Candle Magick Simple Binding Spell

Basic Candle Magick Spell for Protection from Negativity

How to Cast a Simple Binding Spell

Alexandra has been dating a man named Robert for two months. At first, everything was great between the two of them. He was romantic, kind, gentle, and easy to get along with. Additionally, he had a natural leadership quality about him which really drew Alexandra in. Now, though, things aren’t so great. Alexandra feels that Robert has become very controlling. Additionally, he always seems so depressed and negative every time she ends up around him. Alexandra wants Robert to either leave her alone or, minimally, be in a better mood when the two are around each other. Additionally, Alexandra would like to end their relationship, but she wants to do so as peacefully as possible. The question is, what can Alexandra do to help this manifest in her life?

The previous is but one of many examples of time periods in our lives where we find ourselves desiring to keep negative people away from us or, even better, work to help them help themselves.

Here is a simple and safe candle spell ritual a person can do to help protect from negativity generated by other people. Though simple, this is still a powerful spell. As with all magick, it’s important that one is in the right frame of mind prior to working with it. The easiest way to get into the proper state of mind is to mediate or relax without interruptions for five to ten minutes before beginning this spell.

You’ll need a white candle, some aluminum foil, and a knife.

Step One: Begin by carving into the white candle the name of the person whom you want to defend against. As you carve, make sure you place your intent into the candle by focusing your mind on the idea that this person will have no further effect on you.

Step Two: Wrap the candle in the aluminum foil, shiny side facing in. This puts a protective shield around the person. The aluminum foil will reflect whatever energy the person puts out right back toward them. This is a white magick approach to protection as the person still has free will to decide if they want to put out positive or negative energy.

Step Three: Hold the candle in your right hand and send white light through the top of your crown center (head) down through your arms and into the candle. As you do this, visualize the person not being able to come around you when they are in a negative mood.

Step Four: Put the wrapped candle into the freezer and leave it. Do not remove it until you’re ready to break the spell. This action “freezes” the person with the protective shield reflecting their own energy back to and around them.

This is a great spell for beginners. Not only will the person putting out negative energy be zapped by their own negativity, but when they choose to give off positive energy they will be zapped with that as well. Done properly, this spell can actually serve as a means of training another person to have only positive thoughts when within your presence.

Alexandra tried this spell and she found she didn’t have to deal with negative and controlling Robert any longer. This enabled her to breakup as peacefully as possible and move forward with her life. Other people have used this spell to keep annoying relatives away from weddings, birthday parties, etc. Still, there are other people that have used this spell to bring added protection from those whom they feel are a danger to themselves or others.


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