Pure Moods - Volume 1

Pure Moods – Volume 1

Every person has that one song they listen to so they can feel great, happy, relieved, or inspired. Music is part of our lives, and it is also a way for us to do some inward reflecting. This is why there are a lot of different music genres.

Let’s go back in time and reminisce about the nostalgic beauty of one of the most amazing compilations of music produced in an album. It is an album that would eventually become the poster child for the New Age Music movement.

Imagine a world where time drifts slowly,

A world where music carries you away.

Experience Pure Moods,

The Perfect Soundtrack for your way of life.

Those are a few of the lines that one would hear on its commercial, which can be checked out in the video below.

Pure Moods is a United States album that was originally released in 1994 but re-released in 1997. If one were to take a look at the two albums, they would notice that they are basically the same album but with songs rearranged in a different order. Sure, some songs from the first version were not included in the re-released version. There were also some songs added to the new version. Overall, however, the two albums are basically the same.

Before Pure Moods, there was an album named Moods. It was composed of contemporary soundtracks and released in the U.K. by Virgin Records. The U.S. release includes a collaboration of songs from various well known New Age Artists like Enigma, Deep Forest, Enya, and many more.

This album is worth listening to regardless of if one is a new age music fan. Pure Moods has earned multiple platinum sales statuses and is perhaps one of the most popular selling New Age Albums of all time.

Here is the original album that was released in 1994.


1. Return to Innocence Enigma 4:10
2. Sweet Lullaby Deep Forest 3:51
3. Crockett’s Theme Jan Hammer 3:34
4. Oxygène Part IV” Jean Michel Jarre 3:19
5. Orinoco Flow Enya 3:46
6. Tubular Bells Part 1″ (opening excerpt) Mike Oldfield 4:59
7. Chariots of Fire Vangelis 3:26
8. The Heart Asks Pleasure First / The Promise” (theme from The Piano) Michael Nyman 3:13
9. Chi Mai Ennio Morricone 5:04
10. Inspector Morse Theme” Barrington Pheloung 2:08
11. Sadeness Enigma 4:16
12. Little Fluffy Clouds The Orb 4:02
13. “Only You” Praise 3:38
14. Aria on Air” (as used on a British Airways commercial) Malcolm McLaren 4:09
15. Lily Was Here David A. Stewart featuring Candy Dulfer 4:18
16. Songbird Kenny G 4:59
17. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence Ryuichi Sakamoto 4:29

According to music critics, these are the top three songs that stood out in the album.

  1. Chi Mai by Ennio Morricone
  2. Inspector Morse Theme by Barrington Pheloung
  3. The Heart Asks Pleasure First by Michael Nyman

Pure Moods is a ticket to another world. The album helps turn around the rough, stressful moments of the day and brings about a more positive and happier mood.

Interested in listening to the whole album? Here are some links you can check out to get into the mood with Pure Moods.

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