Monroe Hemi Sync Review

A Review of Robert Monroe and the Monroe Institute

“Human consciousness is evolving, awakening to the discovery of Self. All of us are participants in the evolution of consciousness, the next great leap for humanity. We perceive ourselves to be more than just our physical bodies. We are connected to the universe through nonphysical dimensions and a holographic matrix of timeless information. Life itself is not something physical and death something spiritual. For us, life’s experiences have taken on a new significance. We marvel at the wonder of an emerging perception of reality that has been here waiting for us to realize all along.” The Monroe Institute

This Monroe Hemi Sync Review is a quick summary of the products and technology which was developed by Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia. These CDs, which use a technology called Hemi Sync, can be broken down into a few categories which are Metamusic, Human Plus, Mindfood, and the Gateway Experience.  First, we will take a look at Robert Monroe and the Monroe Institute. Next, we will overview the Hemi-Sync Technology. Finally, we will briefly take a look at what are considered to be the best products in each of the four categories.

Who is Robert Monroe?

Robert Monroe was the founder of the Monroe Institute and the author of several books that deal with out of body experiences.  It was around the mid-1950s when Robert Monroe experienced what he called separation from normal consciousness which he described as an “out of body experience.”  Due to these experiences, he became a leader In the exploration and investigation of out of body experiences and the Monroe Institute developed out of the results of his own personal research and investigations.

What is Hemi-Sync?

Hemi-Sync is a form of technology discovered by Robert Monroe which produces a different tone in each ear. These two tones together help to synchronize the brain wave patterns to a certain frequency… usually associated with alpha, theta, or delta state of mind.  Due to the nature of how this technology works, it’s important that people using this technology do so with good quality stereo headphones. Please note, that the word Hemi-Sync is trademarked by the Monroe Institute.

It’s interesting to note that this technology has been copied by many sources and other companies. While I can’t comment on how good or not good these other programs are right now, I will say that typically none compare to the original – which is being, and has been, constantly researched and further developed over time.

The Gateway Experience Review

Hemi Sync Gateway Experience is a category all to itself. The actual Gateway Experience, which is held several times a year at the Monroe Institute, is an intensive immersion program. I know personally a few of the outreach instructors and as well as more than one person who has had the pleasure of going to the in-person Hemi Sync Gateway Experience Retreat.  All rave about both the Hemi-Sync Technology and the results that it has produced in their lives.

I can truly understand this, as I own several of the Hemi-Sync Cds and each of them has been wonderfully helpful to me in their own way. So helpful, that I strongly encourage people to just give them a try!

Turning our attention back to the review of the Gateway Experience Cds  I can say that while I’ve not had the pleasure of attending the Monroe Institute in person for one of their lengthy retreats (read as vacations), I have had many experiences with the Gateway Experience Cds. These CDs or digital downloads are a must for anyone that is seeking to understand and develop the tools and techniques needed for expanded consciousness, intuitive development, and personal growth and enhancement.

Each exercise helps your mind to adjust to the needed frequency that produces the brainwaves and along with guided vocals, you are taught and given some truly important and life-changing tools. Strongly Recommended! It is one of the few tools I have personally used in my development process and have had great success as a result of it.

Hemi Sync CDs

This Hemi Sync Review would not be complete without looking at the other types of Hemi Sync CDs. Each mini section also contains starter Hemi Sync CDs which I recommend.

Metamusic: These are Hemi Sync CDs which combine the Hemi-Sync technology with music. Alpha, Delta, and Theta frequencies are used to produce within the mind a state of meditation or relaxation.

Please note, the term Metamusic is trademarked by the Monroe Institute. Of the categories, this one is my personal favorites.

Human Plus: Hemi Sync CDs in the Human Plus category are basically guided visualizations which are combined with the Hemi-Sync technology. These CDs are geared toward helping the brain reach peak levels of performance and as a result, produce positive life changes in a person.

Mindfood: Hemi Sync CDs in the Mindfood category contains no music, but rather use the Hemi-Sync technology along with guided speaking to help a person in a wide range of situations from meditation to revelation to the ability to focus better.

Summary of Hemi Sync Cds Review

Again, I have seen and personally benefited from working with the Hemi Sync Cds. I encourage people to give them a try – especially if you are a person that normally has difficulty with meditation and relaxation. They may be the opening of brand new experiences and opportunities.


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