Creating the Life You Want Doesn't Have to Be Hard!

  • Are you having trouble creating the life you want?
  • Do you find that you constantly seem to be going backward?
  • Are you new to the Law of Attraction and want to learn to harness it more effectively for your benefit?
  • Have you been working with the Law of Attraction but can’t seem to get the results you desire?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide and coach on your side as you navigate and seek to put your mark on the world?

You would be in the right place if you answered yes to any of these questions!

Did you know most people who attempt to use the Law of Attraction quit because they don’t see immediate results, lack support, and have too many subconscious blocks preventing it from working?

Law of Attraction Coaching is just what you need to get better results, have a supportive co-creator with you, and uncover and eliminate those subconscious blockages. These sessions aim to help you focus or refocus your mind, change faulty internal belief systems, and have a coach, guide, and “cheerleader” next to you while on your manifestation journey.

Hello, My Name is John Culbertson…

Psychic John Culbertson

I have been involved in this line of work for over twenty years. I have also successfully used the Law of Attraction to change my own life many times! Now I want to help you do the same.

Before embarking on my current lifestyle as a professional spiritual adviser/psychic and spiritual counselor/law of attraction coach, my prior training was in psychology. In fact, I hold a BA in the psychology of human behavior. I have completed additional coursework in community counseling and crisis intervention counseling. That’s in addition to the life coaching and spiritual counseling coursework I have completed.

In 2016 I was ordained as a metaphysical minister after earning a Bachelor’s in Metaphysics and a certification as a mind practitioner. A mind practitioner focuses on using affirmative prayer to help others.

Then in 2019, I earned my master’s in metaphysical sciences, which covers everything from philosophy and world religions to occult knowledge and psychic abilities. I am currently working on a Ph.D. in spiritual counseling.

The bottom line, after over twenty years of study and working with thousands of people from around the world, I can assist you in developing the mindset to achieve the success and life you desire.

How Do Clients Feel After Working With Me?

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“I cannot say enough about John Culbertson. His compassionate words, ability to listen and actually hear me, and profound insight always leave me feeling confident, hopeful, and connected. Our sessions are deep, intimate, and fun! He inspires me to go within, to ponder the lesson encompassed in all of my circumstances, and reminds me of my own intuition and strength to make the most of this life. I value his companionship, but even more, I appreciate his approach. He doesn’t wish for dependency but rather for us to empower ourselves so that we can find our own answers in times of uncertainty and doubt. He is an absolute blessing and has helped me in more ways than he can begin to imagine. Thank you, John! ”

Ciera Flinders Illinois, United States

John and I have had several sessions over the last 12 years, and I’m proud to have him as a part of my life. With each session, I have had positive results and most importantly a deeper understanding of my spiritual path. It’s changed my life for the better. I am living a life of more peace and calmness; I have a deeper understanding and high respect for this world in which we live. I know we all have a purpose and in part that is to love, forgive, and reach a sense of personal happiness and joy within. I think that John Culbertson has helped me achieve those desires and abilities. His sessions have guided me into a better human being with more compassion, openness, forgiveness, honesty, and love.

Samantha Fisher St. Louis, Missouri

Can You Afford Not to Invest In Your Self?

This form of pastoral counseling and coaching is unique and powerful. It helps you break things down and focus your mind. It eliminates those subconscious blockages that keep you from moving forward. It also gives you an expert who is on your side. As you work through this coaching program, you will learn more about attracting prosperity and abundance into your life and demonstrate it for yourself.

The real questions to consider are:

  • How long have you not been investing in yourself?
  • What has it got you?
  • Is your life where you want it to be?
  • Have you seen the improvement you desire?

Did you know there is a spiritual law called the Law of Circulation?

This vital law deals with prosperity. It states that whatever you give to another person, you are giving to an extension of yourself. Each time you give, you are giving to yourself. This is true, be it money, objects, emotional support, etc. The more you give, the more is eventually returned to you – provided you fully consciously and unconsciously feel and believe you deserve to receive.

It is one reason tithing in many religions is so incredibly important!


In this one-month program, you are only paying $4 upfront. That’s right, FOUR dollars.

That covers four consecutive weeks of one-hour coaching.

What you promise by signing up at $4 for the month is you will do all your homework and give your all to the program. Additionally, you promise that if you receive any extra or unexpected income or money, you will donate 10% of it to me. I’m not talking about your job or anything you already get regular cash for. You don’t need to give me 10% of that. If you get an unexpected check in the mail, a refund you weren’t expecting, a side hustle you weren’t expecting, or anything of that nature, you promise to donate 10% to me. It is this 10% that helps pay for this service for not only you but those that come after you.

So if this sounds appealing to you and you don’t know how to get started using the law of attraction, or if you’ve tried it before and haven’t seen the results you want, I invite you to work with me.


Sorry, Law of Attraction Coaching is currently closed to new clients. Keep checking back so you can get in when a new spot opens up!