5 Psychic Attack Signs

5 Psychic Attack Signs

A Psychic Self Defense Lesson

Are you wondering what some of the psychic attack signs are? Have you’ve been curious about if you were being psychically attacked? Do you worry that you are constantly loosing energy to energy vampires? Here are five sure fire signs that you have been under a psychic attack.

You Feel Tired and Lack Energy

The number one psychic attack sign is feeling tired or as though you lack energy.

If you are naturally a person of high energy who easily makes it through the day, but recently have felt excessively tired and low on energy, there’s a good chance you are getting zapped and are losing your energy to an energy vampire.

If you were feeling fine right before talking with someone and discovered that after the conversation you felt tired or low on energy, they probably were taking/stealing your energy.

You are Sad, Depressed, Overly Angry, or Overly Anxious

Obviously not every time you find yourself feeling these emotions are you going to be under a psychic attack. If, however, you’re normally in control of your emotions and have recently been feeling like you’re losing control, you can make a good bet that you’ve been under some form of a psychic attack.

Of course any case of chronic depression, anxiety, or anger needs to be attended to by a licensed professional, but again we are talking about the fact that if you find yourself losing control of your emotions when you are otherwise a normally calm individual without any prior mental health concerns, it could indicate a psychic attack is occurring.

Psychic attacks work to induce fear in us. When we are in any type of fearful state we lose energy. The type of energy we loose includes both life force energy and positive energy. Sadness is one variation of the fear emotion. Anger and anxiety, incidentally, are others.

You Discover You Are Having Constant Nightmares

Nightmares disrupt our sleep. In doing so we can’t get enough rest and the energy we’ve lost is unable to usually fully return to us. Thus if you notice that you’ve been having an increase in nightmares, especially when coupled with any of the other psychic attack signs, you have further evidence that a psychic attack is occurring.

It doesn’t matter what type of nightmare it is either. The most popular nightmares involve the person being attacked actually dreaming of the one doing the attacking. Any sort of repetitive nightmare, however, can indicate some form of psychic attack is occurring.

Apparent “Bad Luck” or Obstacles Getting in the Way of Success

Of course “bad luck” doesn’t really exist, but you try telling that to someone who constantly feels as though they can’t get ahead in life. When a person is having a streak of apparent bad luck or it seems like they can’t find success in life due to all the obstacles that keep getting in the way of that success, there’s a good chance that person may be under some form of a psychic attack.

Success is not supposed to be difficult. If a person finds that no matter what they try or do they just can’t seem to find success, they may be dealing with too much negative energy being directed at them. This is just another way of saying they are dealing with a psychic attack.

As you can see, psychic attack signs are not hard to see. We just have to pay attention and be aware. Just remember, psychic attacks can be done both on purpose and unconsciously. Most of the people in our world don’t realize they are psychically attacking you. There are some that do it on purpose, however.

Regardless, it’s your life and you need to take control of it.


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