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Media Testimonials

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Mark Legere The Host of Everything Paranormal

“I want to thank you, John, for being a guest on Everything Paranormal with Mark and Jeff! The details of us and my home were amazing! You were drawn to the most spiritually active area in my home immediately, again dead on with details. I appreciate your laid back style in which you work. You are the most accurate Psychic we have had on air to date. We would love to have you back anytime! Best Regards.”

Keva Larthridge-Mack Award Winning Radio Show Host

“John Culbertson appeared on my show, Funky Mystic Radio, to discuss Energy Vampires. John was knowledgeable, gave real-life examples my listeners could use to recognize Energy Vampires in their lives and provided them with positive and empowering ways to address them. John was easy to talk to, upbeat, and pleasant! John is an AMAZING mystic, teacher, and expert guest and I would love to interview him again in the future.”

As an expert in his field, John was featured on/in:

  • The John Carney Show – St. Louis, 550 KTRS
  • The Everything Paranormal Podcast
  • After Hours AM
  • The Funky Mystic Radio Show
  • The Quantum Leap Let Light Unite With Cathy Bilsky Show
  • Medium Finder

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