Fidning a Trustworthy Psychic

Finding a Trustworthy Psychic

John Culbertson reveals his thoughts on why it is difficult finding a trustworthy psychic and why he doesn’t blame you for being a skeptic.

“You mean you take money from gullible people!” When I heard someone say this to me, my response was to take a deep breath and shake my head. I shook my head not only to deny the accusation but also to clear my head.

I realized then that this was a moment of revelation. This is how most people saw psychic readings. I don’t blame them. There are psychics and there are ethical psychics.

I am an honest-to-goodness professional psychic. I would be denying the truth if I said there weren’t times where I didn’t worry about what people thought of me and my profession. After over 15 years in this business I still get laughed at, criticized, made fun of, and even sometimes treated as less than a human being. Why?

I am a metaphysical spiritual teacher and shamanic practitioner who also does intuitive counseling and psychic channeled readings. I was nominated as one of the best psychics in Southwest Florida by readers of The Natural Awakening magazine. Yet, no matter how honest and ethical my values are, I am fully aware how some people look at me or other practitioners who do things which are considered unreal or out of the ordinary.

People refer to me as a psychic, but that’s not the only thing that I do. In fact, I work within the realm of the spirit and channel the wisdom that I receive from my spiritual guides for the benefit of my clients. In my journey within New Age spirituality I have come across shamanism, intuitive readings, tarot readings, spiritual readings, psychic healing and many other practices. Just as there are people who trust you and need your services, there are people who believe otherwise. There always will be.

I pride on being one of the most ethical psychics. In fact, I have a code of ethics that defines the work I do. I cannot tell you what to do or how to do anything. I can only guide you and share my wisdom with you. I respect the power of choice that each person who uses the faculty of reasoning has. And yes, I believe in free will. So if you are expecting dogmatic principles or proselytizing, then you will be disappointed. There are certain things which I can do and certain things which I cannot or shall not do. I advise my clients to manage their expectations, for the less they expect the better their session tends to be.

I am not the only metaphysical practitioner who believes in a code of ethics and principles. There are many other famous psychics, shamans, healers, mediums, tarot readers, intuitive counselors and spiritual teachers that I trust. Some of them have been my own students. Others, I’ve personally seen or they have been recommended by someone whom I’ve personally seen. I am featuring these psychics and new age practitioners so that you may have an opportunity to evaluate and even perhaps, experience what they do.

Before I share the list of professional psychics, I would like to state some facts that will help you in understanding and evaluating psychics and other new age practitioners.

Beliefs and values of a trustworthy and honest psychic or metaphysical practitioner.

  • We will never tell you that you are cursed.
  • We will never tell you that your chakras are blocked.
  • We won’t make promises that we cannot keep.
  • We will not charge exorbitant fees to remove fake curses and blockages. Instead, we will tell you how you can do it yourself without charging thousands of dollars.
  • We simply share information, intuitive feelings and insights that we receive through our visions. It’s your responsibility how you use the information.
  • The term cold reading is an anomaly. We don’t use it, let alone know how to do it.
  • Neither do we perform hot readings which include researching clients before their visit.
  • We are empathetic even though sometimes we express an honest opinion which you’d rather not hear. This is not because we are insensitive but because we are honest. It may hurt us to say it as much as it does you to hear it.
  • We won’t tell you not to see other psychics, intuitive counselors, metaphysical practitioner, or shamans. On the contrary, we recommend it because it is the only way to get a second opinion, and it will enable you to identify who you work and connect with the best.
  • We will let you know up front that we aren’t right all the time. We are human. Yes, that’s right, we are. We can and will be wrong.
  • We don’t make decisions or choices for you. That’s your job.

A list to help you with finding a trustworthy psychic

It’s not easy practicing a profession that is unfortunately cloaked in mystery and deceit. As in any profession, there are those who take advantage of people, charlatans, and so-called fortune-tellers. That’s one of the reason’s I wrote about avoiding psychic fraud, to share and enable my readers with the knowledge to help prevent them from being tricked or manipulated by a dishonest and unethical practitioner.

It is possible that you may or you may not connect with some of the professionals on this list. It’s not unlike seeking a doctor or counselor. It’s a matter of chemistry. Relationships that resonate produce results. This is true even when it comes to a professional metaphysical session.

The list is in alphabetical order for simplicity’s sake. Please note that this list is not a complete list and I will continue to add to it as I discover and find out about more trusted psychics. You can find out more about my own private sessions here.

Beecham Parker, (Psychic Medium)
Carl Woodall (Psychic Medium)
Charles Filius, (Psychic Medium)
Christopher Penczak (Temple of Witchcraft High Priest)
Craig Hamilton Parker (Psychic Medium)
James Van Praagh (Psychic Medium)
John Edward (Psychic Medium)
John Holland (Psychic Medium)
John Maerz (Psychic Medium, Astrologer, Life Coach)
Michelle Whitedove (Psychic)
Robert Austin, (Crystal Bowl Sound Healer)
Sandy Anastasi (Psychic Channel and Astrologer)

Your experience with a psychic, intuitive reader, metaphysical practitioner, or a spiritual teacher should be fun, inspiring and insightful. Do you look forward to your next session? If so, then you are on the right track. If not, then it is obvious that you haven’t made the right connection. If your meeting makes you stressful, then it is a sure sign that there’s something wrong.

We seek many things in this life. When it is peace, meaning, and happiness, then finding it can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding.

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