Energy Protection Basics

Energy Protection Basics

Psychic Self Defense Basics

A student that is developing psychic abilities is strongly advised to be well versed in the understanding of the basics of psychic self defense. This understanding may well save the psychic development student a great deal of time and energy in dealing not only with otherworldly creatures but also with the energy vampires present in the physical world.

In Developing Psychic Abilities, White Light is the Bases of Psychic Self Defense

A psychic development student can search through every known book, magazine article, and website, and eventually, come to the same conclusion. The power of the white light of divine love is the primary source for psychic self-defense.

White light is a symbol of the divine universal God power. When a person is developing psychic abilities, this symbol makes them feel safe and comfortable and provides a knowing that things are all right. By visualizing being in the center of this white light, a psychic development student raises their vibration and merges with the universal consciousness.

Methods of visualizing white light are many, but some include:

• Visualizing white light showering down as rain or a waterfall
• Visualizing standing in the center of the sun
• Visualizing being in a room that has white walls all around

Once a developing psychic has mastered white light energy, they can move on to working with other psychic self-defense methods.

When Developing Psychic Abilities, a Blue Shield Aids in Psychic Self Defense

The color blue is associated with the throat chakra. The throat chakra deals with will power. Strong willpower fuels the majority of the techniques used in psychic self-defense.

In combat, a shield is a defensive tool used to block and reflect attacks. It serves as a potent symbol for protection. By visualizing a blue shield surrounding the entire human body, a person developing psychic abilities is symbolically using their willpower to block and reflect energy attacks.

When combined with the white light, there is an almost holy knight or paladin feeling that the psychic development student is unconsciously projecting.

A Student That is Developing Psychic Abilities Must Beware of Fear

Fear is a person’s worst enemy. Nothing weakens the human energy field like fear. A person wishing to develop psychic powers would be wise to learn to be conscious of and overcome both their conscious and unconscious fears.

Though awareness of fear in and of itself doesn’t constitute a psychic self-defense technique, it does help keep a student of the mystic arts from falling prey to manipulation, intimidation, and other means of damaging the heart and ego.

Likewise, an ethical psychic student would never use fear or intimidation to their advantage. Far too many weak-willed people fall into traps and even destructive patterns because they allow others to dominate them. When a person develops a healthy sense of willpower and learns to work through their fears, they become capable of mastering their own life and making the best of it.

How Does a Student Developing Psychic Abilities Appropriately Deal With Fear?

To deal with fear, use a fear container. Some call it a worry box, some a nightmare closet, and others a worry balloon. It’s all the same. A student is mentally placing their fears into something that they can then mentally shut or release to the universe.

Working with regression techniques can also help a psychic development student deal with fear. These techniques can help a developing psychic to find the root of fear, understand it, and then release it forever.

Another way to deal with fear is to spend time with a psychologist, counselor, life coach, or hypnotherapist. These trained professionals can discover unconscious worries, make them conscious, and then help a client remove them.

When Can Those Developing Psychic Abilities Move on to More Advanced Psychic Self Defense Techniques?

A developing psychic can move on to more advanced psychic self-defense methods after spending time working with and mastering these basic ones. Ideally, the student has also become proficient with the essential psychic development tools and has even begun to feel very comfortable with the basic psychic development meditation techniques.

John Culbertson is a highly sought-after tarot card reader, spiritual advisor, and spiritual counselor with over 25 years of experience in metaphysical fields. Known for his accuracy, honesty, and deep spirituality, John has conducted thousands of readings that provide trusted guidance and growth for his clients.

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