Huna - Hawaiian Shamanism

Understanding Huna and Polynesian Shamanism

The Healing Technique of Ho’Oponopono

There is a shamanic system that originated in the Polynesian islands which focuses on being in perfect balance and respecting both fellow man and the universe as a whole. This system is called Huna. Huna is an old method of energy healing that dates back many years ago.

Kahunas were the ancient followers of Huna. They were known as the ones who kept secrets and it was believed they held the knowledge to the secrets of life both here and beyond.

When it came to healing within the Huna tradition, it focused mainly on the concept of forgiving and being forgiven. The term for this was Ho’Oponopono.  The word Ho’Oponopono basically means to correct or make right.

In the Huna system of healing it was only through forgiving one’s wrong doers and also seeking forgiveness from both the universe and those whom were wronged that negative life events and health problems could be healed or changed for the better.

The Kahunas believed that people brought into their life those things which they subconsciously felt they deserved. Thus, if a person had done something wrong or harmed someone, it was more likely that they would subconsciously feel guilt and thus bring into their life horrible events as a form of self punishment. These horrible events may take on the form of bad life circumstances or even health issues.

Likewise, the system of Huna also teaches that how someone views another person affects how that person’s life turns out. Thus, it is very beneficial to be on good terms with other people so that they see and look upon you in a positive way. When this happens, life and health tend to be better than when another person looks upon you with bad, negative, or evil intentions.

So exactly how does someone seek forgiveness and heal what’s deeply wounding the subconscious mind?

It typically starts with a self lecture where a person commands their body, mind, soul, and emotions on how things need to change. During this lecture the body, mind, emotions, and soul are told that they will only behave and respond to life in a positive and good way.

Following this, a special prayer is offered to the universe where the universe is asked to forgive not only them, but all their friends, family members, and ancestors as well. The idea here is that when someone we know wrongs another person we are partially responsible for it because we didn’t attempt to stop it. Additionally, it is believed that patterns repeat. By acknowledging those patterns and asking for them to be forgiven they are eradicated from the subconscious and cellular memory.

Sometimes there is a third step where the person, with the help of the Kahuna, acknowledges a person that they are holding a grudge against or that they have wronged in some capacity and then seek forgiveness from them too. In the ancient days, this was done quite literally, but in modern times this is mostly done through guided visualizations or meditations.

Amends or a penance must then be served, after which it is assumed that the person will have righted what was wronged and as such their life and/or health would dramatically improve.

Of course, there is so much more to Huna then simply seeking forgiveness. It requires the right motivation, the right frame of mind, the right ritual, and someone who can lead the ritual that actually knows what they are doing. When all those conditions are met, however, many miraculous things have been reported in association with Huna healing.
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