Metaphysical Properties of Crystals and Gemstones

Common Stones and Crystals

Metaphysical Properties of Common Stones and Crystals

Listed below are some of the most common stones and crystals along with their metaphysical properties. This common stone guide can be used to help you find the right crystals or stones to aid you in your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual journey.

Common Stones and Crystals
Agate: Calming, promotes joy and balance. Good for Stress.

Amethyst: Attunes one to universal love energies. Promotes personal transformation and development of intuition. A stone of spirituality (crown chakra) and higher forces. Initiates wisdom, inspires dreams. Good for overcoming addictions.

Aventurine: Helps heal swollen glands, excellent meditation stone. Good for stress and spiritual inspiration.

Blood Stone: This common stone has the metaphysical properties of helping blood disorders, improving circulation and promoting mental balance.

Carnelian:This common stone increases natural energy flow. Aids in concentration and accomplishment of objectives. A stone for self control.

Citrine: Self confidence, clarity, raises self esteem, attracts abundance and cheerfulness. A cleanser for the blood stream.

Fluorite Grounds excess energy. Good for meditation and stress reduction. Strengthens teeth and bones.

Emerald: This common stone helps heal and build the immune system. Enhance dreams, memory and mental powers. Good for almost all mental disorders. It is a balancing stone.

Hematite: A stone of strength for the blood and will. Helps one center on a purpose. Increases female energies. Good stone for smokers as it aids the lungs, circulatory and respiratory systems in circulating oxygen. Also considered to be a stone of protection. One of the few stones that never needs to be cleansed or cleared. A great common stone to have in your collection!

Jade: Guardian of peace, tranquility and harmony of spirit. Counteracts stress. Dream stone.

Jasper: Soothes nerves and soothes queasy stomach. Strengthens the liver, gall bladder and urinary bladder. Physical healing stone.

Malachite: A common stone that helps the pancreas and spleen. Balancing vibration that restore tired nerves. Represents fidelity in love and friendship. Protection for the body. Stone should be worn with caution as it accentuates the owner’s mood.

Moonstone: Talisman of “good fortune.” Aligns emotions with higher self. Emphasizes love and tender passions. A spiritual stone to aid psychic abilities.

Onyx: Relives stress, repeals negative vibrations. The “storyteller” holds the owner’s personal story.

Pyrite: This common stone focuses on and helps the throat chakra. It helps against bronchitis, reminiscence of love & friendships. Dispels anxiety and frustration.

Quartz (clear): Attracts, transmits and amplifies energy. Penetrates dimensions of existence. Healing for body & Mind through meditation.

Quartz (Rose):
Connected to the heart chakra. Healing love and acceptance energies for self & others.

Quartz (Smoky):
Connected to the root chakra. Activates survival instincts. Improves intuition regarding challenge & responsibility. Balances sexual energy and releases kundalini.

Tiger Eye: Combined earth and divine energy for illumination. Brings balance, focus, grounding & courage.

Turquoise: A very important common stone to have. It is the psychic protector and physical protector. Changes color at time of significance. Attuned to owner. Builds strength, provides protection, induces wisdom & understanding.

These are by no means all of the common stones or crystals or for that matter all the metaphysical properties that are associated with each stone, but it’s a great beginners guide to help one start to understand what metaphysical properties certain common stones have.


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