Testimonials for John Culbertson

Mark Legere

Mark Legere
The Host of Everything Paranormal

“I want to thank you, John, for being a guest on Everything Paranormal with Mark and Jeff! The details of us and my home were amazing! You were drawn to the most spiritually active area in my home immediately, again dead on with details. I appreciate your laid back style in which you work. You are the most accurate Psychic we have had on air to date. We would love to have you back anytime! Best Regards.”

Keva Larthridge-Mack

Keva Larthridge-Mack
Award Winning Radio Show Host, Spiritual Teacher & Alternative Health Coach

“John Culbertson appeared on my show, Funky Mystic Radio, to discuss Energy Vampires. John was knowledgeable, gave real-life examples my listeners could use to recognize Energy Vampires in their lives and provided them with positive and empowering ways to address them. John was easy to talk to, upbeat, and pleasant! John is an AMAZING mystic, teacher, and expert guest and I would love to interview him again in the future.”

Sandy Anastasi Testimonial about John Culbertson

Sandy Anastasi
Internationally Renown Psychic and Astrologer

“John’s readings are insightful, spiritually oriented, positive in their direction, and very accurate!“

Charles Filius's Testimonial About Psychic John Culbertson

Charles Filius
Internationally Known Psychic Medium

“I know from personal experience that John is an amazing reader. I am very particular about who reads for me — anyone who knows me knows that —, and John is in the upper percentile of that list. He is insightful, caring, and amazingly accurate.”

Jeff and Traci's Testimonial of Psychic Channel John Culbertson

Traci and Jeff W Tampa, Florida, United States

“It has taken me a bit to send this because I was having great difficulty in coming up with the right words to describe just how gifted you are and how blessed we are to have the opportunity in not only meeting you but Rose as well. The universe sent us in your direction in April of 2009 when we discovered your store in Port Charlotte. I was blown away by my first sitting with you. Not only were you very accurate on all accounts, but the healing you provided that day helped me to close a chapter in my life and open another.

Throughout the years as Jeff and I traveled to see you we were always still amazed by your gifts and the way you opened yourself to guide us in the direction needed, but without failing to remind us of free will.

The last time we came for a session in person, you instead were led to offer the most incredible healing and guidance session. Without a doubt, I can say without your divine intervention and abilities Jeff, and I would not be on the same path we are today.

Having the opportunity to be in your presence for sessions, be it over the phone or in person, is always a powerful experience.

The class we attended was an excellent learning tool, and the email readings we have ordered through you have been very accurate.

I have met many people connected with spirit, but you walk the path chosen for you without fear, competition, nor judgment which I have found to be lacking in so many.

Blessings to you for staying true to your gift and highest self and your lovely wife Rose for keeping you grounded and loving enough to share you with all those that seek your guidance.

With much love and gratitude.”

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Kristine Broadus
Southern California, United States

“Just wanted to say thank you for making a positive influence on the world. What we all need is more positive energy. Constant change in the soul connects you to happiness, and I feel you spreading love, empowerment, peace, and Light when I read some of your thoughts.”

Victoria Carter
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I have found that John’s personality comes across as very personable. His readings are accurate. He applies a personal touch by elaborating on what he sees and guiding the client toward a clearer view of the problem and potential answers. He is informative, helpful, and offers a clear sense of guidance in his sessions.”

Mary Ellen
East Meadow, New York, United States

“John is excellent, and everything he said was right on the nail! I’m very impressed with him, and I felt honored to have this opportunity to chat with him tonight. He sounded very honest, sincere, and very easy going.”

Pearland, Texas, United States

“I just read with John, and he was fantastic. He asked little of me and started just filling in the blanks for me. He also seemed very honest with me, and willing to tell me what he saw, positive or negative. Thank you for using your gifts to hep me. I will be calling again. God Bless.”

Liz Bartow
Pt. Charlotte, Florida, United States

“My most recent visit to Starchild’s Saturday message session was as expected an amazing experience. John Culbertson, the psychic medium was able to bring through a gentleman I knew who had very recently passed. The messages that came through were very touching and accurate. I relayed the information to the deceased’s widow and family, and they were able to validate the information that I was not able to fully understand. You can not know how significant the information was to them and how thankful they are to know their loved one is at peace, without pain, and still around them. John’s special gifts were able to touch so many who were not even present that night. How wonderful John should feel about his abilities to bring such light into our world.”

