Help Finding Love – The Ready for Love Package

Help Finding Love - Ready for Love Package - Happy Couple in Love

Are You Ready for Love?

If you want help finding love, let me use metaphysics and spirituality to help you heal from the past, understand your needs and desires in a relationship, and create a plan to find a healthy and fulfilling romantic partnership.

• Are you feeling alone and unfulfilled?
• Do you have difficulty attracting and maintaining healthy relationships?
• Are you feeling lost when it comes to your personal life?
• Are you unsure of how to navigate romantic relationships?
• Do you feel tired of going on endless dates that go nowhere?
• Do you believe past experiences and beliefs impact a person’s current reality?

I have the perfect package for you if you answer yes to any of those questions.

In my Ready for Love Package….

• I’ll spend six weeks offering you guidance and insight on relationships and love.
• You’ll understand your own needs and desires in a relationship.
• Working together, we’ll help you heal your past experiences and beliefs.
• By the end of our time together, you’ll have developed a deeper understanding of yourself and will have begun creating a better future in which to live.

What’s Included in This Package?

• Six One-On-One Phone Sessions

Session One: Getting to Know Your Story and Each Other
We spend as long as you need with introductions and going over your love story to date. Important questions may be asked to understand your unique situation better. I get your date of birth and, if known, your time and location of birth for the following week’s session.

Session Two: Astrological Analysis of Personality and Love Life
I construct a natal and transit chart for you using your birth information. I will go over this chart in detail with you. We mainly focus on your personality traits (good and not-so-good). Still, time and attention are also given to love in general.

Session Three: Past Life Exploration and Other Healing Techniques
I lead you through a past life exploration, and we process it. These explorations often reveal where current relationship hang-ups come from or present new insights into your everyday life. For homework, you are assigned three meditations to listen to on three separate days before your next session.

Session Four: Creating a New Mindset Using Metaphysical Laws and Affirmations
We review your homework. We then work on learning about and understanding important metaphysical and spiritual concepts that help create a new reality.

Session Five: Developing a Dating Marketing and Action Plan to Pave the Way for a New Future
We get down to the actual business of learning how to market you in the fast-paced and crazy dating world of our modern society. We identify your ideal mate and his traits and use that as a guide for creating an action plan for having more of the types of dates you desire.

Session Six: Psychic Tarot Session OR Q/A Sessions to Wrap Things Up
For the last session, you can choose between having a psychic tarot session or a question and answers session with me. The psychic tarot session helps you see where things are going and prepares you for the future. In the question and answer session, you ask anything on your mind, and I do my best to provide spiritual wisdom and insight.

Additional Perks Include…

• Email and Text Contact to stay connected and ask questions outside the phone sessions.
• “Homework” in-between sessions to inspire personal growth and self-improvement.

How Much Does The Package Cost?

• This package is $427 and covers all six weeks of working with me.
• That comes out to roughly $75 per week.
• This is far less expensive than hiring a dating coach or therapist.
• Just like a therapist and coach, our sessions are entirely confidential. What you tell me and what we talk about stays between us.
• Unlike working with most therapists, you’ll get the spiritual wisdom, insights, and advice of a 20+ year professional spiritual teacher and metaphysical consultant.
• Most importantly, while astrology and numerology help uncover information about you, most of our sessions focus on techniques for healing, gaining insights, and creating a new and better future. In other words, we’re also interested in the practical application of what we learn!

Summary of the “Help Finding Love” Package

You don’t have to feel empty or yearn for a deeper connection in your personal life. You have the potential for a brighter future, and together we will set on you a path to firmly achieving it.
It’s time to stop listening to the love advice of family and friends, who probably don’t understand your spiritual identity.

Now is the time to take action and work with someone who understands spirituality and has dedicated his life to exploring and living it.

Book your package today. Commit to this journey, and it won’t disappoint you.

Get the Ready for Love Package Today

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your needs, improve your relationships, and learn how to attract the right romantic partner.