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Charles Filius

“I know from personal experience that John is an amazing reader. I am very particular about who reads for me — anyone who knows me knows that —, and John is in the upper percentile of that list. He is insightful, caring, and amazingly accurate.”

Charles Filius


I’ve done this work for over twenty years!

Spiritual Advising

My private one-on-one spiritual advising sessions (sometimes called “readings”) combine numerology, astrology, tarot, channeling, and sometimes Reiki and Mediumship to provide you ancient wisdom for modern times. These sessions are not only informative and insightful, but many clients report them as being extremely healing!

They are not, however, fortunetelling sessions. While I may tell you what appears to be coming up in your life, I will also always affirm again and again that you and the people in your life have free will. Negative events don’t always have to happen, and sometimes positive events won’t transpire for various reasons.

Every spiritual advising session is special and unique. This is mostly because I believe the Higher Power is the true leader of these sessions. Because of this, I never know which “tools” from my “toolbox” I’ll be using within a session.

It’s important that you come to each session with an open mind and not expecting any particular tool to be used or not used. My sessions work best when I following the Higher Power’s lead and trust it and where it’s taking me.

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Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling allows you to focus on your personal spiritual journey. I help you create a more intimate connection with the Divine. You can expect compassionate and nonjudgmental spiritual insights and wisdom as we talk about your life from a spiritual perspective.

This form of pastoral counseling is done from a spiritual perspective and does not involve tarot cards, numerology, or any other divination form or “psychic” ability.

Every spiritual counseling session is different, but some of the things you may focus on include:

  • processing negative life events of your past
  • improving positive thinking
  • correcting negative thinking patterns
  • forgiving yourself or others
  • guidance for growth in your image of the Divine
  • guidance for methods of prayer, meditation, or connecting with the Divine
  • help in finding the Divine in life’s challenges
  • assistance in discerning the Divine’s will for you
  • help with inner healing
  • help and insights into dream work
  • companionship for your spiritual journey

During a typical session, you might share about relationships, family, choices, loss, goals, work, illness, or other struggles from your physical and spiritual life. My primary task is to help you notice the Divine in all of this and how you are responding to the Divine.

While spiritual counseling has similarities to therapy, it is different from it.

Like therapy, I will help draw what you need to do out of you rather than directly advise you. However, spiritual counseling is about your relationship with the Divine, not about emotional therapy.

While emotional relief is many times a byproduct of spiritual counseling, spiritual counseling is ultimately about looking at your total spiritual formation and helping to develop it and your relationship with the Divine. This can bring greater purpose and meaning to your life but should not replace traditional psychology and therapy.

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