L. D.
Bergen, Norway

“I loved my reading with John. Did he tell me all I wanted to hear? No, but he told me what I needed to know and confirmed many things I have seen and felt for myself. He also made me see things in a new light and gave me good help and advice. The most amazing thing was that he told me specific things that I have experienced lately and not told anyone, so that was pretty cool.”

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Phyllis Nel

Phyllis Nel
Cottonwood, Arizona, United States

“John Culbertson is a wonderful teacher! With him, I completed a six-part Psychic Development series, learning how to use the gifts I was born with appropriately. He is compassionate, patient, funny, and highly ethical. His Reiki classes were also fabulous.

If you allow him, John will instill a sense of accomplishment and confidence in you as his student that you will carry for years to come. The best part is, John doesn’t just stop being a teacher after the class. He’s always there for questions, advice, and support when you need him.

If the opportunity presents itself, take his classes! I guarantee it will not just change your life; it will improve your life!”

R. B.
Los Angles, California, United States

“Before calling, I had anxiety. I didn’t want to call my regular psychic because I didn’t want her to think I was overboard and impatient. I wish I would have called John first long before I had ever first used my go to psychic. John is great. Very honest and does not sugar coat. He is very easy to talk to, like he’s a close friend, and doesn’t feed you info that you want to hear. Just straight up and direct. I appreciate his advice, and he has always been accurate for me.”

C. B.
Oakley, California, United States

“I have never had a reading before. Today I chose John after carefully reading his bio. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with him, and all I can say is Wow! To anyone who may believe readings or psychics are nonsense, my experience has left me no doubt that John is the real deal with a true gift! Accurate, direct, with just a name he greatly expanded on details and situations. I will contact John again. Thank you, John!”

A. L.
Houston, Texas, United States

“WOW! Today was my first time to have a reading with John, and he was amazing, and spot on! He described the friend I was calling about to a “T,” and he gave me a lot of incredible information! All he needed as my birthday and my friend’s birthday, and he just ran with the information as he saw it! I’m so praying what he said is true, as he sure did give me some positive and healthy hopes so that I won’t be beating myself up anymore. Thank you!”

J. V.
Rogue River, Oregon, United States

“John gave me the best reading I have ever had. He was very accurate from the start, and he and his guides were so helpful in everything I asked. This reading was just what I needed to feel calm and get on with what I needed to do looking to a positive outcome. I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you, John.”

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Rick Jenkins

Rick Jenkins
North Port, Florida, United States

“John has been an incredible influence in my life since the day that I met him. He has taught me in tarot card reading and also with psychic development. He also provided me with guidance on life situations when I had nowhere else to turn. The insight that John has brought to me and my life has been nothing short of profound. Thank you, John, for everything that you have done for me and all of the other people that have had the pleasure of knowing you or experiencing your gift!”

Gina Bangladesh, India

“The testimonies I read about John don’t capture how special this guy is or the uniqueness of his abilities. He has all the right stuff: AHA!-Clarity, pinpoint accuracy, deep understandings of spiritual matters, remarkable insights, open-mindedness, and vitality. His non-judgmental, easy going, direct approach; He just has a refreshing, can-do vibe. It is clear he loves what he does and brings all his gifts to bear to help.”

East Meadow, New York, United States

“I found John to be helpful. I connected with him at once. He immediately connected with me. He was of great help to me. He is also very pleasant to talk with. He gets right into it. He does not waste time. Immediately he was able to assess my situation. His extensive knowledge; and not in the least self-centered about it, is something that makes a session with him unique. John has assisted me greatly with a situation I am too close to, to be able to handle by myself. I am ever so grateful that he is straightforward. He displays respect for the client at all times. John knew my problem and helped me so much. John is honest, which is something I appreciate. I think his gifts are astounding.”

