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Psychic Readings
When you need to make crucial decisions about career, love, or have life questions, psychic readings can help you get more insights into your destiny. Mystic John provides you with advice and answers about relationships, love, life path, career forecasts, and other insights from the spiritual realms.
Law of Attraction Coaching
Understanding how much of an impact your thoughts and feelings have on every part of your life is essential to better manage obstacles that come your way. Law of attraction coaching can help you create a better life by building a more positive and healthy thought process.

Praise for John

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I loved my reading with John. Did he tell me all I wanted to hear? No, but he told me what I needed to know and confirmed many things I have seen and felt for myself. He also made me see things in a new light and gave me good help and advice. The most amazing thing was that he told me specific things that I have experienced lately and not told anyone, so that was pretty cool.

L. D. Bergen, Norway

Before calling, I had anxiety. I didn’t want to call my regular psychic because I didn’t want her to think I was overboard and impatient. I wish I would have called John first long before I had ever first used my go-to psychic. John is great. Very honest and does not sugarcoat. He is very easy to talk to, like he’s a close friend, and doesn’t feed you info that you want to hear. Just straight up and direct. I appreciate his advice, and he has always been accurate for me.

R. B. Los Angles, California

I have never had a reading before. Today I chose John after carefully reading his bio. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with him, and all I can say is Wow! To anyone who may believe readings or psychics are nonsense, my experience has left me no doubt that John is the real deal with a true gift! Accurate, direct, with just a name he greatly expanded on details and situations. I will contact John again. Thank you, John!

C. B. Oakley, California

WOW! Today was my first time to have a reading with John, and he was amazing, and spot on! He described the friend I was calling about to a “T,” and he gave me a lot of incredible information! All he needed as my birthday and my friend’s birthday, and he just ran with the information as he saw it! I’m so praying what he said is true, as he sure did give me some positive and healthy hopes so that I won’t be beating myself up anymore. Thank you!

A. L. Houston, Texas

The testimonies I read about John don’t capture how special this guy is or the uniqueness of his abilities. He has all the right stuff: AHA!-Clarity, pinpoint accuracy, deep understanding of spiritual matters, remarkable insights, open-mindedness, and vitality. His non-judgmental, easy-going, direct approach; He just has a refreshing, can-do vibe. It is clear he loves what he does and brings all his gifts to bear to help.

G. S. Bangladesh, India

John is a delightful and gifted psychic. His guides and his natural psychic talents offer a wealth of accurate and detailed information. I feel he truly cares about me and my concerns and delivers all news with care and compassion. He is wonderfully insightful and helpful with practical guidance, too. I highly recommend him, and I’m sure I’ll be calling him again soon. Thanks, for your support and encouragement.

D. S. Santa Fe, New Mexico

John is right on with his predictions and the timing is very accurate. His ability to see a situation and the potential outcome is uncanny. He gives great advice to help solve every situation. Direct, no sugar coating just the plain facts as he sees them. He is quick to identify problems and give accurate solutions. Very personable and caring throughout his reading. He is my go-to for a quick accurate reading every time.

W. W. Elk Grove, California

I felt extremely comfortable with John and could just be myself when we were talking. He shared great insight and assisted me in evaluating certain situations that I need to face and accept. He was a joy to speak with, and I will most definitely reach out to him shortly to provide an update about what we discussed and to gather more of God’s vision for me. Thanks!

N. K. Point Pleasant, West Virginia

I found John to be quite refreshing. He is very articulate, and warm, and I could tell he was tapping into a kind of emotional intelligence. I appreciated his gentle, yet straightforward manner. Thank you for the fantastic session!

C. O. Issaquah, Washington

I have found that John’s personality comes across as very personable. His readings are accurate. He applies a personal touch by elaborating on what he sees and guiding the client toward a clearer view of the problem and potential answers. He is informative, helpful, and offers a clear sense of guidance in his sessions.

V.C. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

John gave me the best reading I have ever had. He was very accurate from the start, and he and his guides were so helpful in everything I asked. This reading was just what I needed to feel calm and get on with what I needed to do looking to a positive outcome. I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you, John!

J. V. Rogue River, Oregon

I’ve spoken to John twice now, and I’m amazed at his incredible insight into an issue that has been a struggle for me. His answers are direct and also filled with explanations and guidance. There is something real about his insight meaning there isn’t any muddle in his responses. I highly recommend him for all who are looking for sound and practical guidance in their situation.

C.S. London, England