Magick Circle for Protection

The Protection Magick of a Magick Circle

There are many forms of protection magick. Though it can be time-consuming, a magick circle is one of the most effective magic methods of creating a space of protection.

A magick circle is used in protection magick to create a sacred and protective space around the caster. It can be simple or complex. The following is a method of casting a magick circle that has worked well for me. Note, however, that there are many ways of casting a magick circle and they all typically work!

Ritual Materials Needed

1. White or Dessert Sage

2. Four White Candles

3. A Wand

  • The White or Dessert Sage is used to clear yourself and the room you’ll be working in.
  • The four white candles are used to help raise energy. You’ll light these before creating the magick circle.
  • The Wand will be used to direct energy.

What’s a Wand? We aren’t talking about Harry Potter Wands here. A magick wand is a thin, typically straight, hand-held stick made out of either wood, copper, ivory, or stone. Its primary function is to direct energy.

First Steps to Creating a Safe Magick Environment

You’ll need to make sure you will not be disturbed for about the next 1/2 hour (or hour if this is your first time working with magick). Let others know you won’t be reachable. Put animals away in a safe room. Turn off all phones. If you have children, make sure they are either occupied or gone.

Place a white candle in each of the four cardinal directions. East, South, West, and North.

After doing this, and before you do anything else, you should clear yourself. The easiest way to do this is to burn some sage (white or dessert) and “wash” yourself with the smoke. Start with your hands, then do your head, heart, stomach, legs, and feet, and under and around your arms.

As you cleanse, or “wash,” your hands, say:

“I cleanse my hands of all impurities of the past so that they may be clean and clear for the work I’m about to do.”

As you clear your head, say:

“I cleanse my mind of all harmful thoughts past and present so that I may be of clear mind for the work I’m about to do.”

As you clear your chest/heart, say:

“I cleanse my heart of harmful emotions of the past and present. May I be emotionally stable for the work I’m about to perform.”

As you clear your stomach, say:

“I cleanse my spirit so that I may be spiritually pure in the work that is ahead.”

As you clear your feet and legs, say:

“I cleanse my feet and legs that carry me through both the seen and unseen worlds. May I walk in harmony with the spiritual essence of all that is good.”

Finally, as you clean under and around your arms, say:

“I cleanse the rest of my aura. No attachments or harmful energy may be connected to me in work ahead.”

After clearing yourself, it’s essential to use the sage to remove impure or harmful energy in the room you are working in. This is simply a matter of carrying the sage stick or smoke from the sage around the room. As you move around the space with the sage, say:

“I now cleanse this room of all harmful energy. May only helpful energy, love, and light be allowed within here.”

The Magick Circle

Now that you and the room are free from harmful energy. We can now create a magick circle. This will serve as a means of temporary protection. It’ll also help build a tremendous amount of energy that will aid in casting other magick spells.

The casting of the magick circle is composed of two parts. Part one is the casting of the circle itself, and part two is the summoning of the watchtowers.

As you stand in the center of the room, pick up your wand and point it with power and intent away from you. Turn toward the East. Visualize a beam of white light coming into your head. Let it move down into your arms, and out through the tip of the wand.

You are now going to make three complete clockwise turns around the room. As you do this, you are going to perform three different visualizations. After each full turn, you will take a deep breath and release it before performing the next visualization. This is done to remove or ground excess energy.

On the first turn around the room, simply visualize the white light creating a wall of white light around you. The visualization will involve the white light coming from above, through you and into and out the wand. See the wall of light forming as you make your turn around the circle.

On the second turn, you are going to visualize flames coming from your wand. See white light coming from above you, into your head, through your arms, and into and out the wand. As the energy exits, it becomes an intense flame. This flame surrounds the wall of white light from earlier.

On the third turn, you will visualize a blue beam of energy coming from the wand. This beam of energy will then form an enclosed bubble around the circle.

Once you are finished, raise your hands in the air. Point the wand toward the ceiling. Say very strongly, powerfully, and with conviction:

“I am in a place that is not a place, in a time that is not a time, on a plane that is not a plane. May I be protected in this circle as I perform my work.”

Now spend a few moments in the center of the circle you have created. It is important to note that this circle does not follow you. Traditionally, if you leave the boundaries of the circle, you break it. As long as you are in a properly created circle, you are highly protected from outside harmful influences, inside toxic thoughts, and other forms of harm.