Northern Florida, United States

“If I didn’t know any better, I would think that John had been watching my whole life transpire! He was aware of everything – as though he had been there while it was happening! WOW! I’m in complete awe of him! I’ve had readings before, but this is the best I’ve seen! John, please continue to do the good work that you’ve done here. You are truly gifted. You covered every aspect of my life and how I’m spiritually evolving now!”

London, England

“I’ve spoken to John twice now, and I’m amazed at his incredible insight into an issue that has been a struggle for me. His answers are direct and also filled with explanations and guidance. There is something real about his insight meaning there isn’t any muddle in his responses. I highly recommend him for all who are looking for sound and practical guidance in their situation.”

Ready for a private session? Maybe you’re a past client and you want to contact John to send your own testimonial? No matter what, we look forward to hearing from you!

Maggie B.'s Testimonial of Psychic John Culbertson

Maggie B.
Chicago, Illinois, United States

“I have grown to know and love John like a brother. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for over ten years. He is exceptional! I became intrigued with astrology and tarot at a very young age, and for some strange reason, I was able to find John. He has helped me transform with his loving, kind and “brother-like” qualities. On our last reading, he was able to tell me what would happen right before the passing of my grandmother, and it helped me make the time I had with her very special. I thank John, from the bottom of my heart, for everything he has done for me. He is amazing. I would highly recommend him to everyone.”


“John was accurate. He asked me if April 3rd meant something. My Mother passed this year on April 5th without any prompting. He asked me if there was a judgment against someone in regards to a legal issue. I assumed he was talking about a family member, and he was right, but that was in the past. A few days later I open my mail, and there is a citation in regards to whom he was speaking. Described my Father to a T. Thank you.”

A. W.
Bronx, New York, United States

“John is a wonderful person to speak with and an awesome psychic. Not only was he able to pick up on the people around me, but I also did not have to give him any information other than my name and date of birth. He was a pleasure to speak to and the best psychic I have talked to in a while. Within 24 hours of talking with John, one of his predictions came true. The prediction was about my brother, whom I did not mention & was not thinking about during the reading. Wow! He is the real deal! John is my go to psychic going forward!”

Spangle T.

“Dear John, thank you for today. I almost didn’t call. I’m happy I did. I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders! I feel like I have the strength now to continue and set boundaries. Thanks so much and I’m hoping to move forward in a more positive direction and with more strength than I had before. BTW I briefly spoke with (name has been removed to protect privacy), and I did address a couple of things W/O going too in depth over the phone. I feel like he is willing to make some changes and I’m happy about that. Thank you again and look forward to touching base with you soon in a different and better situation. Thank you for your healing.”

B. B.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Thank you, John. I needed some perspective on an issue, and you gave it to me in spades and in a very unusual way. You explained what it meant and how I had already started using the information even though I had felt affronted by it initially. How quickly we can gain a unique view of things when stuck in a particular mindset. You confirmed many things for me in a kind, considerate and very helpful way, and it is so deeply appreciated. THANKS!”

Ready for a private session? Maybe you’re a past client and you want to contact John to send your own testimonial? No matter what, we look forward to hearing from you!

Karen G.'s Testimonial about Psychic John Culbertson.

Karen G
Sea Grove, North Carolina, United States

“I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone. He has been so precise and correct in what he has read for me, that he could have well been living my life. He has usually given detailed descriptions of coming events, and when they have occurred, I have been empowered with the knowledge in which to deal with such. His predictions have been very accurate.”


“I spoke with a lot of psychics before and let me tell you, John is one of the most accurate and realistic of them. I would recommend him to others who are not afraid to hear the truth. He was right about everything, and everything happened as he said since our last reading.”

D. S.
Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

“John is a delightful and gifted psychic. His guides and his natural psychic talents offer a wealth of accurate and detailed information. I feel he truly cares about me and my concerns and delivers all news with care and compassion. He is wonderfully insightful and helpful with practical guidance, too. I highly recommend him, and I’m sure I’ll be calling him again soon. Thanks, for your support and encouragement.”

Plantation, Florida, United States

“John is great! He can look into you, into your aura and energy, help you with guidance to cleanse your energy, and teach you how to succeed in life with a better attitude. He has given me a lot of information and has taught me how to have good energy around me. What really threw me off was that he could see how through the practices on the phone call my energy changing. Thank you, John! Your information will help me a lot!”

