Introducing Mystic John's “Spiritual Team”

Introducing Mystic John’s “Spiritual Team”

I want to take a few moments to introduce you to “my team.”

Now, when I say my team, I’m not talking about the people that work behind the scenes with me to support my business. Instead, I’m referring to the beings in the spirit world that work with me.

Since I am a psychic channel, I get much of my information from spiritual guides. Each has its unique personality. You might want to know a little about that personality as I often identify what information is coming from which spirit guide I work with.

Life Guide - Marcius


This is my life guide. He’s not just my life guide; he often provides information to other people about their life. Though he usually won’t make decisions for people, he frequently presents different pathways. He points out each path’s excellent and harmful aspects.

Marcius is a monk. He often appears to me in his monk robes with his hood up. Thus, I have yet to see his face. Those robes, by the way, are primarily gray, though I have seen him in white garb too.

He lived in Southern France somewhere between the late 1500s to early 1600s. He spent the majority of his life living in a cave. He was also a scribe and spent much of his time translating biblical texts to preserve those texts.

Interesting note, he had and still has a great deal of reverence for women. It is said that at one time, he saw them as so holy or as such a divine energy created by God that he would refuse to look directly at them when speaking to them.

Speaking of God… given that Marcius is a monk, he is very religious and will often reference God. Don’t let that bother you, though; his information during sessions still tends to be extremely valuable and insightful.

Protector Guide Aleaxander


My first and original protector guide. Most of his information in sessions pertains to a client’s safety and welfare. This includes not just physical security but emotional, mental, and spiritual.

He is very assertive and sometimes comes across as quite aggressive and angry. He also tends to have a vulgar mouth on him. I do my best to filter his curse words, but every now and again, one will slip through.

Alexander has appeared to me in different styles of dress over the years. His original appearance consisted of being dressed as a roman warrior with a sword and shield. Somewhat on the frail side, he didn’t look like much of a protector when I first met him. Later appearances included the same wimpy-looking guy wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a leather biker’s jacket – like “The Fonz” from that TV show “The Happy Days.”

It wasn’t until about three or four years after I started working with him that I discovered who he actually was. A friend of mine was with me in a video store (yep, Blockbuster was still a thing back in those days – that tells you how long ago it was), and I saw a picture of him on the front cover of a video case. I exclaimed, “That’s him! That’s my protector guide!!” And my friend informs me, “Yea, everyone knows that.” Apparently, all my peers had figured out before me that my guide was Alexander the Great. I just happened to be the last one at that party!

Alexander is also a very strong advocate and supporter of LGBTQ community.

Samuel Protector Guide


This is my newest guide. He is also a protector, but one that is quiet and mysterious. Most of my spirit guides are very outgoing and outspoken, but Samuel lurks in the background and mostly just watches. He tells me he is responsible for patrolling the astral planes – the non-physical world – and ensuring I stay safe, especially during sessions. In other words, Samuel helps keep negative or harmful entities away. Thus far, he has yet to speak during a session.

The Archangels

The Archangels

Sometimes, archangels appear during a session.

Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel are the four primary angels that occasionally appear. Other archangels also pop in from time to time. Typically, an archangel appears because they have something to tell a client about their specialty.

For example, Gabriel specializes in communication, and Raphael in healing. If Gabriel appears during a session, you need to learn how to improve communication with someone. Likewise, should Raphael appear in a session, you must do some healing work.

In this manner, each archangel has their own personality and “job” they do. When they come through in a session, they view it as “part of their job” to give the information or insights they offer.

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters

It’s hard to describe one of these beings.

Most of them have had multiple incarnations in the physical world. Most of them have obtained some sort of enlightenment or sainthood in one or more of those incarnations. They now serve as a “best of the best” group of guiding energies. Collectively, they are occasionally referred to as the brotherhood of light.

They have rarely appeared in my sessions or meditations. The ones that showed themselves to me include Jesus, Mother Mary (Quan Yin), and St. Francis (Kuthumi), who have appeared most often. Still, again, that’s a handful of times in twenty-something years of doing this work.

Suppose one ever pops into one of your sessions. In that case, it’s usually time to get serious, as they typically have messages that go deeper than your “average” guide.

Master Teacher Sarah


Sweet, Sarah. She has this maternal, nurturing, extremely loving energy. She is what’s referred to as a teacher guide. She is my “Master Teacher,” and we often meet to discuss what I need to focus on regarding my learning and education. This includes “book learning” and “practical application.”

Sarah often appears in sessions when a person needs a parental figure. I have seen her offer both loving guidance and be a shoulder to cry on and give out a scolding when she felt someone was in the wrong or needed help absolving guilt. She offers superior wisdom and sound advice for any given situation most of the time.

Sarah is a shape-shifter who has appeared as a white snow owl and a snow leopard in sessions and in my meditations and visions. She also appears as a woman dressed in white, with blond hair and deep blue eyes.

She was met on a shamanic journey and is the guide I consult for any shamanic healing work I do.

Other Helping Guides

Other Guides and Entities

Of course, there are many other spiritual entities that I work with outside of my main crew. The ones mentioned here are the main ones, though.

In the past, I have also had two mischievous children as guides. They were twins (one boy and one girl, both around eight years of age) from the Victorian era. They were my “play guides,” and their whole purpose for being in my life was to help me learn how to loosen up, enjoy life, and play more. After I figured out how to do that, they disappeared. I have not seen either of them in a long time.

During a session, I will often get information from my guides about your angels and spirit guides. When that occurs, I always pass that along to you so you can think about it and ponder over it.

Sometimes, in sessions, deceased people come through too. I am not a medium, though. If they pop in, I offer what I can about them, but it’s essential to understand that you should not come to sessions with me in hopes of hearing from someone from the other side. My sessions have always been about healing the past, working through the present, and creating a better future.

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