How to Find Your Numerology Personal Year

Understanding the Personal Year

How to Figure Your Numerology Year

There are a descending series of numerological cycles that impact your life. Some of them will be in play for decades at a time. Others will only affect your life for a matter of days, or even a single day. Of all of them, the one cycle that you’ll feel the most blatantly is your Personal Year cycle.

In numerology, each year of your life is part of a nine-year cycle that evolves through a distinct pattern. The cycles begin at your birth, progress through the nine-year pattern, complete the cycle and start again. Each nine-year cycle begins with a 1 Personal Year and progresses year by year through the numbers until you complete a 9 Personal Year. Each year in the cycle is characterized by the opportunities offered you and by the lessons that you can learn during that particular part of the cycle.

Each year in the cycle has a tone influenced by the number of the Personal Year. Thus, a 1 Personal Year will have the qualities associated with the number 1 – beginnings, creating and solidifying identity, working on the self, and so on. A 5 Personal Year will involve immersion in all things sensual in some way or another, and so on for each of the years.

How to Find Your Personal Year

Finding your Personal Year for any given year is a simple calculation. You only add the numerical month and date of your birth to the Universal Year number for the year you want to identify.

Ex: If your birthday is January 27, and you want to know your Personal Year number for 2006, you would add:

(Month – 01) + (Date: – 27 – 2 + 7 = 9) + (Universal Year: 2 + 0 + 0 + 6 = 8)

1 + 9 + 8 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9

The year 2006 is a 9 Personal Year for a person whose birthday is January 27.

Interpreting Your Personal Year

Of course, knowing your Personal Year doesn’t do you much good if you don’t know what each year means. While there are many other influences at play throughout the year, including Personal Month Numbers and Personal Day Numbers, your Personal Year number will give you a general feel for what is going on in your life during the year.

A note about your birthday: Many numerologists will tell you that your Personal Year begins on your birthday each year. The Personal Year is influenced by the Universal Year. Your Personal Year will be in effect throughout the calendar year. However, its impact will be more strongly felt in the months closest to your birthday month.


1 Personal Year
New beginnings, new ideas, increased vitality

A 1 personal year brings new beginnings and new ideas. It is time to launch new projects, conceive new businesses, and embark on new relationships. You may find that things that have been important in the last decade or so lose their importance now as new ideas take their place.

In a one personal year, you are setting the stage for the next nine years of your life. This year is not a time to sit back and wait for things to happen. You will have the opportunity to start making things happen. The things that you do and dream this year contain the seeds for the plants that will grow over the next nine years. A personal one year also often brings increased physical vitality

2 Personal Year
Cooperation, Continuation, Nurturing, Development

A 2 year can be frustrating after the intense energy and excitement of a one year. This year is the year that seeds start to grow – the projects and relationships you’ve begun require nurturing and patience. This year is a year to keep plugging away, slowly and steadily, while you continue to build on your dreams.

In a two personal year, the focus may be on relationships of all kinds as well. It’s not uncommon for new relationships to start and old ones to end during this personal year.

3 Personal Year
Expansion, Successes, Blossoming

In a three-year, you’ll begin to see the fruits of your labor. The three year is a social year full of excitement and creativity. You may find yourself involved in a whirl of activities, social, business and romantic. Your enthusiasm is contagious this year. Others are charmed by you. Successes seem to fall into your lap in every area of your life, and opportunities to expand your circles will abound. The biggest issue you may face in a three personal year is an overabundance of possibilities. Keeping your focus may be difficult when there are so many possibilities

The three personal year many times can result in a person feeling as though they have to deal with everyone else’s problems, yet are feeling as though they have little time to focus on their own. It’s important that the focus goes toward the self first, and then if energy and time are left over to bring attention to others.

4 Personal Year
Foundation, Maintenance, Responsibility

Four is the number of the Square, the four-sided figure that provides a strong foundation for a building. A 4 year may seem dull and restrictive, but it’s the time when you are cementing your foundations and solidifying everything you’ve accomplished in the past three years. This year is the year that you will become aware of the responsibilities and work required to maintain the momentum needed to build your dreams. A 4 year is an ideal year to take a close look at your finances and physical needs and do what you have to ensure that you meet those needs.

5 Personal Year
Independence, Freedom, Personal Rewards, Change

The five is the most sensual and creative of all numbers. It is also the most self-indulgent. A 5 year offers rewards that grow from your efforts of the past four years – or deviate wildly from them. Opportunities for travel, enrichment and excitement will often come your way in a five personal year. This year is a great year to launch yourself from last year’s foundation. If you built a strong foundation in the past year, this year brings rich rewards.

If, however, a solid foundation was not built you may find yourself unintentionally swept away in the chaos of sudden and unexpected change and you may have little to no control over it. Thus, the hard work of the four-year is imperative to ensure that the five year is a year of joy, fun, and pleasure.

6 Personal Year
Love, Family, Responsibility, and Home

Romance, family, and friends take on a significant amount of importance in a six year. You’ll find there is a focus on domestic matters and love interests this year. This year is the year that many people meet their soul mate (or life partner), and friends that you make during a six-year will often be friends for life.

This year is also a year where responsibility comes into focus. You may pick up new responsibilities, or you may find yourself completing and letting go of old ones. Chances are both will be occurring in some form or another.

7 Personal Year
Reflection, Spirituality, and Self-analysis

During a seven-year, the focus often turns to the inside. Self-reflection and refinement grow in importance. Many people find themselves questioning the purpose of their lives, and turning toward spirituality. A 7 year is a good time to spend time alone, getting in touch with what matters and how to accomplish it.

8 Personal Year
Health, Wealth, and Attraction

The 8 is a double 4, and in an eight-year, you could feel a bit stodgy and bound by responsibility. On the other hand, you’ll also often find that your foundation and building of the past seven years has borne an abundance of fruit and it is easy to attract all the things that you want. After the personal reflection of last year, however, you may be starting to feel as if it just isn’t enough. As the eight-year continues, you may find yourself feeling restless and ready to move on to something new.

Be careful of conflict during this year, as power struggles are not only possible but very likely. It’s important, this year, to learn when to “fight” and when to “just let it go.” These decisions will mostly impact if and when you end up reaping the previously mentioned rewards.

9 Personal Year
Completion, Resolution, End of an Era

The nine personal year brings you to the end of the cycle and invites you to take stock of where you are and where you want to go. This year is the year that you’ll be resolving many of the experiences and issues of the past in preparation for beginning the cycle anew. This year can be an unsettling time, where you feel as if you’ve outgrown your life, but haven’t quite released your responsibilities and ties to the past yet.


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