  • Ask yourself how it feels.
  • Ask yourself how you feel.
  • Close your eyes and try to feel the energy of the protected space you are now in.

Calling the Watchtowers

Note that the following visualizations that I use make use of angels. If you are not comfortable with angels, simply omit them.

We now need to call the Watchtowers. A Watchtower is a fancy name for the protectors and guardians of the circle. These vary from tradition to tradition. In this case, seeing as I’m a solitary eclectic worker, I mix a few different traditions.

Still holding the wand and facing east, raise your hands. With power say:

“Hail to the guardians and keepers of the East. The element of Air. Hail to archangel Raphael, angel of healing. Hail to the creatures of the sky. Hail, especially to the Snowy Owl. Hail to the Lords and Ladies of the East. I evoke you, I evoke you, I evoke. Come forth now to guard, guide, and protect.”

You should attempt to visualize everything you are saying. For the angel, the visualization here should be of a flying angel before you with a staff. At the minimum, you should attempt to feel the breeze of the air element.

Now make a quarter-turn clockwise toward the South. With power say:

“Hail to the guardians and keepers of the South. The element of Fire. Hail to archangel Michael, the angel of protection. Hail to the creatures of Fire. Hail, especially to the Salamander. Hail to the Lords and Ladies of the South. I evoke you, I evoke you, I evoke you. Come forth now to guard, guide, and protect.”

For the angel, visualize him standing before you with a sword and in armor surrounded by Fire. You should also attempt to feel the heat of the fire element.

Again make a quarter-turn clockwise—this time toward the West. With power say:

“Hail to the guardians and keepers of the West. The element of Water. Hail to archangel Gabriel, the angel of communication. Hail to the creatures of Water. Hail, especially to the dolphin. Hail to the Lords and Ladies of the West. I evoke you, I evoke you, I evoke you. Come forth now to guard, guide, and protect.”

Your visualization here will be of an angel standing before you in a body of water, holding a scroll, and with their wings stretched out. You should also attempt to feel the coolness or wetness of the water element.

Finally, make one more quarter turn clockwise—this time facing North. With power say:

“Hail to the guardians and keepers of the North. The element of Earth. Hail to archangel Uriel, the angel of illumination and balance. Hail to the creatures of the North. Hail, especially to the Snow Leopard. Hail to the Lords and Ladies of the North. I evoke you, I evoke you, I evoke you. Come forth now to guard, guide, and protect.”

The visualization here will be of an angel standing on top of a mountain holding scales. Also, make an attempt to feel the grounding power and stability of the earth element.

At this point, you can put your wand down. You have now created, with magick, a highly protected space. Again, as long as you are in this space, you will be protected from outside harmful and internal toxic thoughts. Any other magick you do while in the circle will be aided by the circle’s power and thus be more effective.

Dismissing the Watchtowers and Cutting the Circle

When you are finished with the magick circle, before you leave and go about your everyday business again, you need to close the circle.

This is done simply by saying thank you in each direction. Something similar to:

“Thank you for being with me, and I bid you now, farewell.”

To break the circle, use a small dagger called an athame or your middle and pointer finger to cut the circle’s energy. Do this while moving in a circle counter-clockwise, starting in the eastern direction.

Some Variations

As previously mentioned, there are many ways to create a magick circle. My method is certainly not the only or perhaps even the best way. It is the way I was taught, and that works for me.

  • Your pointer finger and middle finger can be used together in place of a wand if you don’t have one.
  • An Athame can be used in place of a wand too.
  • If you just need a simple circle of protection, don’t bother calling the Watchtowers or cleansing yourself. Simply make the circle, as described in step two.
  • You can simplify step one by taking an actual bath before starting the circle. In this case, there is no need to cleanse the self. Skip right to cleansing the room with sage.
  • Any wood incense can be used in place of Sage as can Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, or Sweetgrass.
  • A broom can be used in place of sage to cleanse the room. Simply sweep away all harmful energy.
  • The whole circle can also be created mentally without doing any of the physical actions or spoken words. This typically works best after practicing making the circle and saying the words out loud a few times.
  • Regardless, always remember to release the circle and give thanks when you’re finished using it.
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