How to Clear a House with Sage

How to Bless a House

Clearing Negative Energy with Native American Sage

Are you a new age believer that’s interested in the proper way to bless a house and clear it of negative energy? This article explores an adapted Native American method.

Many in the new age field wonder how to bless a house. They seek out ways to make their home and, in fact, any space sacred. This sacred space is supposed to be protected from negative energy and radiate a clean spiritual feel to it. Clearing negative energy with Native American sage and learning how to bless a house isn’t hard or complicated; it just takes a little time, effort, and the right frame of mind.

Items Suggested for Blessing a House & Clearing Negative Energy

The following are generally recommended for the creation of sacred space, the blessing of a house, and the clearing of negative energy:

  • Native American White Sage
  • A spray bottle
  • Purified or Spring Water
  • Kosher or Sea Salt
  • Calming Music
  • A positive and uplifting attitude.

The majority of these can be found at the local new age store. If there isn’t a local new age store, generally all but the white sage can be found in a grocery store. The white sage will require some hunting online but is usually easily accessible.

Steps to Bless a Home and Clear Negative Energy

Start the process of blessing the house and clearing it of negativity by pouring the purified or spring water into the spray bottle and diluting the kosher or sea salt into the water-filled bottle.

Hold the spray bottle between the hands, close the eyes, and visualize beams of white light coming from the God-force energy or the Sun. This energy should travel down through the body and out the hands into the spray bottle. After a few moments of visualizing say “In the name of all that is, I bless this water to make it pure so that it may cleanse and protect all from negative energy.” Once finished, set the bottle aside.

Now is the time to begin playing calming music. Allow for a few moments to enjoy this music and enter into a light meditation. As the music creates an energetic change, it’s important to allow the mind to focus only on happy, positive, and uplifting thoughts. These will be the thoughts that ultimately serve to bless the house and clear it of negativity.

After the light meditation, light the white sage. The sage, if loose, should be in an abalone shell. White sage also comes in smudge sticks. These smudge sticks are easy to light and carry around and can be put out when finished by wrapping aluminum foil around the burning end.

Allow the white sage time to start smoking. Once the white sage has begun to smoke, walk clockwise around the home. While walking around and blessing the home, it’s important to chant a prayer or positive affirmation. It’s the combination of the frame of mind, white sage, and the prayer/affirmation which results in the clearing of negative energy.

Example affirmations include:

  • Bless this house make it holy
  • In perfect love and perfect trust
  • Allow only good to be present here
  • Love and light is here to stay
  • May prosperity bless this space
  • Negativity be gone, replaced only by goodwill
  • Clearing negative energy, bringing forth positive energy.

The most popular prayer, which is not Native American, includes the Catholic version of Michael the Archangel which reads:

“Michael the Archangel, defend us in our daily battle. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. Rebuke him, we humbly pray. Do Tho, Oh Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, cast into Hell Satan and all other evil spirits seeking to ruin the souls of man here on earth.”

After the white sage has been made good used of and has burned out or has been put out, it’s time to pick up the spray bottle.

Again, walk clockwise around the area to be blessed and protected spraying a mist of the holy water. This will create a chemical reaction in the air which will actually make the area feel clearer and light. Additionally, the salt, being pure, serves as an added method of protection and irons in the fact that there is a clearing of negative energy.

Once this is finished it’s important to sit in the center of the blessed house or scared space, eyes closed, and visualize gold light and loving energy filling the room.

Allow for a good 10 minutes to perform this.

After all is said and done, a person practicing new age beliefs should retreat to a shower or bath to rinse any residual negative energy off them and down into the drain.


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