Tarot Cards for Psychic Readings

Welcome to the World of Psychic Readings

Here you can gain insight and clarity on the questions that have been weighing on your mind. If you’ve ever been curious about psychic readings but haven’t taken the plunge, let me reassure you that it can be a positive and transformative experience.

Perhaps you’re wondering if you’re on the right path or curious about the future. Maybe you don’t fully understand some situations in your life and would like a different perspective. Or, maybe you’re simply interested in a deeper understanding of yourself and the people in your life.

If any of these resonate with you, you’ve come to the right place. Did you know that over half of Americans believe in psychic phenomena? That’s because many people have had personal experiences or have heard stories of readings that have come true.

As a world-renowned psychic channel and spiritual teacher, I invite you to experience a phone or email reading with me. My approach is caring, compassionate, and grounded in years of experience and knowledge. Together, we can explore your questions and gain insight into your life’s journey. Don’t let fear hold you back – take the first step towards clarity and understanding today.

Even Other Psychics Get Sessions From Me

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“I know from personal experience that John is an amazing reader. I am very particular about who reads for me — anyone who knows me knows that —, and John is in the upper percentile of that list. He is insightful, caring, and amazingly accurate.”

“John’s readings are insightful, spiritually oriented, positive in their direction, and very accurate!“

Phyllis Pritchard Venice, Florida

“John Culbertson is a wonderful teacher! With him, I completed a six-part Psychic Development series, learning how to use the gifts I was born with appropriately. He is compassionate, patient, funny, and highly ethical. His Reiki classes were also fabulous.

If you allow him, John will instill a sense of accomplishment and confidence in you as his student that you will carry for years to come. The best part is, that John doesn’t just stop being a teacher after the class. He’s always there for questions, advice, and support when you need him.

If the opportunity presents itself, take his classes! I guarantee it will not just change your life; it will improve your life!”

Welcome to Psychic John Culbertson’s Psychic Services Page

Psychic John Culbertson

Here you can learn about my psychic readings and how they can benefit you.

With over 20 years of experience providing readings, I have helped thousands worldwide gain insight and inner healing. I received extensive training in psychic development, advanced psychic development, and spirit communication from several respected readers, including Sandy Anastasi of the famed bookstore Starchild. My education also includes a BA in the psychology of human behavior and metaphysical sciences and a master’s and doctorate in metaphysics and pastoral counseling.

My unique background in psychology and counseling, combined with my extensive training in psychic development, allows me to create change in both physical and nonphysical worlds. I also studied numerology, astrology, and tarot in-depth and I use these tools to help those who seek my guidance.

Natural Awakenings Magazine has recognized my expertise, and I was nominated for psychic of the year on multiple occasions. My articles have appeared in magazines and eZines, and I have been a guest on various radio and podcast shows.

By choosing to work with me, you can expect a caring and compassionate experience that will help you gain clarity and insight into your life. Contact me for a private psychic phone reading today.

What are Psychic Readings?

Psychic readings are private one-on-one sessions with a spiritual advisor, like me, who uses tools such as numerology, astrology, tarot, channeling, Reiki, and Mediumship to offer ancient wisdom for modern times. These sessions are not counseling or fortune-telling but are informative and insightful. My three-fold purpose is to love you for who you are, love the person you are becoming, and be your guide and companion through my background, studies, experiences, and spiritual connections.

During the session, I may provide insights into your life, but I always remind you that you and the people in your life have free will, and adverse events don’t have to happen. I also offer spiritual counseling, but only from a strictly metaphysical perspective. Each session is unique and special because I believe the Higher Power is the true leader. Therefore, I let the Higher Power guide me and use whichever tool from my toolbox it leads me to use. For the best results, it’s essential to come to the session with an open mind and no expectations of which tool will be used.

What Are International Clients Saying?

Gina Bangladesh, India

“The testimonies I read about John don’t capture how special this guy is or the uniqueness of his abilities. He has all the right stuff: AHA!-Clarity, pinpoint accuracy, deep understandings of spiritual matters, remarkable insights, open-mindedness, and vitality. His non-judgmental, easy going, direct approach; He just has a refreshing, can-do vibe. It is clear he loves what he does and brings all his gifts to bear to help.”

L. D. Bergen, Norway

“I loved my reading with John. Did he tell me all I wanted to hear? No, but he told me what I needed to know and confirmed many things I have seen and felt for myself. He also made me see things in a new light and gave me good help and advice. The most amazing thing was that he told me specific things that I have experienced lately and not told anyone, so that was pretty cool.”

Carol London, England

“I’ve spoken to John twice now, and I’m amazed at his incredible insight into an issue that has been a struggle for me. His answers are direct and also filled with explanations and guidance. There is something real about his insight meaning there isn’t any muddle in his responses. I highly recommend him for all who are looking for sound and practical guidance in their situation.”


More Praise for John!

Rick Jenkins North Port, FL

“John has been an incredible influence in my life since the day that I met him. He has taught me in tarot card reading and also with psychic development. He also provided me with guidance on life situations when I had nowhere else to turn. The insight that John has brought to me and my life has been nothing short of profound. Thank you, John, for everything that you have done for me and all of the other people that have had the pleasure of knowing you or experiencing your gift!”

Karen Klass Sea Grove, North Carolina

“I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone. He has been so precise and correct in what he has read for me, that he could have well been living my life. He has usually given detailed descriptions of coming events, and when they have occurred, I have been empowered with the knowledge in which to deal with such. His predictions have been very accurate.”

R. B. Los Angles, California

“Before calling, I had anxiety. I didn’t want to call my regular psychic because I didn’t want her to think I was overboard and impatient. I wish I would have called John first long before I had ever first used my go to psychic. John is great. Very honest and does not sugar coat. He is very easy to talk to, like he’s a close friend, and doesn’t feed you info that you want to hear. Just straight up and direct. I appreciate his advice, and he has always been accurate for me.”

A. L. Houston, Texas

“WOW! Today was my first time to have a reading with John, and he was amazing, and spot on! He described the friend I was calling about to a “T,” and he gave me a lot of incredible information! All he needed as my birthday and my friend’s birthday, and he just ran with the information as he saw it! I’m so praying what he said is true, as he sure did give me some positive and healthy hopes so that I won’t be beating myself up anymore. Thank you!”

D. S. Santa Fe, New Mexico

“John is a delightful and gifted psychic. His guides and his natural psychic talents offer a wealth of accurate and detailed information. I feel he truly cares about me and my concerns and delivers all news with care and compassion. He is wonderfully insightful and helpful with practical guidance, too. I highly recommend him, and I’m sure I’ll be calling him again soon. Thanks, for your support and encouragement.”

C. B. Oakley, California,

“I have never had a reading before. Today I chose John after carefully reading his bio. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with him, and all I can say is Wow! To anyone who may believe readings or psychics are nonsense, my experience has left me no doubt that John is the real deal with a true gift! Accurate, direct, with just a name he greatly expanded on details and situations. I will contact John again. Thank you, John!”