Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission, Vision, and Values for Mystic John Culbertson

The Promise

  • We have the drive and desire to bring the best spiritual wisdom, insight, and advice to those open to hearing and receiving it.

The Mission

  • To be a demonstration of God’s light and love in the lives of people whom we encounter.

The Vision

  • All people have learned to tap the God-power within and have transformed their lives so that they are happily living the life they desire to live.


John and those that work for him (and usually with him) follow these core values:


Compassion: We are kind and caring to everyone we encounter.
Honesty: We are ethical, honest, and truthful in our approaches – we do not use cold or hot readings in our business.

Respect: We value every person and treat them with dignity.

Spiritual: We are spiritual seekers and eclectic spiritual practitioners exploring all aspects of new-age spirituality.

Tolerance: We believe in the saying, “Your spiritual path may not be mine, but that doesn’t mean yours is wrong or doesn’t hold value for you.
Transparent: We are transparent in our approaches. We do not charge hidden fees, nor will we ever tell you you’re cursed, have blocked chakras, or any other nonsense.

The bottom line – the work we do is genuine to our followers and us. Our purpose is to be helpful and not merely entertaining.