What is Black Magic?

What is Black Magic? Understanding Dark Arts

For those involved in Wiccan and new age circles, magic and spells are very real. Black magic is considered by many to be one of the purest forms of the dark arts.

Taking some time to understand what black magic is and the dangers that are connected to it is important and not just to those who want to practice magic, but to all within the new age field.

What is Black Magic?

Donald Michael Kraig, a philosopher and Certified Tarot Grandmaster, states in his book Modern Magick – Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts (Llewellyn 1988), that black magic is “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will, using means not currently understood by traditional Western science, for the purpose of causing either physical or non-physical harm to yourself or others, and is done either consciously or unconsciously.”

Those who practice Ceremonial Magic, Wicca and Witchcraft have shortened this definition. The abbreviated definition is: Black magic is any type of magic that interferes with the free will of another person.

Common Black Magic Spells

Black magic can most often be found in the uses of love magic. Unfortunately, most people who cast love spells are trying to force another person to love them or another. Despite the fact that people often associate good feelings with love, in forcing another person to fall in love, there is certainly a violation in that person’s free will.

Likewise, any spell which directly and either intentionally or unintentionally harms another person is also considered to be an evil spell. Thus, even protective magic can fall under the realm of black magic if the magic user is not careful in how they word their request. The best forms of protective magic do not send negative energy back to where it comes from, but either terminate it or turns it into a more positive form of energy.

Finally, magic which controls spirits, demons, angels and so forth is also black in nature. Again, this type of magic interferes with the free will of the being.

The only way to get away from casting spells of these types without it being black magic is to leave the ability for free will to be used. If/then statements often times easily accomplish then.


  • Instead of “Make Charles Love me” use “If Charles loves me then help him to more quickly talk to me.”
  • Instead of “Send all negative energy back from where it came” use “Let only positive energy be around me.”
  • Instead of “I summon Archangel Michael to protect me” use “If it’s within God’s/the Universal power, please allow Archangel Michael to Defend Me”

Other ways of making sure magic will not stray down the path of the dark arts are by adding “may this be done only if the universe approves and it harms none” to the ending of the spell incantation.

The Dangers of Black Magic and the Threefold Law

The reason wizards, witches, and magic users should stay away from black magic is because of the dangers that can be involved in associating with this dark art.

The biggest danger of using black magic is the consequences that come from dabbling in the dark arts. The threefold law is most commonly known in certain Wiccan and pagan traditions. It states that whatever energy a person sends out will eventually come back to them three times as powerful. As such, it makes perfect sense that all people should focus only on the purest and loving thoughts that they are capable of focusing upon.

Even if you aren’t a Wiccan, there is a very good chance that some variation of the law can be found within a given culture or religion. Examples include the Golden Rule and the law of karma. Several different religions have some variation to the Golden Rule including Ancient Egyptian religion, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Taoism. Of these, Ancient Egyptian, Judaism, and Christianity are where much ceremonial magic theory comes from.

Magic warfare is also a dangerous form of black magic. A magic user that becomes involved in a magic war is asking for trouble. Magic warfare can last centuries, both in the physical world and on the astral plane. Much karma is sown and reaped through these magical acts. Far better is to avoid magic warfare altogether.

In trying to control summoned or conjured demons, spirits, and other creatures (such as created or real elementals) there is always the possibility of losing control. Should control be lost and the will power of the magic user is weak, those same creatures can eventually end up controlling the magic user.


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