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Why Explore Past Lives?

Take a psychic development course or dive into Pagan and Wicca practices. You will find yourself exploring your past lives.

Though there are multiple ways to go about this exploration, this article’s focus is not on how to explore your past lives. Instead, the focus is on why it’s essential to do so.

Understand that not everyone believes in past lives. Even if you don’t believe in them, taking a past life journey can still unlock information stored in your subconscious mind’s depths. If that information comes out in myths/legends/symbols/story, so be it!

Some avoid past life exploration out of fear that they’ll get stuck in the past or not wake up from the trance. In the 20 plus years that I have been doing and leading past life journeys, this has never happened. Far more likely is that you’ll fall asleep and simply not remember anything from the trip. This occurs when you’re not consciously ready to accept the information that the journey will bring up or uncover.

If you believe in the concept of past lives, there are many good reasons to take the time to look at and explore your past-life incarnations. Here are five good reasons, in no particular order, on why you should allow yourself to take a past life journey.

# 1 – It’s Fun and Life-Changing

Regardless of if you are doing a guided visualization or are engaging in hypnotherapy, exploring your past lives can be fun and exciting. It’s neat to discover who you were and what kind of life you lived before the current one. Though there can sometimes be scary images and thoughts, I’ve never known a student to make a past life journey and not come away from it feeling amazed or inspired.

# 2 – Understanding and Overcoming Fears and Blockages

Another reason to explore past lives is to get to the root of fears and blockages in this lifetime. Often, events from our past lives get stuck in our unconscious programming, and it continues to impact our lives long after those events have passed.

This is especially true as it relates to how we died in them. Often, the things that resulted in our death in those past lives are the very things we have irrational fears about in this lifetime.

Through past life exploration, you can see exactly what event or events caused fears and blockages to begin with. Understanding this makes it far easier to release them and approach your current life with a newfound sense of understanding. Many have reported feeling more at peace, and some have even indicated that those fears or blocks no longer impacted them in the way they once did.

# 3 – Learning Life Lessons

One of my teachers once told me that the only reason ever to explore a past life is to learn from it consciously. For her, there was no other reason to do it.

By consciously going back to our past lives, I have learned that we can better understand what we knew then and how that impacts what we are learning now.

In some cases, we discover that we were supposed to learn a particular lesson, but actually never did. So that lesson is repeating in this lifetime.

# 4 – Uncovering New Knowledge

It may sound strange, but sometimes by exploring our past lives, we discover that we have some a skill set that before the exploration we never knew existed.

For example, you may discover that you played the piano in a past life and never tried in this lifetime. In trying to play the piano in this life, it could blow your mind how quickly you pick it up now.

You may learn something about a person you knew then. In researching that person or name, you may discover that they were actually a real person and not just something you thought you were making up in your mind. This happens to my students all the time!

The same is true of locations and street names. The fantastic thing about the internet is that we have one of the most useful research tools available. Researching those images, characters, and locations in your past life may bring new insight or information if not confirm that it actually happened.

# 5 – Exploring Different Time Periods

Finally, for travel or history buffs, exploring past lives is a great way to see history and locations firsthand.

You may find yourself in colonial America at the time of the revolutionary war, or you could end up in England during the rule of Queen Elizabeth the 1st. You may discover more about the ancient Mayan or Incan cultures or find yourself living in another part of the world, such as Japan, Greece, or Russia.

As with number four above, taking the time to research after a journey can be equally as fun as the journey itself. Discovering that your experiences are perhaps more real then what you believed they could be.


Though not everyone believes in past lives, a past life journey is an excellent way to dig deep into the subconscious mind and bring out stuff that needs to be uncovered and worked through.

For those who believe that we have lived multiple lives, past-life journey work allows you to understand and overcome fears and blockages. You will also learn more about your life lessons and uncover new insights and knowledge from different periods.

Regardless, it can be a fun experience and one worth repeating many times over. Though scary things may arise from time to time, it’s essential to realize that you’re entirely protected. Nothing on the journey can hurt you.

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