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Since 1979, Sandy Anastasi has been a professional psychic development teacher. Today, many people will be familiar with this internationally renowned psychic channel and astrologer because of the work she has done on John Edward’s Cross Country and Crossing Over. She has also been a part of the Infinite Quest Team and has appeared in national television on The View.

Sandy Anastasi was born on Long Island, New York. This Gemini, from an early age, originally planned to be a writer. Surprisingly, she went from being a safety engineer of eleven years to a psychic reader, new age store owner, and teacher of new age and psychic disciplines. She has been involved in the new age field for over 30 years now. Additionally, many of her past students have themselves went on to become professionally and successfully involved in psychic work.

Sandy Anastasi spoke to John Culbertson on September 1, 2009. In this interview Sandy spoke about the changes she has experienced during her time within the new age movement along with where she sees the metaphysical and psychic fields heading. They further explored astrology, channeling, and psychic development as well as current, ongoing, and future projects that Sandy is working on.

The New Age Movement’s Evolution

Q: You’ve been in the professional psychic and new age field for a long time. What type of changes and challenges have you seen in the psychic field and within the new age movement?

SA: “John, when I first began my studies into the field, there were almost no places to get information. I remember at the public library where I grew up finding only one book on witchcraft when I tried to find information on psychic phenomenon. Trying to get information relative to psychic things was almost impossible, outside the realm of science fiction books. The words ‘New Age’ didn’t exist. The term used back then was Metaphysics, and it was whispered.

Psychics were shunned. Psychologists wouldn’t admit to an interest in the psychic field, let alone mention that they might have abilities themselves-they feared being disbarred for their interest.

I am sometimes amazed that we have come so far, so fast, in the psychic world. Today, I can find Feng Shui products in Wal-Mart and aromatherapy is used in airplanes. I have had psychologists request I do astrology charts on difficult clients because it helped them get to the root of problems more quickly. Some of the best psychic practitioners I know are also psychologists.

I am amazed and excited at how far we have come since I was that teen frustrated by the limits of the local library.”

The New Age Movement’s Future

Q: How do you feel the psychic and new age field is/will be evolving or changing?

SA: “In a mere 40 years we have come far enough that psychics, astrologers, tarot readers, numerologists, mediums and people who aspire to those professions can find places to study, and general acceptance if not encouragement.

I believe that as acceptance of these fields and abilities becomes more widespread that more will be done with education, and with scientific investigation into psychic phenomenon.

It is entirely possible that in the next 40 years we will see the perfection of devices that aid telepathy so that anyone can do it, teleportation of material objects, climate control, and the development of mental powers and abilities we are barely aware of today. We live in exciting times.”

Psychic Channeling

Q: You are called a psychic channel. Many people don’t know what channeling is. What is your definition of it? How is it different from mediumship?

SA: “As a psychic channel I open a channel to the other side much as a spirit medium does, but my intent it to connect with my guides, and my clients, not to people who have passed on. Occasionally people who have passed may come in as guides – but most often guides come from the higher realms where information about the future is more readily accessible.”

The Study of Astrology

Q: You are also an astrologer. When did you start studying astrology? Why do you think astrology is important?

SA: “I received my first astrology book when I was fourteen. Since then, everything in the field of metaphysics has been of interest to me. However, I did not pick up an active interest in astrology again until my 27th year when I began taking an astrology course. I quickly graduated beyond what the instructor had to teach and became insatiable in my search for more material.

By the time I was 30, I had read every astrology book I could get my hands on, and had attended classes and seminars throughout the greater New York area, where I was living. Astrology became the central core of my life – it still is.

I relate to the world, and think of it, and the people and events in it, in astrological terms. For me, astrological symbols make all things possible to understand. I honestly think that astrology is so important that children should be taught in elementary school along with reading, writing, and arithmetic.”

Insights into What’s Happening Astrologically In the World Today

Q: Speaking of astrology, many people want to know: What’s going on in the stars right now? Life seems absolutely crazy! Can you give them any insights?

SA: “We are in important times now astrologically. We are in the middle of a count-down that will take us out of the Piscean Age and finally and fully into the Aquarian Age.

Between the fall of 2007 and the end of 2008 there are five transits of outer (MAJOR) planets that mark this final transition into the New Age. A ‘quickening’ is occurring whose purpose it is to raise consciousness on the planet. We are moving into a new, higher vibration. As with all major transitions, turmoil precedes it. It is not possible to move forward without letting something go. That defines the times we live in now.”

Teaching Psychic Development

Q: Having been a teacher of psychic development for so many years, how did you first get started teaching the development of psychic abilities?

SA: “You see, I never set out to be a ‘psychic’, nor did I set out to be a teacher of psychic development. I had picked reading the tarot up as a party game. It came easily and naturally to me. Friends and colleagues (I was working as a Safety Engineer back then) would come to me and ask for the next installment’ on their lives. That gradually got me into doing more and more psychic tarot readings.

The first class I ever taught was actually a tarot class. People I’d been doing readings for asked me to teach them how to do what I did – and that was my first class. Within a year I had expanded teaching tarot to the psychic area and the beginnings of what is now the Anastasi System of Psychic Development.

The amazing thing is – each class I taught was put together at the student’s request. So I can honestly say I was led into this field by students who came to me wanting to learn.”

Most Important Part of Psychic Development

Q: What do you feel is the most important thing for a student of psychic development?

SA: “If I were to boil it down to one most important factor – I would say laying the personal ego and its needs aside is the single most important factor.

The study of psychic development needs to be fun and exciting. Students need to uncover their gifts and develop them with a sense of accomplishment. Students need to be thrilled at their self discovery, not become lost in the competition of ego.”

The Anastasi System of Psychic Development

Q: There is a system of psychic development that is credited to you. The Anastasi System of Psychic Development. How and why did you start this psychic development system and where do you see it evolving?

SA: “Technically, the Anastasi System of Psychic Development had its beginning in 1979 when I taught my first psychic development class. But it wasn’t until the early 1990s that it got its name.

I was driving along one day, thinking of the tarot book I was writing, and my guides popped in telling me I needed to put my psychic development classes (that had by then evolved to a series) into book form and call it ‘The Anastasi System.’ I broke out in laughter. I said, ‘I never heard of anything so egotistical! My name, given to a series?’

My guides answered back without hesitation, “Don’t worry about that. In 400 years it will be called the Anasazi System and it will be widely accepted that the Anasazi Indians created it.” Well, that had me laughing even harder.

I stuck with my tarot book, which took me three years to write since my guides gave no help. Finally it was done. I then began work on the first three books of the Anastasi System – levels one, two and three. I was amazed. My guides helped. Those books were written at an amazing rate. Within a month I had all three ready to go.

Today, those first three books have been updated, and more have been added. This is truly a wonderful system for psychic development.”

Sandy Anastasi News

Q: You have published several books now including a Tarot Book and a Kabbalah Book. Do you have any new projects you are working on that you’d care to share?

SA: “I have more projects in my head than you can shake a stick at, as the saying goes. I am working on the last two books in the psychic development series, also on a book that will make my “Seeing Beyond the Veil” taped class more understandable.

After that I have plans for a book on my experiences doing psychic readings, and still more ideas for books based on my experiences in the field.

I think I need more time to write. I’ll have to live forever.”

For more information on Sandy Anastasi check out her website at SandyAnastasi.Com


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