J. Q.
San Jose, California, United States

“John is my breath of fresh air!! I’ve had sessions with him a couple of times and have been pleased every single time. This time was no different. As always, he was honest as he had been when I spoke with him before. Very much appreciated!”

Ready for a private session? Maybe you’re a past client and you want to contact John to send your own testimonial? No matter what, we look forward to hearing from you!

Samantha Fisher's Testimonial about Spiritual Advisor John Culbertson

Samantha Fisher
Founder/Director of Play it Forward
St. Louis, Missouri, United States

“The results I have gotten via my sessions with John Culbertson are more valuable now than I would have known the first time I made an appointment. Most notably it has taught me to be more intuitive. With each session, I was learning more and more about myself and my inner thought process and how it relates to my life experiences. I’ve learned to pay more intuitive attention to the things that are happening, and as a result, I can have a different emotion on the matter. Meaning, I struggle less with my negative thoughts, and I feel more positive, even when a situation appears bleak. My sessions with John have produced within me, a more balanced human being who feels more connected with purpose and passion.

The transformation has been life-changing. My very first session with John several years ago instantly opened my mind, my soul, my energy and my willingness to learn about the process. I was already spirit filled, but I had many questions about life! I wanted some insight into the life I was living, and I was questioning my purpose. I felt as if I was not fulfilling my soul’s existence. With each session, I was becoming more and more connected to the Universe, and I was learning more about my role in it. John was offering what I had been craving, and he delivered with the insightful information I was seeking. I transformed into a deeper seeker of the truth. I knew that my inner thoughts and experiences were in correlation with the information John has given to me, and that was life-changing.

The cost of not having John as my ” spiritual counselor ” most definitely would have still left me seeking the connection to the Universe I so needed to have. I wanted to be open to my thoughts, experiences and life’s work, but I feel I would have still been in search of answers. I wasn’t interested in tradition therapy, although I understand and support its value. For me, I wanted to go deeper. I wanted a connection that was unique to me and my experiences. John and I have had several sessions over the last 12 years, and I’m proud to have him as a part of my life. With each session, I have had positive results and most importantly a deeper understanding of my spiritual path. I am so blessed to have had the openness and willingness to look into the opportunity of a personal session. It’s changed my life for the better. I am living a life of more peace and calmness; I have a deeper understanding and high respect for this world in which we live. I know we all have a purpose and in part that is to love, forgive and to reach a sense of personal happiness and joy within. I think that John Culbertson has helped me achieve those desires and abilities. His sessions have guided me into a better human being with more compassion, openness, forgiveness, honesty, and love.”


Saskia S. Australia

On the 27th of May 2012, I was admitted into the hospital with severe chest pain and radiating pain down my left arm.

Instantly it was suspected cardiac arrest, and they told me that I was to be transferred to another hospital based upon a diagnosis of angina and would probably need a stent placed into my heart. It was then that my blood test came back with no indications of heart damage. They admitted me to the hospital for 24-hour observation and more tests. As I was sitting in my hospital bed with an oxygen mask on my face, to help me breathe, and a drip in my arm, I thought of John Culbertson!! I knew that as soon as they released me from the hospital, I was going to email John with the request to have a long distance shamanic healing, to help me from the incredible pain that I was in. I was offered opium patches and antidepressants for muscle release in my chest and nitroglycerine for the possibility of any more pending chest pain.

I made contact with John through his web site and told him that I had been in hospital five times in ten days and that I believed that he would be able to heal my condition with a long distance healing. That day I received a response within 24 hours by email from John indicating that he would perform a long distance healing. That night I went to bed still with a lot of pain but felt reassured that John would be able to get to whatever it was that was making me ill. At three o’clock in the morning, I awoke from my sleep with a sudden jolt, and what can only be described as a pulling sensation up and down side to side in my chest and abdomen. It was moments after, I felt a tug and then for the first time I felt the pain release from my body, replaced with feelings of pain-free calm and peace, no longer the internal shake that I felt inside of me. Rolling over in bed I said to my husband… it’s gone!!! I took a long deep breath in freeing myself from painful short shallow breathing I had previously endured. It was in that moment I knew straight away that John had successfully healed me, with his long-distance shamanic healing.

