Psychic Self Defense and Protection eBook

Psychic Protection eBook

Do you feel protected against attacks from negative psychic energy?

“John has presented a straightforward approach to the essential instinct of personal protection. Basic, simple and natural. It’s right in front of us, folks. But every now and then we need someone to flip a brighter light on even the most obvious of things.” – From the forward by renowned spiritual medium and channel, Charles A. Filius

We live in an energy-sensitive world and, like it or not, psychic stress is part of that world. This book gives you tools and tips on how to protect yourself from daily negativity.

In this beginners guide you’ll learn:

  • How John has combined elements of Christianity with Paganism and New Age Philosophy
  • About the aura and how it’s connected to energy attacks
  • Practical ways to tell when and if the aura has holes in it
  • How psychic & energy attacks occur and some terminology for different types of attack
  • The importance of meditation and chakra work in psychic & energy protection
  • A core protection idea that anyone can use anytime
  • The importance of the right frame of mind in psychic self defense
  • How to set and work toward goals
  • Physical actions that themselves provide protection from psychic based attacks
  • How to maintain or restore the integrity of the aura from attacks
  • The importance of aromatherapy as a defense technique
  • Visualization processes that defend against attacks
  • The power prayer has on psychic self defense
  • Three basic, but very effective magick methods of protection including easy candle magick
  • How to protect other people and locations from negativity and energy draining attacks
  • The practice of smudging
  • Commonly asked questions dealing with psychic & energy defense

This book will help you to raise your energy awareness and to link your energy to positive energy vibrations so you can more easily accomplish what you want in life without being drained by all the negative energy in the world.

What Other Readers Say

“This book is very informative. The author John Culbertson explains Aura’s & Charkas in a very down-to-earth way so anyone can understand it. The candle magick chapter is intriguing. We have all done this before anyway, something as simple as blowing out birthday candles after making a wish. I highly recommend this book to anyone with an open mind that is looking for ways to improve their lives and seeking to gain knowledge.”  – Judy.


“I’ve learned so much from this book. I love the writing and comprehension. Highly recommend.”Sam


“I found this book, Psychic Self Defense and Protection by John Culbertson to be easy to read and understand. He is very informative. I now use ” the white light – blue balloon” protection! John Culbertson appears to be very knowlegeable about many areas in this field. I enjoyed the book so much, I have lent it out to a few close friends and now buying another for my daughter. Thank you, Mr. Culbertson, for the nice book…. looking forward to your next book.”G. Scarbor0


“Enjoyed a gem of a book. We all need this protection. The information provided is priceless and will use this book for years to come. Thank you.”J. Singer.


“In this book John Culbertson deals with many subjects and concepts that to me; were only vaguely thought of, or in some instances, totally unheard of, prior to my reading of this book.

The main substance of this book deals with Auras (Psychic energy fields) and how energy can be added to or drained from these fields. It discusses good and bad energy and how to fight off or shield against the negative energy and how to build up your positive energy. When you get yelled at work by your boss you are receiving negative energy and when you are loved by your family and friends you receive positive energy. This is true whether you believe in Auras or not.

The book tells you how to build yourself up and how to defend yourself and I believe that these are good things to do and some of the techniques can be applied successfully no matter what you believe. The benefits of meditation and various breathing techniques are discussed and instructions for meditation and how to breathe properly are taught.

Psychic Self Defense and Protection – An Energy Awareness Guide By John Culbertson should be with an open mind. If you are not a believer in auras and spirit guides and angelic intervention you can still gain insight into your own psychic self and well being by realizing that many of the concepts still apply but you may think of them in other terms. If you are a believer, you can gain considerable insight into techniques to defend and build up your psychic and emotional defenses.”Blue Cobia.


“Psychic Self Defense and Protection by John Culbertson is a look into a world that most people either don’t believe affects them or takes for granted. In this book he discusses the world around us with respect to the different types of energy. He explains that these energies can be harmful to us both mentally and physically if we do not take steps prevent it. He includes techniques that everyone can use to help minimize the effects of the daily bombardment of these energies.

I have never been into the metaphysical, but reading this book was very enlightening. I have heard about auras, but never given them much thought. I like the way the author uses situations that everyone deals with on a daily basis to explain how positive and negative energy affect our lives. This book is a great read for anyone interested in the subject of auras or positive and negative energy.”Michael Harrison.


“Excellent book giving details on how to recognize and block, if necessary, energy exchanges. Lessons on how to set up protective barriers.”Angela


“I absolutely love this book! I have read many on similar topics before and have yet to come across one that is as clear and concise as this one. The book is extremely well organized and the way the author writes makes you feel as if you are sitting right there with him. The information that is within is something that I will surely keep on hand in my personal collection for years to come. If you are looking for a way to increase your personal energy, in manners that are effective and easy to perform I highly suggest this book. Every energy worker, psychic, intuitive, and healer should read this, as well as anyone else!”Anonymous