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What is the Psychic Development for Beginners Training Program?

The Psychic Development for Beginners Training Program is a unique opportunity to explore the world of psychic development in a supportive and safe environment. Whether you are a complete novice or have some experience, this program will help you understand and tap into your natural psychic abilities.

You will learn about psychic development, metaphysical philosophy, and the secrets of the psychic world through lectures, exercises, and practical work. You will also develop grounding, centering, and protection for psychic work.

My program is designed to help you build confidence and self-esteem as you explore your psychic abilities. You can practice psychic readings on others and receive feedback from experienced psychics. You will also learn to use tarot cards, crystals, and pendulums to enhance your readings.

At the end of the program, you will have a strong foundation in psychic development and metaphysical philosophy. You will have gained the skills and knowledge to continue your psychic development journey.

Join me on this exciting journey of self-discovery and exploration. Sign up for The Psychic Development for Beginners Training Program today and unlock your potential!


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I grew up Catholic but always felt there was something more than the church teaches. For the most part, I think that my spiritual journey, a lot of it, has been a solo journey. Connecting with others with the same values and belief system helps you not to feel silly for what some still consider taboo.


I have been searching for a lot of spiritual connection and grounding. I am a truth seeker, always wanting to learn more and more. Connecting with your intuition on a deeper level is so helpful in discernment. Knowing your truth has been one of the best benefits of learning from John. Being connected to others has provided a sense of community that has been challenging to find. Learning more about what you need to work on as you work with others has been dynamic and challenging.


I must tell you, I thought I knew a lot before these classes, and I was just a green rookie. Even though I already had experiences that I knew not everyone was having, it’s nothing compared to what it is now. I also have a deeper understanding of what those experiences mean. Connecting with others has excelled my thought process and learning experiences. It’s very comforting to know that you are connecting with people who have gone through the same steps and discoveries as yo.



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