I went to a specialist, and have been given a clean bill of health after stressing my heart on a treadmill up to one hundred and ninety-one beats per minute!! I then received another email from John indicating the healing work he had done. John’s communication was so insightful, and the messages that he conveyed to me of my shamanic healing was so profoundly accurate. I have no doubt in my mind that John has successfully healed me when doctors could not understand how I had become instantly well again. I am now sleeping longer and deeper than ever before giving back a new vitality. Feeling more energized and waking up earlier in the day no longer suffering signs of chronic fatigue. I highly recommend John Culbertson for his shamanic healing, he has given me back a quality of life for which I and my family are eternally grateful for his ability to return my health and well being that until only one week ago I felt I had lost.

With Love and Peace in my heart”

C. O.
Issaquah, Washington, United States

“I found John to be quite refreshing. I wish could talk to him every day, but I know that isn’t possible. He is very articulate, warm, and I could tell he was tapping into a kind of emotional intelligence. I appreciated his gentle, yet straightforward manner. Thank you for the fantastic session!”

N. K.
Point Pleasant, West Virginia, United States

“I felt extremely comfortable with Rev. Culbertson and could just be myself when we were talking. He shared great insight and assisted me in evaluating certain situations that I need to face and accept. He was a joy to speak with, and I will most definitely reach out to him shortly to provide an update about what we discussed and to gather more of God’s vision for me. Thanks!”

Ready for a private session? Maybe you’re a past client and you want to contact John to send your own testimonial? No matter what, we look forward to hearing from you!

Ciera Flinders
Illinois, United States

“I cannot say enough about Rev. John Culbertson. His compassionate words, ability to listen and actually hear me and his profound insight always leave me feeling confident, hopeful, and connected. Our sessions are deep, intimate, and fun! He inspires me to go within, to ponder the lesson encompassed in all of my circumstances, and reminds me of my own intuition and strength to make the most of this life. I value his companionship, but even more, I appreciate his approach. He doesn’t wish for dependency but rather for us to empower ourselves so that we can find our own answers in times of uncertainty and doubt. He is an absolute blessing and has helped me in more ways than he can begin to imagine. Thank you, John! ”

Sacramento, California, United States

“John is awesome, just awesome. He is able to zone in on the thoughts of others and give you a very detailed reading. He did not know that the person I was wanting to know about smoked but he was able to smell smoke around him and confirmed the fact. He is very accurate in his readings and predictions. EXCEPTIONAL and caring psychic that will not tell you what you want to hear but rather what you need to hear.”

W. W.
Elk Grove, California, United States

“Rev. Culbertson is right on with his predictions and the timing is very accurate. His ability to see a situation and the potential outcome is uncanny. He gives great advice to help solve every situation. Direct, no sugar coating just the plain facts as he sees them. He is quick to identify problems and to give accurate solutions. Very personable and caring throughout his reading. He is my go-to for a quick accurate reading every time.”

New York, New York, United States

“I loved the connection between myself and John. He is so full of positive energy, I was overwhelmed by how easily he was receiving information about me. Speaking with John confirmed a lot of things I already knew and I will definitely be calling him again. Thank you so much, John.”

A. A.
West Warren, Massachusetts, United States

“I’ve just had another session with John. As always, he was awesome and true to what he predicted for me before. It’s so wonderful to know there are really gifted people in the world to assist and encourage us. Peace of mind is worth every dime when it comes to you. Thank you again, John!”

United States

“I have spoken to many psychics. I have spent thousands of dollars on the same topic. Mr. Culbertson has proven to be the most accurate psychic I have ever read with. Everything he said in his readings has started to unfold just like he said it would. If you want the truth and you appreciate straightforwardness he is the person to go to. His remote vision feels like being there when it all happened.”

Ready for a private session? Maybe you’re a past client and you want to contact John to send your own testimonial? No matter what, we look forward to hearing from you!