What is clairauidence?

What is Clairaudience?

Have you ever wanted to learn about a commonly misunderstood psychic ability involving the psychic sense of hearing? Keep reading to better understand clairaudience.

People in our field believe that there are skills beyond an average person’s point of reference. One of these skills is clairaudience.

The French word for “Clear Hearing” is clairaudience. This is the psychic power that relates directly to “hearing” things without using the physical ears. It can be divided into two different abilities.

The first of these abilities is clairaudience by telepathy. This is when a psychic “hears” information inside their own mind. It is like a voice is speaking to these psychics, similar to how the average person can “hear” their conscience talk to them.

This ability includes hearing other people’s thoughts, hearing angelic beings, and hearing teachers and guides. Despite the fact we say the psychic is “hearing” all of this, it’s really more like an internal voice – thus, it’s more closely related to thinking as opposed to hearing.

The other is called auditory clairaudience. This is the more pure form of clairaudience. This is hearing nonphysical information physically with the human ears when there is no apparent source the information can come from.

An example of this that most people can relate to is when a person hears someone calling their name, and they turn around with nobody to be found. The person certainly listened to their name with their physical ears. Still, there is no identifiable source for it to have come from.

This psychic skill is rare, but when mastered, it allows the medium or psychic to get insights verbally from the likes of deceased loved ones, spiritual guides, and so forth. To develop this psychic ability takes both persistence and, more importantly, patience.

The telepathic form of clairaudience is one of the most fundamental skills a beginning student of psychic development will learn. It develops naturally through meditation, telepathy games, and chakra work.

Developing the auditory form of clairaudience requires much time unless it’s a talent that the student is naturally gifted with. The development of this paranormal ability requires awareness and working with musical vibrations. Additionally, a focus on developing the throat center is essential.

As with any psychic skill, one is learning that there are dangers that may be involved. In the case of clear hearing, the threats are mostly related and linked to the feeling of insanity. The student can develop this power without learning to control it, in which case it will appear as though many voices are talking simultaneously. The psychic development student will have to learn to exert their willpower and command the voices (inner or outer) to quiet or become more transparent. In some cases, the psychic student may have to shut off this ability until their own willpower, self-confidence, and self-control have been built up.

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