then I will sit and wait for your call.

If we have followed through with this process, we will be ready to begin the reading on time and in the right frame of mind.

During the Reading

When you call, I answer the phone and typically ask how you are doing. This is not a time where I am trying to get you to leap into details about your life, but rather a time where I am working to establish an energy connection with you and my spiritual guides.

Some brief chit-chat may follow our introduction. If you are a brand new client, I will typically ask if you’ve ever done this. I use the first few minutes of our session to give you some important instructions on what to expect. Those instructions include such things as allowing me to finish speaking without interrupting or asking questions. I will also explain to you that sometimes my voice changes during a session and to not be alarmed by it. It’s just part of the process of channeling.

If you are a new client, I ALWAYS get your date of birth. I work with numerology to quickly get to know you, your energy, and your life story/situation. This will allow me to know about your life path and purpose, your talents and skills, an overview of what the past few years have been like and what the central theme of the upcoming year is, and insights into your critical or life-changing year.

Following that, I begin my tarot spread. As I read the cards, I also get insights and information from my own and your spiritual guides and angels. Sometimes this information comes in the form of visions (clairvoyance), but many times I “hear” them speaking to me (clairaudience). Their purpose is to help heal the past/present or provide insights into what is or what’s to come.

You are welcome to ask questions at any point during your reading. It is, after all, your session. Sometimes spirits who have crossed over want to make their presence known, and when that occurs, I pass along their messages too, but I am not what one would call a classic medium. I highly encourage my clients to get readings with me because they seek to heal or find out where life is going, not because they hope to hear from someone on the other side.

The end of the session involves answering any final questions, summarizing what we have learned, and asking you if you would like me to do any prayer or energy work for you and, if so, what that entails. There is never an additional charge for this prayer/energy work.

After the Reading

When our time together is over, and you have hung up the phone, several things happen.

First, on my end, I usually smudge myself to release the vibrations of the reading. I love all my clients, but I don’t want to stay connected to them when our time together is finished.

I also write down the energy/prayer work that was requested.

I do the energy/prayer work nightly before bed. Some nights I do each client individually, and on others, I do a mass “healing.”

After each session, I hope my clients’ process and think about what has occurred. They can do this either by simply thinking about it or taking time to journal about it.

I also hope they take some of the new insights and information and begin to apply that to their lives to improve their lives.

Other Things to Know

  • As much as my clients wish I were, I am not all-knowing. If the spirit world doesn’t pass it to me, I can’t give it to you. Sometimes there are certain things they don’t want us to know, and other times they want us to work on and figure out for ourselves as part of our spiritual growth and development.
  • The best time to get a psychic reading is when you are in a calm and rational state of mind. The worst time to get one is when you feel emotional or are in a “crisis” mode.
  • It’s always essential to come to your session with an open mind and to take notes. The things that don’t make sense during a session often make much more sense later on down the line. This is why taking notes and referring back to them from time to time is crucial.
  • I also want to mention that accuracy varies tremendously from client to client and daily. With some clients, it’s almost as though the information that comes through is never wrong. With others, only about 70-80% of the information appears to apply. There’s no way to tell how accurate a session will be. I can only say my guides and I will do our best to ensure your session is helpful to you and your individual life situation.
  • Finally, always remember that a psychic session is meant to be helpful. That doesn’t always mean you’ll hear the stuff you want. It does, however, mean that most of the time, you’re going to listen to the things you need to hear. Realize that just because you sometimes don’t like what you hear doesn’t mean there may not be value. This is another reason taking notes can be significant. Our initial reaction to certain information may be denial, but at a later date, we may be more ready to accept and appreciate what has been said.
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