7 Things that Block Manifesting Ability

Manifestations -7 Things That Block Manifesting Ability

You may have heard the saying, “One step forward, and two steps back.” Suppose you want to maximize your manifesting ability. In that case, you have to know what blocks it from operating at its peak performance.

What do I mean when I say manifesting ability? It goes by many names. Some call it intention setting and others goal setting. Still, others refer to it as the Law of Attraction or the occult law of “As Above, So Below.” No matter what you call it, it’s the idea that what you think and feel can be controlled and used to get things you want or improve life in some manner.

The following are seven everyday things that prevent manifestion intentions from correctly working.

1) Negativity

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that, no matter what the topic was, always had something critical to say about it? Have you been around people that constantly find a way to “rain on your parade?”

It’s essential to eliminate such individuals from your life if you want your manifesting ability to be top-notch. That can be very hard when you have an emotional bond with the person or a family member. Even so, the less time you spend around such individuals, the faster your manifesting ability will improve.

2) Limiting Beliefs and Negative Thinking

It’s essential to know what your beliefs are. You must be able to analyze your thoughts to determine if they are limiting you in some manner. The more your thoughts align with your goals, the better your manifesting ability will be. The more you dwell on negativity, the more complicated life will be, and the less your manifesting ability will work.

3) Focusing on the Past

Everyone loves being nostalgic from time to time. Still, it’s essential to understand that thinking about something that makes you feel bad will be a massive setback in your ability to manifest. There’s also a chance that doing this will create the same situations in your life all over again. A wise person said it best when they exclaimed, “Look back only to learn from the past, not to relive it over and over again.”

4) Resentment

When you are resentful, you are actually focusing on those things you have no absolute control over. Not only will you lose energy and feel depleted, but it will block your manifesting ability or create something you really don’t want. Always look for the lesson in each situation, then release the thoughts and move forward in life.

5) Not Being Flexible

The less flexible you are, the less opportunity the Universe has to help your manifestation intentions become concrete reality. Your job is to set your intention, have faith that it will be so, and then release and allow the Universe (God) to do the rest. When you demand that your intention occur a specific way, you are limiting the resources the Universe has at its disposal to help it come into reality.

6) Desperation

It’s crucial to avoid desperation. This emotion creates a low-level energy field around a person, making it very difficult for good things to occur. The more desperate you are, the more you are aligned with the thoughts of lack and the feeling of being needy. When you step into these thoughts or feelings, those are the things you typically end up attracting into your life. This is also usually the complete opposite of what you really are striving to manifest. Always think about, and set intentions from the perspective that you’ve already got it. How does that make you feel, knowing it’s already yours? That’s the emotional, and mental state manifestation intentions work best from.

7) Fears

A popular acronym for FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. In other words, most often, our fears are things that haven’t occurred but which we imagine can happen. Fears are illusions that prey upon our weakened subconscious mind hindering us from taking action and accepting possibilities. Releasing fears is an essential step to strengthening your manifesting ability. You should work on seeing the possibilities of what good things can occur, not the chances of the harmful stuff.

Final Remarks

There you have it. Seven things that block manifesting ability. When you work to overcome these seven things, you will discover that your ability to manifest or set into motion the law of attraction skyrockets. Good things will occur most of the time in your life.





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