Can a Psychic Healer Sense Other Healers?

Can a Psychic Healer Sense Other Healers?

For November’s Question of the month it is asked can a psychic healer sense other healers? Additionally, there were a few other similar questions that were sent in which are going to be grouped together in the same post.

The main question was an interesting one sent in to me by one of our regular readers. Thankfully, the answer isn’t nearly as difficult to understand as some of our past questions of the month.

So, what’s the quick and easy answer? Yes. Not only is it possible for a psychic healer to sense another healer, but it happens frequently.

The reason for this is simple. Similarity in vibration. When two vibrations resonate in a similar fashion, it is typically easy for one vibration to pick up on that similarity. Sometimes, both vibrations will be aware of it without ever having to speak of it with each other.

Does it always happen? No. There will be times when one psychic healer will not be fully aware that they are in the presence of another healer. This is not common. It is far more common to recognize another healer. Still, we are all human and as such we are not going to be aware of all things all the time.

It is important to mention that most people are capable of learning psychic healing techniques. Just as everyone is capable of being psychic and getting intuitive or psychic information, so to is everyone capable of tapping into energy to use it in a healing manner. There are many ways to do this. I discuss some of the most basic ways in my article on introduction to energy healing.

Angel Touch, Quantum Touch, Aura Balancing, various styles of Reiki, various styles of Shamanic Healing, various type of healing magick, Massage Therapy, Tapping or EFT, pure energy healing, the list could go on and on. There are a great many healing techniques to learn about and from and the majority are capable of being combined together.

A person that has some degree of training in any of these techniques can, and many times will, sense when they are around or near another healer. A psychic without training in any of these can even sense or be told by spirit when they are in the presence of a healing energy.

Which Method of Healing Should I Study First?

This is an excellent question, but one without a truly right answer to give. You should ideally study whichever healing technique you are most drawn to and then branch out from there.

Many people start with some form of Reiki. Most any healing class is going to also teach you the basics of energy awareness along with aspects of their technique. You will find each technique or school of healing is slightly, and in some cases very, different. They all serve the same purpose. That is to bring the loving healing vibration into this world for those people that need it.

But How Does a Healer Sense Another Healer?

I already mentioned it has to do with vibration. For the most part, it’s just a knowing. Still, one popular way to sense healing energy in another is by putting your hand on top of their hand. If their hand is generating a lot of heat, that typically is one sign that a person is likely to have the ability to tap into healing energy.

Ultimately, when you study energy healing, you learn that we all have the ability to heal. We have the ability to heal both ourselves and to assist in the healing on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level of another.

Ever since we were children we’ve had this ability. This is one reason why our instinct is to place a hand over a wound right after it occurs. It’s also the reason many children seek out mommy or dads loving kiss to make it all better.

What this means is that a psychic healer isn’t so much sensing healing ability as they are the aptitude for someone to be professionally working as a healer.

Are All Healers the Same?

No. No two people are the same so why would two healers be the same. They may use the same technique, but even then their energy and approach will be different. You should never expect to have the same results from one healer to another healer.

One may end up working on your physical body, another your emotional or spiritual. Some work on the chakras and others work on your aura or energy in general. Ideally, you’ll find a healer that works for you and you’ll mostly stick with them. Perhaps trying someone else every now and again to have a different experience, but ultimately – as the old saying goes – don’t try to fix what isn’t broken.

How Do I Find a Healer I Can Trust?

Honestly, the best way is through word of mouth. If a friend has had great sessions with a particular healer, it’s certainly worth your time and effort to give them a try. Just remember, you’re not your friend and there is no guarantee you will have the same experience or results. Ultimately, it’s about finding someone that you resonate with and that you can leave feeling both good and better than you did before arriving.

Being a professional healer is a calling. A calling that, if ignored, leaves one feeling without a purpose or place within the world. If you’ve had this calling it’s important to explore it and find out what works for you and is right for you. Try locating a healer and talking to them in an effort to gather information. Most will be happy to share their story with you and many will be a powerful first contact in helping you to embrace the calling and putting it to use for yourself and the world.


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