9 Things to Understand About Psychic Development

Nine Things to Know About Psychic Development

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The term psychic development gets thrown around quite a bit these days. This is especially true within the Pagan, New Age, and Metaphysical subcultures. But what is psychic development?

Simply put, psychic development is the process of training your conscious and unconscious minds to work together so that they operate together in harmony. It’s also the process of learning how to heighten your awareness to perceive subtle energies that are occurring beyond the threshold of normal conscious human awareness.

Finally, psychic development is about normalizing the skill set that the “average person” would call a “special gift.” One learns to understand that using psychic skills in no way makes someone “special” – rather, others see them as “unique” because they have not learned the process for tapping into the same energy or for having the same level of awareness.

It’s important to understand that “psychic ability” is no different than intuition or gut reactions.  All people experience these things from time to time at varying degrees. Psychic development training enhances what is already there or shows a person how to be more conscious.

In this article, we will learn 9 things everyone should know when developing psychic abilities.

One: Psychic development requires exploration and experimentation

If you want to become a psychic, you need to be open to exploration. Do not be afraid. Even gifted psychics have a hard time wrestling against their logical thoughts. Facing the doubts of your rational mind is healthy because it helps you identify which is “real” and which is “imaginary.” You will encounter a lot of times when your logical mind gets in the way of your intuition and natural psychic ability. One way for you to avoid this is by experimenting. 

Two: Ask questions

Like exploration, questioning is essential to improving your psychic skills. When you ask something, insights are developed. This facilitates energy to come back with a response. The response may be in the form of words or symbols.

To put it another way, if you don’t ask, you won’t get an answer. So many people trying to develop psychic abilities believe that answers just “poof” come to readers. They don’t. Behind every answer was a question that was asked first. Sometimes those questions are asked aloud, but they are often requested only within the psychic reader’s mind. You must learn to ask questions and be comfortable doing so if you expect to reap the maximum results in psychic development.

Three: You must be patient when it comes to developing psychically.

The most promising psychics are the ones who are incredibly fascinated with psychic developments. They may have a hard time achieving positive outcomes at first, but they improve along the way. Impatience can be a significant hindrance in developing psychic abilities. Many of us become enthusiastic about learning psychic development because we want to read other people’s thoughts or destinies. While no one can blame us for the enthusiasm, let’s remember that significant responsibilities come with developing psychic abilities. Every person is unique, and each of us has our own way of experiencing psychic skills. If you want to maximize your learning, be patient and explore all avenues before considering yourself an expert.

Four: A positive attitude is necessary

Researchers have proved that keeping a positive state of mind can increase psychic skills. The more optimistic outlook, the faster you develop your intuition. It allows you to increase your faculties and explore beyond limitations. Sulking in negative thoughts only blocks possibilities and slows down the process. To have more positive energy, read inspirational literature every morning before you go to work. This will help you start your day right and maintain a light aura throughout the day.

Remember, negativity will always hamper psychic development. This is why teachers or mentors urge many beginning psychic students not to become involved in battles with skeptics. If a person wants to develop their psychic power, they must genuinely believe they can do so.

Another analogy is in order: psychic ability is like listening to the radio. Some stations come in clear, some are a bit fuzzy, and some won’t come in at all. It all depends on the airwaves and where a person is situated.

The world people live in is nothing but energy. That energy is composed of two types, high vibrations, and low vibrations.

High vibrations are made up of love and positivity. Low vibrations are composed of hate and negativity. A person who spends most of their time around high vibrations improves the quality of the airwaves in their life. Thus enhancing the clarity of the psychic information they receive.

Learning to be positive takes constant effort. People must learn to catch themselves when they aren’t positive and then change the negative or hateful thoughts to positivity or love. Likewise, a person must also know when and how to avoid people that constantly live in those negative and hate-filled vibrations.

Five: Psychic abilities rely on meditation

To fully and most accurately access psychic ability, a person must have a clear mind. A mind that will allow them to tell what inner voices are their own vs. what inner voices are telepathically coming from another person or spirit guides.

The only way a person can totally clear their mind is through the process of meditation. Meditation does more than clear the mind. Meditation also teaches mental control. A person who has mastered the art of meditation can be calm, quiet, and reflective no matter what is going on around them.

To gain this sort of mental mastery, a person needs to meditate once a day every day for at least twenty uninterrupted minutes. The best type of meditation is pranic breathing, yoga breathing, or any kind of meditation that forces a person to focus on breath control.

Six: Psychic abilities require awareness training

Equally as important as meditation is the process of genuinely knowing the self. It is only in really understanding the self that a person with a clear mind will determine which inner voices are driven by ego and the subconscious and which ones are coming from spirit guides.

A person that can learn to consistently write in a journal every evening will find their psychic power quickly blossoming. There are two ways to use a psychic journal.

The first way to use a psychic journal is to record any event in the day when a psychic power or psychic ability was successfully used.

Some examples of this would include:

  • Correctly guessing the outcome of a TV show or book;
  • Correctly knowing who was calling without looking at caller ID;
  • Saying what another person says at the same time or before they say it, and;
  • Wanting something (like a parking place near the front of the store) and getting it soon after thinking the thought

When a person can learn to become aware each time their psychic abilities are successfully at work, they improve the frequency at which those psychic powers operate.

The second way that the psychic journal can be used is as a diary of events. When a log of life is kept and consistently looked back upon, a person quickly learns to identify patterns, problems, and mental blocks holding them back. Knowing what these patterns and blocks are is over half the battle of overcoming them. This further helps people gain clarity on what they want, who they are, and how they feel.

Additional awareness training can be performed by keeping a dream journal. Let’s take a look at the dream journal in more depth.

Seven: Starting a dream journal helps with awareness training

As a beginner, dreams are the most direct way for your guides, angels, and higher self to communicate with you. Despite this, 90% of my first-time students have never thought about nor even want to keep a dream journal. Many of these students also try to say, “Well, I don’t dream.” This is a load of bull! Everyone dreams! It’s scientifically proven that we HAVE to dream. The problem is that the student hasn’t yet developed the mental discipline to recall those dreams.

To develop that discipline, a student must be willing to record all dreams they have every time they have one. Even if it’s just a word or two that’s remembered, write it down! This will help to start to train the conscious and subconscious minds to work together.

Eight: Telepathy is a fundamental psychic development skill

To develop psychic ability, you must find a partner and work on telepathy skills. Like it or not, telepathy is a core foundational skill in the psychic world. When we communicate with guides, angels, or our higher self, we are using telepathy. When we try to manifest or make use of the law of attraction, we are using telepathy. When we attempt to hear what someone is thinking, we are using telepathy. There are so many psychic skills that come from telepathy that not practicing this essential core skill is a great disservice to your development.

How do you practice telepathy? There are many resources out there, but the old-fashioned ESP cards are one way. Another is by “guessing” what your partner is trying to send you.

Nine: Learn to Trust Yourself

Your first thoughts are your intuitive response. Pay attention to the first thing that comes to mind because this is a product of your intuition. The initial thought may vary – it may be an image, a set of words, or a symbol. The thoughts that come through after your initial ones are often caused by the logical mind. Logical thoughts are more rational than your intuitive response. Since intuition comes from the “gut feeling,” your initial thoughts may be “to do something because you need to.”

Welcome to a Life-Long Psychic Development Journey

These tips are just the beginnings of what can be a lifelong journey into mysterious, uncharted, and yet exciting new realms. There are other more advanced steps that one can follow to continue to learn to make the most of their psychic ability. However, a total novice to psychic skills and psychic ability would be wise to start here first.

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